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Let’s look at some common solutions to the organizing challenges I presented above:
A bookcase. Do you have a virtual library next to your bed? Does it spill from the nightstand onto the floor? You need a bookcase. There are folding, portable ones; fancy ones that match the wood in your bedroom set; or inexpensive ones from the home store. Corral those books!
A nightstand. Your nightstand should be something of a mini-command post. But that doesn’t mean that it’s going to hold everything except the kitchen sink. Here are some key items you might need: medications, glasses, pen or pencil and paper, tissues, and the book you are currently reading. You might fancy a framed photo and certainly a good reading lamp. One of you will have the remote should a TV be in the room. What have you crowded onto and into your nightstand?

It’s wonderful to line these drawers with the thick liner I suggested for the kitchen. And do make use of drawer containers; in this room you might want wood containers and a liner with a design rather than plain. You’ll find the former in any kitchen department and the latter at The Container Store. Don’t worry if these drawers go from crowded to relatively empty. Baby items will soon fill the void. Here are some examples of the items you may want to have close at hand: pacifiers (they are always getting lost, and it’s nice to have a spare tucked away in the bedroom), a burp cloth for those messy little emergencies, and maybe even a diaper and a small container of wipes in case you’ve just gotten comfy in bed when Baby decides to mess her diaper. Keep a bottle of water here. You never know when you might get stuck in bed under a sleeping or nursing baby and suddenly realize you are desperately thirsty! Meagan tucked stationery and pens into her bedside drawer so that when she found herself stuck, she could keep her hands and mind busy writing thank-you notes.
A chair. If you are lucky enough to have a chair in your room, I invite you to enjoy it! You will really want it available to you after Baby comes so you can sit here and breastfeed. If you have continued to toss clothes here even after you organized your closet, ask yourself why. Perhaps you need to make the action of hanging up your clothes the new habit you cultivate?

If you have a glider/rocker already in your home, your room is now probably the ideal place for it. Perhaps the comfy chair you currently have in your room could be re-covered with some baby- or child-friendly motif and go into the baby’s room. Getting ready can be more a matter of moving furniture than buying new pieces.

Don’t think of your furniture as set in stone wherever it is currently placed. Consider giving some pieces a new life in a different location.
A dresser. Pity the poor dresser whose contents are so crammed it’s a treasure hunt every time you open a drawer. You’ll need to attack these drawers one at a time. Toss the junk. Donate what you can. Are there items you could hang in your closet? Many of my clients fold their jeans and put them in a dresser. Items like this are bulky and take up too much room. It’s best to hang them. When it comes to the surface of your dresser, do you have too many knickknacks and photos out? Let’s keep all the surfaces in this room as clear as possible for now. You want to make way for items like a baby monitor. You don’t want to add them to the clutter.
Storage. If you have CDs and DVDs in this room, consider putting them into albums. Divide your collection by type. When you want to see the latest James Bond release or listen to the Rolling Stones you’ll know just where to go.
If you have a young child at home already, why not have one or two special items (including books) in your bedroom for him to enjoy when he shares the space with you. Keep toys and stuffed animals in a basket. Make a special section on your bookcase for his books. It won’t keep the romance alive in your relationship if you and your husband feel like you’re living at F. A. O. Schwarz! Nor will it do much to teach your child about boundaries and how special a bedroom can be.
You’ll want to corral your pets’ toys as well. When you get to the point when you can’t see your feet, you will be grateful there are no bones or fake mice to trip over on this floor.


Miscellaneous items. I’m not a fan of under-the-bed storage; however, sometimes I understand it’s necessary. Please don’t store memorabilia, photos, seasonal decorations, or other miscellaneous items here. There are under-bed storage containers meant for this spot. They become in essence extensions of your dresser (or a replacement for the one you don’t have) and can hold seasonal items like heavy sweaters and long johns when it’s summer.
Electronics. If the computer has to live in this room, we’ve previously discussed marking off the territory dedicated to work with an area rug or decorative screen. Power down at night so you won’t be tempted to check e-mail at 3:00 a.m.

Does your TV hold a position of honor in your bedroom? Different strokes for different folks, as they say. I am a purist who prefers to have no modern technology in my bedroom. If you can, place items like the TV, DVD player, and others, inside a cabinet. During the day and when you are ready to sleep at least you can literally close the door on these activities.


You and your spouse will be busy this month getting your home ready for the arrival of your son or daughter. During this time, I have no doubt you’ll be entertaining fantasies of one day doing things with your child that your parents did with you. Dads play catch on the lawn with their sons while moms introduce their daughters to makeup. Many families also have traditions. But I can’t stress the idea of communication often enough. How does it tie in this month? Let me tell you the story of Tony and Brooke.

Tony comes from a big New York Italian family. His parents kept an open-door policy when it came to their bedroom. Everyone piled in at will to talk, share, and comfort each other. They watched movies in their pj’s on Friday nights. They left toys strewn on the floor. If you had a problem to discuss or a joy to share, you piled on Mom and Dad’s bed and all was made right.

Brooke, on the other hand, was raised in a prim and proper Midwestern home by parents who kept their bedroom off limits to their children. You see where this is headed, right? Tony wanted to replicate his parents’ open-door policy and Brooke was horrified by the very idea. It took some time and a lot of communicating but I’m happy to report a compromise was reached. Now they have their own family tradition and it’s a nice blend of the two extremes.
What assumptions do you have about the master bedroom?

Heavy wall hangings. If you live in an earthquake-prone area, don’t hang heavy items above your bed. You’d be amazed by what I have seen. In the event of a big quake, you don’t want a heavy mirror to fall on you while you sleep, or worse, have Baby hit when she’s sleeping with both of you.
If the room itself is overflowing with “stuff,” it’s time to get real and make some decisions. What is this stuff? Do you have too much furniture? Are suitcases from your last trip still open and littering the landscape? Has it been forever since you got on the treadmill? You’ll have to go item by item and be brutally honest about the usefulness of each thing in your room, especially the big-ticket space hogs.


You are about to start a new phase in your life. Let the relics of the past move on to new homes and new adventures. It’s not uncommon to look around this room and realize you have outgrown it. It no longer reflects who you are. Set the old free and create something new in its place. Just remember that it’s your room as a loving couple; it’s not an extension of the baby’s room. Everyone deserves a space of their own in the home.
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