Coughing can be a symptom of over 100 different diseases. Before beginning treatment, it is necessary to find out the cause.

Cough occurs most when strange object appears in the respiratory area. To remove it, the body mobilizes and suddenly blows the airflow from the lungs creating pressure to expel from the body all things. They are may be food debris, dust, as well as mucus in the bronchi due to the result of infection. Cough reflex is very fast and reflective. In such circumstances, it is simply not to have time to think. So, it may be too late to save in unfortunate case that something is in the trachea or bronchi.

Cough occurs most when strange object appears in the respiratory area.

Cough occurs most when strange object appears in the respiratory area.

Two types of cough

These are dry cough and wet cough. You can distinguish quite easily. Wet cough, when the body emits the bass and feel the presence of mucus in the respiratory, can sometimes spit.

Otherwise, in the case of dry cough, it is fatigue, appears bouts and it is very hard to resist. It appears - when the cough receptors are activated for any reason, but no phlegm as well as strange objects inside the respiratory tract.

Time to diagnosis

Treatment strategies depend on the specific types of cough. In the case of dry cough, doctors only prescribe medicines to inhibit cough reflex (purpose to cough to avoid causes constriction of the respiratory). With wet cough, we will use the medicine as expectorant. However, most treatments have not yet complete.

Because they always associate with other symptoms, to treat cough effectively, it is necessary to detect accurately the cause of cough.

Identify the symptoms and troubleshooting

1.      Cough with flu, colds

Start feeling itchy throat. Then, there is pain when swallowing, hoarseness, fever, or high fever situations. Then cough, at first dry cough and fatigue. If there are additional runny nose, after a few days, dry cough can turn into wet cough (because mucus from the nose flows into the back of the throat).

Coughing with the flu, colds, rest is the best way. Thus, the body will struggle with the virus, we have the task to soothe cough.

Coughing with the flu, colds, rest is the best way. Thus, the body will struggle with the virus, we have the task to soothe cough.

Tips: Rest is the best way. Thus, the body will struggle with the virus, we have the task to soothe the cough. With a dry cough, gargling with the water mixed honey can be effective: warm cup of boiled water to the temperature of 37-43 degrees, mix one teaspoon of honey and gargle.

Some cough medicines are effective when dry cough moves to wet cough. You need to find a doctor in case after 3 days, symptoms do not persist.

2.      Cough with reflux phenomenon

It occurs at night, especially if at dinner, you eat too full, with indigestion, grease. It accompanies with phenomenon of abdominal pain, burning throat, unpleasant taste in the mouth. All show status of Gastroesophageal reflux and the result is mucosal throat cough is triggered, caused by food from the stomach move.

Tips: Self-manage by lifestyle changes - if there are any symptoms which rarely appear. Try last meal snacks at least 3 hours before bedtime.

Put the pillow a little higher than normal in case that dinner is near bed time. High pillow will help prevent reflux. If symptoms appear frequently, you need to find a doctor.

3.      Cough is a reaction to the pharmaceuticals

Sudden cough, sometimes associates with bronchospasm, usually the body's response to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines (eg, ibuprofen, naproxen). Cough without bronchospasm may occur after taking blood pressure medicines (eg, Zestril)

Tips: Do not hesitate to call emergency - if there are a sudden cough response, continuous coughing, shortness of breath and difficulty breathing because it is necessary to use the drug to dilate bronchi in the fastest time. If cough is due to Antihypertensives, you simply need switch to other drugs (as directed by your doctor).

4.      Cough due to tobacco

It starts in the morning when we wake up and tortures us in the afternoon. It is the time required for the entire sputum, saliva to be ejected from bronchitis. That is pretty much mucus volume because for smokers, it accumulated throughout the night.

Abusing cough is in the form of a dry cough and cough sudden. That means: tobacco smoke damaged the lining of the respiratory membrane.

tobacco smoke damaged the lining of the respiratory membrane.

Tobacco smoke damaged the lining of the respiratory membrane.

Tips: It is necessary to find a doctor, to assess the condition of bronchus and lung (you will have to measure lung capacity and chest X-rays). In the case of spasm, it may be the beginning of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease cause of shortness of breath.

The treatment depends on the level of detail. It is definite to quit smoking. First, you could use syrup expectorant (for example, Guajazyl, Havamed). One time a day, it is best in the morning.

5.      Cough with allergies/asthma

It always appears in certain contexts, such as the bedroom, after eating omelet or in the time to visit neighbors who have cat. The most common types are dry cough and whooping cough, which sometimes turn into wet cough with difficulty to expectorate sputum.

Tips: because allergy cough often leads to asthma, you need to overcome in the shortest time. To determine the cause of the cough, it is necessary to do allergy testing. Then, avoid the factor causing allergy.

It is also possible to measure lung capacity if your doctor suspects the first time of asthma. If diagnosed result is positive, it is likely to take medication.

6.      Cough due to bronchitis

It is usually a complication of the flu or a cold. So, if you cough in a few days, cough seriously causes shortness of breathing and yellow or green sputum characteristics appear; it is a sign show that normal infection has become serious, is attacking bronchial or even the lungs.

Tips: Bronchitis is not always treated with antibiotics. Find a doctor soon.

The doctor will decide whether you just use expectorant (for example, Mukosolvan, Bronchosol) and soluble mucus (for example, AAC Max Fluimucil) or use antibiotics when the disease has turned to microbes inflammatory.

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