When babies are 3 – 4 years old, it is an ideal time for you to shape their characters.

Description: Children will be obedient if parents teach well.

Children will be obedient if parents teach well.

Boys at 3 – 4 years old have lots of difference in communication; and you do not want your son to become a naughty boy, right?

Most of the babies from 3 – 4 years old get difficulty communicating well. For example, they interrupt conversation without taking notice that others are talking, or pump into the play of friends, or pay less attention to others’ feelings.

Your husband can suppose that is normal manifestation of boys, but you are still afraid that your child will bother others or even become an unpleasant boy.

Not be too worried, refer to some tips below to make your baby more sociable and lovely in everyone’s eyes.

Do not base on excuse

Boys or girls have both good communication skills through reasonable lead and support of adults. If you accept causes defending your baby’s action, you will never see it improves communication skills.

Description: Boys will be more sociable and easy-going in everyone’s eyes if they are taught early.

Boys will be more sociable and easy-going in everyone’s eyes if they are taught early.

Small steps leading to success

Although you really want your children to learn quickly communication skills, they are not matters you can urge.

Instead of that, you can choose small and detailed situations to help babies improve these skills little by little. For example, remind children not to interrupt others’ conversation.

Excite children’s sympathy and awareness

Ask your babies how they feel if someone disturbs them when they are playing joyfully with friends. They are probably not interested in this problem. They may have no thought that others also have the same feelings as them.

This prompt helps your children note to their sense as well as others and sympathize gradually with people.

Find out and prevent this “phenomena”

Perhaps children have not recognized yet that their words can impact others, and if they say bad words accidentally, others can be hurt. Your 4-year-old son just thinks simply that his speech is funny.

You need to pay attention and remind when your son hurts someone by his speech. If finding out and correcting in time, you will help him learn right communication skills soon.

Criticize in positive ways

Avoid hurting babies’ self-respect by using positive words to remind them.

Instead of saying that they are too impolite when interrupting the conversation, let tell them that: “You surprised me, you were very polite in the past. So you should pay a bit attention next time, baby!”

Teach children how to share

This is one of basic skills making children improve their communication skills. Nevertheless, they are not easy to share their favorite toys if not being exchanged any things. You can help them develop this skill at home.

Train them to share a few desserts with you or read favorite books together. They will be gradually familiar with sharing everything to others and be more sociable.

Prize for small successes of children

Not just focus on their actions that need to be improved, but you should give them a prize and motivate them whenever they do right actions, share and help others.

That make children memorize right things they did, not make them give up just by what they have not done perfectly yet.

Listen by heart

Babies listen but not interrupt you; that is sign of sympathy and interest. That is also reason why you should advise them listening patiently when others are talking, as well as looking at speakers to express their respect. You also remind them that they should answer only when the speaker finishes talking.

Keep away from negative names

Try to avoid having a rush for finding a reason to explain how children have a difficult in communication by saying: “He is such polite”.

This is a type of foisting label in psychology in order to lengthen actions which you want your children to change. And that just makes everything become more complex. Instead of that, support and lead reasonably to help your babies improve their weakness of communication skills and become more sociable.

A scholarly husband

The most effective way helps children improve their behavior is cooperate with your husband to teach them. Let plan a strategy together and support each other.

Do not forget that your husband used to be a naughty boy. He may have many good tips to control your son.

The most important thing is babies need the lead and change little by little. Personality, actions, as well as habits of children cannot be switched only in one night. You need to be patient and have a clear method to teach your babies.

These tips, together with your love, will make your children become obedient, sociable, and lovely soon.

Although you really want your babies have a good ability of communication in the most quickly way, you cannot be rush in this situation. Choose small and detailed actions to help them get better gradually.

Description: For boys, father is a remarkable model.

For boys, father is a remarkable model.

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