There’s an endless list of excuses you can rely on to get you out of going to the gym – and when you can’t be bothered, absolutely any one of them will do. We help you push through with these procastination-busting tips…

Description: 10 ways to boost motivation

  1. Try out a new class

Working out in a group with an instructor will keep your energy up and ensure you get a good workout. There are so many classes out there, so this month promise to try out at least two.

  1. Invest in a new piece of kit

If you like working out at home, some new equipment will help keep your routine fresh. The Reebok EasyTone Step ($128, www.reebokfitness.info) is our top pick.

  1. Join a different gym

If the pool is always closed and the classes are dull, don’t let it put you off. The facilities gyms offer vary and another centre might have something that suits you better, like a dedicated spin studio or squash courts.

  1. Get outside

If the bustle of the gym has become irritating rather than motivating, head outdoors – park benched, steps and logs can all be useful fitness equipment.

  1. Exercise with a friend

Sometimes the oldest advice is the best. Get a buddy on board to keep you focused and interested. Just make sure it’s someone who has similar goals to you – and doesn’t simply fancy a chat! – and will commit to all, or at least part, of the programme you have in mind. Someone who always drops out at the last minute or takes it easy when they do turn up won’t let you reach your fitness goals.

  1. Refresh your music

Listening to the same old songs as you push yourself through the toughest stages of your workout can leave you feeling a little lacklustre. Ask your friends to share their favourite workout tracks and compile a selection that will get your raring to go.

  1. Try personal training

Yes it can be expensive, but if you’re struggling to reach your goals, it’s often worth it. Most personal trainers offer one free session to start with, so you can work out if it’s right for you. To find a fully qualified {T, check whether your gym offers personal training or visit the Register of Exercise Professionals (www.exerciseregister.org). There’s nothing like a bit of dedicated one-on-one attention to get your motivation back on track.

  1. Head to the shops

Gym kit can wear out quickly and that sweaty, damp smell it acquires is not at all appealing! Everyone feels a bit rubbish in old, tatty gear, so spoil yourself and invest in one new piece of kit this month. That way you’ll have to go to the gym at least a few times to justify the purchase!

  1. Take up a sport

Us women tend to shy away from team sports, but we’re missing out! Sports such as hockey offer a host of benefits. For starters, you’ll make friends on your team and won’t want to let them down by missing training. The competitive element is also a great movitator and non-stop action means you’ll see your fitness skyrocket. Go to www.englandhockey.co.uk or www.englandnetball.co.uk to find a session near you.

  1. Walk, cycle or run to work

It’s probably something you’ve talked about doing and haven’t quite got around to yet, but it’s the perfect way to avoid procrastination. It may increase your journey time, but when you get home you’ll have already done a workout and saved yourself some cash, too.

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