There are many bad habits in living and eating which cause stomachic diseases such as stomachache, stomachic ulcers, and cancer. So, stay away from bad habits as below.

Description: Not having meal temperately can cause stomachache.

Not having temperately meal can cause stomachache.

1.     Eat before going to bed

Any foods, even the ones which are easy to digest such as fresh milk, fruits, can damage stomach. Protein in foods will encourage discharging acids and gastric juice in stomach. The rest of foods which have not been digested yet will be decomposed and fermented making flatulent and stomachache.

2.     Not have meal temperately

Having much snack and forgetting main meal, or the fact that time between meals is not stable are reasons for stomachic ulcers. At stable time, stomach as its habit will discharge acids to digest foods. If not supplement food promptly, acids will damage stomach and cause stomach ulcers.

3.     Abuse analgesics

We often have habit of using analgesics even simple pains such as headache, muscle pain, and joint pain, but do not know that analgesics can beget serious harms for stomach.

All kinds of analgesics have effect on inhibiting the production of mucosa protecting stomach, bleeding stomach, even causing ulcers without any symptoms.

Description: Do not eat before going to bed to prevent stomachic diseases.

Do not eat before going to bed to prevent stomachic diseases.

Therefore, if pains are not really serious, you should not abuse analgesics. Only use them with instructions of doctor.

4.     Smoke cigarette too much

Tobacco, besides causing injuries for lungs and respiratory organs, it also leads to severe sequels for stomach. Nicotine in tobacco can narrow down blood vessels in stomach, injure stomachic mucosa, and decrease discharge of gastric juice for digesting foods.

5.     Eat too fast

Eating too fast causes indigestion because when foods are loaded in too fast, brain have not receives signal from stomach yet, and as the result, stomach do not discharge gastric juice promptly and cause difficulties for digesting foods. Habit of fast eating in long time will lead to stomachache.


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