Sleeping late after a whole days work and then partying hard. Getting up late and rushing to work. Slog all day, having to deal with a demanding boss and lazy subordinates, all this can lead to stress. The rat race is on and everybody is trying to keep up with its pace. Naturally stress is going to build up. The body and mind will react to a situation, where there is no let out, but just having to deal with a high demanding environment. When the body is overworked it gives rise to stress.

How do you know you are stressed and have hit rock bottom? You are irritable and shout at your children or spouse. You can’t sleep and toss around in bed. You over eat or maybe don’t eat much. You are grumpy and laughter is out of your scene. The laptop is on and you have your head buried in it all day. No time for family and friends. No time to admire natures wonder and beauty.

The situation might be difficult but we all have hope. Hope to lead a stress free and happy life. Hope to laugh and enjoy all that we do. Here are 10 ways to relax and clear out stress:

Make up your mind:

Make up your mind to lead a correct life by doing the correct things. Discipline your self, to do things on time and use the right techniques to do it. Basically if you have to beat stress and relax then you, first and foremost, need to train your mind to do so. Until your mind is geared towards relaxing and combating stress, you will be a failure at all your endeavors. Once your mind is made up your body will also respond in the same manner.

Yoga Therapy

Practiced since ancient times in India, yoga asana are a great relaxing technique. Yoga should be practiced under proper supervision, so for a start you could go to a good yoga ashram and learn the correct way to perform asanas. There is the Iyengar school of yoga, swami Vivekanand school of yoga and others. Yoga relaxes the mind and removes fatigue and stress. It removes toxins, cleansing and invigorating every part of the body. Go for yoga, the results are tremendous!

Laughter therapy

This is a potent stress buster and relaxation technique. You often see men and women in the park laughing their guts out. Don’t think this is some hilarious antic, it is called laughter therapy. Laughing deliberately and loudly releases the, feel good endorphins in you body, thus relaxing you and making you feel happy. Wake up early in the morning and go to a place full of greenery and peace, it could be a park or your front lawn. Breathe deeply and laugh out loudly. You will feel lighter and invigorated.

Time management

Don’t spend all day just working. Divide your time between work and other chores .Give ample time to all you have to do, not rushing or leaving things half done. If you manage your time and schedule well, trust me there is no better relaxation technique. You will feel less pressurized and stressed.

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