Some time you will want your baby to stay in one place for a while. And here are some tips you can apply.

Description: Do not forget to teach your baby patience.

Do not forget to teach your baby patience.

On an airplane

As usual, under 2-year-old children are free for flight but have to sit with mother. Mothers should prepare for sharing seat with their babies because room is not spacious and children totally do not have place for moving comfortably.

And that is torture for babies, so they are easy to cry when feeling uncomfortable.

Although seats on airplane (especially economic-class seats) are not always easeful, for your baby is also set up a fold table where it can relax during the flight such as drawing, playing toys, painting, and so on.

When airplane takes off or lands, mothers should feed their babies continuously with milk or water by bottle. Operation of jaw muscle prevents them against tinnitus and fatigue that make them cry. Try to have your babies take much fruit juice, milk or water because the air on airplane is very dry, so they are easy to lack water.

To coax your babies to sit quietly, you can give them some crackers (their favorite ones) and shake your thigh gently (babies are on your thighs) to ease their discomfort.

For long flight, some brand will equip cradle for babies. However, there are only one or two cradles in each flight; therefore, you should book early.

Furthermore, you need to prepare diapers, milk, baby foods, bowl, spoon, crackers, fruits, wet tissues, favorite toys of your children, clothes, coat, towel, baby oil in case that their skin and lips are too dried, and so on.

When queuing up

For children, staying in one place is really difficult. Why have to wait, and they will do anything to resist.

In that case, they will cry loudly. And less experienced parents will hastily begin holding their babies up, be ashamed to say sorry to everyone in order to have priority of moving forwards (when checking out at supermarket, queuing up in front of ATM, or for children’s slide).  

But in accident, that will affect behaviors of babies in the future. They will own set up a negative reaction of “if…then…” such as “If I want that item, I only need to cry loudly”.

Besides, try to practice your children’s patience anywhere and anytime. For example, when queuing up for washing hands before meal at kindergarten, children must wait until their turns, not hustle forward. Teachers have to adjust the line and remind their pupils of the regulations.

Frequently tell children small stories on patience to let them know how effective patience is and which consequences of impatience. After telling, leave them assess and think about the stories by themselves by making questions for them.

Do not think that is unhelpful since 2-year-old children understand many things. And this also makes the combination between you and your baby more closely.

Description: Tell children small stories on patience to let them know how effective patience is and which consequences of impatience.

Tell children small stories on patience to let them know how effective patience is and which consequences of impatience.

In a car

Do you know a car accident with speed of 50 km/h will throw a 2-year-old baby forward with over 200 kg force, which is equal to weight of an elephant?

When let babies be in the car, because parents sometimes follow wishes of their babies, so they put their babies next to driver-seat, stand freely, or even sit on lap of parents, next to wheel although all air bags have warm sign: “Babies can die due to air bag. Back seat is the safest place for babies.

Try to train your babies how to be patient even in the car. Whenever in car, babies must sit tidily and safely. Parents close the car door until checking up carefully to prevent babies from sticking hands, legs, clothes, or other things.

When babies are seated in car, you have to lock safe bolt, do not allow them unlock the door, press body on door, or hold head and hand out of the car. There are many sudden risks that can happen in these situations which mothers cannot anticipate.

The safest place in a car is the seat behind driver-seat, and the middle one is the best. When having babies in car, you should prioritize that position for them; only seat babies next to driver-seat when really necessary. Also teach your baby the habit of using seat belt if any.

Today, in some places, because of driving in low speed, people have not cared for using seat belt yet when sitting in car. Using seat belt is a helpful solution to protect people in car, so parents should train their children to practice that habit from the time the children are young.

Moreover, you can choose chairs for babies depending on the variety of ages such as: chair with or without legs for newborn babies, two-way chair, up and down chair, and so on.

Whatever chair is equipped, parents need to pay attention to some recommendations of safe organizations in the world for baby’s chairs as follows:

  • All under 12-year-old children must be seated at back seat. That can decrease 36% risk of babies’ death.
  • Have private chair for babies, or have someone hold babies safely until they can sit and take seat belt on their own.
  • Do not put baby chair on the front seat opposite to the air bag.
  • Always use turn-back chair for babies under 15kg.
  • Always read carefully the directions of car and baby chairs (there are all information about the best place for babies).
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