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The products in the pantry and the laundry room get used up quickly. You’ve got to have a system to note when a purchase needs to be made. A well-stocked pantry is one way to express how much you value yourself, your family, your time, your energy, and your finances. There is something comforting about knowing that what you need is at your fingertips. Once your baby arrives, this is critical. Gone are the days when you could fly to the store at will for one or two items. What if your spouse or a friend can’t respond immediately to bring some items you need desperately? It’s time to streamline, stock up, and stay organized.

The easiest way to accomplish this goal is to have a list and post it where it can be instantly accessed. I like to keep my master list in a drawer next to the refrigerator. It’s always there with a pencil so I can make notes throughout the day. Some people like to post the list on the refrigerator. Placement isn’t as important as consistency (if the list starts moving around the room or home, it will be abandoned in short order). Create your master list in Excel and you’ll be able to tweak it as needed and print out a fresh copy each week. There are several ways to organize your products. Let’s consider a few.
If you shop at several stores, list the items you purchase at each. When you shop you won’t have to scan the list to see what you need at this location. You did the work when you set up the master list.
Make a master list that groups items by type. You’ll have all frozen items in one section, for example, and you can check that section in every store you shop in.
Take this idea a step further: List the items you purchase in the order you will encounter them in the store. Most of us take the same route through a store each time we go. If you are a “wandering the aisles” kind of shopper, I would suggest you consider a change. Wandering will lead to more impulse buying.
If you have a laptop, you can curl up in your favorite chair today and crank out your list. If you put the words “shopping list” in your favorite search engine, you’ll find lots of premade choices online. You can copy, paste, and edit to your specifications. One of my favorites is at www.grocerylists.org; they have a list for meat eaters and one for vegetarians.


Making decisions is the heart and soul of getting organized. And maintenance is the engine that keeps the organizing train on track. Remember, it isn’t about adding work to your busy schedule; it’s about shifting your energy to a different action. If you are organized in this arena and do the shopping but your spouse is a bit lax, have a talk. A baby brings sleepless nights, frayed tempers, and a need for lots of new products in the home. Having a fight over food or diapers is wasted energy. If you are the “fly by the seat of your pants” partner when it comes to grocery shopping, it’s time to change. You may be surprised how comforting a well-stocked pantry can be! And I know you’ll be grateful for a cheery, well-organized, welcoming laundry room because you’re going to be spending so much time there.

Remember when I asked you to create new routines? Here are my top three ideas for habits that will keep these rooms tidy. You can string them together if you wish to create a personal ritual. After you read my list, come up with three ideas of your own. You want to walk into an organized room and leave it that way when you exit.
As you finish work in an area, wipe it off to keep it clean as you go. Having all the kitchen counters dirty at one time can be overwhelming; wiping as you go keeps you in charge.
When you open a package of multiple products—say, that six-pack of sponges—don’t leave the torn wrap there looking like a gaping wound. Put the products on the shelf. Recycle the cardboard and plastic wrap. When you are stressed, calm shelves will positively influence you.
Open containers of powder laundry detergent tend to spray their contents. Over time the top of your dryer and the floor start to crunch and look dirty. Wipe this area down after each use. Don’t think of these actions as a pain in the neck. Think of them as a gift you give yourself (or your spouse) the next time you need to work here.


I’d like to close with a piece of advice I got from my father. My parents shared home maintenance. My mother cleaned every square inch of our home with precision and on schedule—it was her passion—while my dad did the grocery shopping and the laundry. My mother cooked (I use the term loosely) and put the laundry away. My father never embraced the idea that chores were to be divided by considerations of male and female. He said the most qualified person should do/get the job, whether it was in the boardroom or the home. Those are truly words to live by.

Now is an excellent time to have a talk about chores with your partner. How the work in the home is divided sends early messages to your child about gender equality and how a home is run. If Mom and Dad are both keeping the home tidy, it will be a natural transition for Junior to participate. We women have wonderful nesting/nurturing instincts. We want to care for those we love. Sometimes that very natural desire causes us to take on the entire task of maintaining the home. We turn ourselves into housekeepers and nannies. We infantilize our children and our partners. Don’t set yourself up now to feel taken advantage of down the road.
As your child grows and wants to be a big boy or girl, don’t forget that maintenance of the pantry and the laundry room present great chores!
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