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With the arrival of a baby, every day will be laundry day. It’s amazing how anyone so tiny can have so many things to keep clean. Remember when you are faced with mountains of laundry that this too shall pass. One day Junior and his sister will be doing your wash!

Once again I’m going to assume you have a separate room for laundry. (Many of my clients who live in large homes have a washer and dryer upstairs as well as downstairs, but most of us aren’t so lucky.) However, if you have to go to a laundry room outside your apartment or condo, it’s very important you have a hamper on wheels. Carrying a heavy sack of dirty laundry over your shoulder while holding a newborn in your arms is a prescription for disaster. Pick up a hamper and make your life easy. There are hampers with multiple canvas bags on wheels and they fold for easy storage. You can have the laundry sorted before you start a wash. Some hampers even have a bar across the top so you can hang up shirts and other items destined for a little pressing. But before you buy, gauge how much storage space you have. The greatest container in the world is a nightmare if you can’t put it away when it’s not in use.

While you are shopping for hampers on wheels, you might consider a small shopping cart. You can place your canvas laundry bags inside it and transport them to the laundry room. You can also use your cart to transport heavy groceries to and from your car or from the store. They are available for as little as $40 and will save your back, neck, and shoulders. It’s an inexpensive and versatile solution.

Another word about hampers: If you need to have a hamper in your room, there are attractive ones in wicker that won’t be a total eyesore. You can put a canvas bag inside and just pull the bag out on laundry day.

Guess what we’re going to do first? You guessed it: A speed elimination is on the horizon. I’m always amazed at the junk I find in the laundry room. It’s a great place to dump items you can’t make a decision about, or so you think at the time. Set your timer. Here are the common culprits I find: Detergent and fabric softener you no longer use is still sitting in the room. You tried it once and didn’t like it. Guilt prompted you to hold on to it. Toss or donate it now.
If you have multiple containers of detergent and fabric softener, keep one of each out on the dryer and put the rest away on a shelf. If the room doesn’t sport any cabinets, is it big enough for you to add some? You might put up a few single shelves or pop in a baker’s rack depending on what space you have. No space? Try the shelving unit you added to the garage when you organized the kitchen. Keep your extra stash out there.
Miscellaneous tools often find their way here. It’s OK to have a simple toolbox with the basics here. House the lion’s share of the specialty items in the garage or the back of the hall closet.
While it’s wonderful to save paper bags and plastic bags you got from the supermarket for recycling, it’s absurd to have so many they are eating up valuable space anywhere in your home. Keep about ten paper and twenty plastic bags and give your helper a bonanza—or recyle the overflow. You have to be careful your good intentions don’t backfire. You need your space. Use every inch wisely.
Do you keep mops and brooms here? Secure a unit for the wall so you can hang them up. It will keep the brooms and mops cleaner and you won’t be tripping over them in a few weeks when you can no longer see the floor or your feet. Besides, a sloppy visual will make you feel tired every time you enter the room.
Is there a window in this room? Is it time to replace the curtain? Or does it need to be washed and ironed? Speaking of ironing, be sure your ironing board is secured behind the door and off the floor if at all possible. You might even be able to downsize to a mini-tabletop ironing board and save some real estate.
Very often if this room has a lot of cabinet space, my clients will use shelf space for shoe polishes and specialty polishes like those for silver, brass, and jewelry. This is clever as it frees up the area under the sink. Put those small items on a shelf creator or use a small grid tote. Great organizing products can be used all over the house, not just in the departments where you purchased them. Think outside the literal box.
If you have a big room and some wall space, you could hang a poster or put up a chalkboard. Or you could hang a plant to take advantage of the natural light from the window. I’m into clean, clear, Zen-like spaces; however, that doesn’t translate to austere and without personality. You’ll be spending a fair amount of time here over the next several years so you might as well enjoy it.


Let’s face it. Diapers are a part of your future. And they get dirty. The easiest way is to use disposable ones. But is that fair to the local landfill? And what about your pocketbook? Cloth diapers are a gentler, kinder, more economical solution, but without a system you might get overwhelmed. What do you know? We’ve hit upon yet another way to make systemized behavior serve you. Let’s take a look.

1. Be sure you have a diaper pail in the changing area. You needn’t get anything fancy. A medium-sized garbage can with a step-lid will do. This is a great place to have some baking soda on hand to absorb odors. For cloth diapers a liner will keep the inside of the pail from getting yucky and will make getting the diapers in and out of the pail a snap. Just make sure it’s a washable one so you can toss it right into the washing machine along with the diapers.

2. You’ll want several diaper liners ready to use in rotation. When one or two are hanging up to dry, you’ll still have a clean, dry one ready for Baby.

3. With a mere flick of the wrist, toss any solid poop into the toilet and flush. (It will be a few months before you have to deal with that!) Rinse the diaper cover and let it hang to dry. You can wash it when the need is great if you catch my drift. Put up a portable indoor clothesline or hang the liners from clips you hang on your shower rod. It all depends on where you are doing diaper duty.

4. Remember those plastic bags I asked you to whittle down to twenty? If you plan on using disposable diapers, you have a built-in way to recycle those bags. (I presume you are using reusable canvas bags to do your grocery shopping.) Keep them around and use the plastic for disposable diapers. Tie the bag securely so that the, uh, aroma won’t overtake your home in between trips to the outside garbage can. There are special cloth storage bags that hang on a hook or doorknob to hold plastic bags and others that attach to the inside of a cabinet door to house plastic bags. I stored mine near my golden retriever’s leash so I never left the house for a dog walk without one. It was the ultimate recycling! Keep your bags contained so they don’t spread like a fungus all over the house and take up space you need for more important items.

5. A bit of experimentation will be required to find the perfect cloth diaper laundering solution because everyone has access to different types of washing machines. Additional factors are the hardness of your water, the make of the diaper, the detergent you use, etc. Trial and error will lead you to the formula that works best for your situation. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you get started:

• Wash dirty diapers first in cold water; hot will set fecal protein into the fabric.
• Add baking soda to the wash (yes, you’ll be buying the large economy size!).
• Follow a cold wash with hot and add your favorite detergent.
• Give the diapers an extra rinse.
• Are your diapers getting smelly? Add some vinegar to the first rinse.
• Don’t use fabric softeners in the dryer, as the diapers will become less absorbent over time. Bt the way, if you can, avoid the dryer and let everything hang dry. And if you can, let the sun do its magic. The sun will remove stains but either way you’ll save on electricity.
• Finally, avoid detergents with additives as they can leave a residue that may leave your diapers smelling notso-fresh, reduce absorbency, or even eat through the material.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that there are other methods for dealing with dirty cloth diapers. Your experienced mom friends will no doubt sing their praises. It’s a matter of personal taste. For example, the “wet pail” method leaves me literally breathless. You keep a wet pail around ready to catch the dirty diapers before laundering. What can I say? A pail of stagnant poopy water in Baby’s room doesn’t work for me. Your sense of smell may dictate otherwise. Of course, there are diaper services that do the work for you. They tend to be expensive, however, so be sure and check your budget before you enlist one. Once you get a system going, I think you’ll find dirty diapers don’t deserve the bad rap they tend to get. Be creative, but above all be consistent.

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