Talcum powder can cause pneumonia

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Is using talcum powder for babies as beneficial as you think?

Parents often have a habit of applying a small amount of talcum powder to babies after their bath with a hope that it can desiccate and have flavor attracting babies.

Talcum powder brings no advantages but lots of disadvantages

Although talcum powder is scented and can desiccate very well as the thought of many people, doctors advise you should limit or had better not use it for babies because this brings many implicit bad effects.

Description: Talcum powder brings no advantages but lots of disadvantages.

Talcum powder brings no advantages but lots of disadvantages.

Evidence shows that talcum powder contains ingredients and chemicals that cause problems for babies’ respiratory system and even make them contract dangerous pulmonary disease if using talcum powder in a long time and in wrong way.

Many parents suppose that talcum powder can prevent prickly heat effectively, but in fact currently there is no proof affirming this with respect to medicine.

So, maybe you should not apply talcum powder to babies after their bath, but instead of that, use dry towel or soft cloth to lightly dry babies, and you can get the same effect as using talcum powder without worrying about bad influence caused by it.

Not only babies but women also use talcum powder to apply to their ‘private parts’ to dry pudenda. This is so dangerous since experts show that frequently using talcum powder for ‘private parts’ will make women increase the risk of contracting ovarian cancer and easily have inflammation.

Choosing and using talcum powder

Description: Choosing and using talcum powder

Choosing and using talcum powder

If you want to use talcum powder for your baby in right way to limit maximally its bad impacts, comply with these following rules:

o   Choose talcum powder that is produced by famous manufacturers and has been already tested to reduce maximally the risk that baby’s skin gets allergy. If you have unanswered queries when choosing talcum powder for your baby, ask for pediatrician’s advice to have more thorough consultancy and instruction about this.

o   Do not forget to read expiration date and instruction for use before buying the product.

o   When using talcum powder, you should not take it near baby’s face since this make the baby easily breathe in powder dust.

o   You had better not apply talcum powder to baby’s body – this is a harmful habit parents usually have. Instead of that, pour some talcum powder on your hand and apply steadily into the baby’s nappy.

o   Just use talcum powder for baby’s bottom or back, not for its genitalia or neck since it is near baby’s nose and mouth, and such applying makes it easily breathe in powder dust.

o   Absolutely do not use talcum powder if baby’s skin has symptoms like inflammation, allergy, rash or is injured, which cause implicit infection for it.

o   Do not let babies play with talcum powder. This is very dangerous and noxious, and can even make them poisoned. So, parents have to put out of babies’ reach talcum powder in particular and other things in general which have implicit bad risks for babies.

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