1. Fun Fit Facts

What do you know about exercise and physical fitness? Let’s test you. Answer the following true-or-false questions:

  1. In order to reap the benefits of exercise you need to push yourself to your limits.
  2. If you sweat more, you will lose more weight.
  3. Exercising will make you eat more overall.
  4. The best option for losing weight would include a combination of aerobic conditioning and strength training.
  5. It doesn’t pay to begin an exercise program as a senior citizen if you have never exercised before in your life.
  6. Spot reducing is the best way to tackle a problem with fat on a particular part of the body.
  7. Cellulite has nothing to do with your body fat.

Here are the answers:

1. False. Excessive exercise can actually do more harm than good. Pushing yourself too hard increases risk of injuries to the bones, joints, and muscles and can also make you dislike exercising altogether. If you are overdoing your workouts, you would benefit more from slowing it down, enjoying what you are doing, and making exercise a part of your everyday routine. But fess up—do you even come close to being an excessive exerciser?

2. False. Water weight can be lost through excess perspiration but this is only temporary. Once fluids are reintroduced to the body, this water weight will return. When exercising, replace fluids on a regular basis.

3. False. It is true that some people experience variations in their appetite, but, on the whole, regular exercise should not increase or decrease your appetite.

4. True. You can lose weight more quickly and effectively when you do both aerobics and strength training regularly. Doing aerobic activities burns more calories than doing strength training, which builds more muscle. However, having stronger muscles helps your body work more efficiently to burn more calories when you do your aerobics.

5. False. Don’t even think of using the age excuse! People of all ages can benefit from an exercise program. Even a simple regular walking program can be of great benefit. If you are a senior, get involved in a regular fitness routine. By doing so, you can gain muscle mass and improve strength, flexibility, and endurance. Many seniors who suffer from elevated blood sugar levels as a result of non-insulin-dependent diabetes and high blood pressure have seen those levels come down after starting a workout program. If Mick Jagger can rock the super bowl as a senior, then you can take the dog for a walk and get some satisfaction in the pounds you lose.

6. False. You cannot spot reduce. Fat doesn’t just melt off one part of your body. However, you can tone the muscles underneath your fat. Cardiovascular fitness helps to burn the fat, while doing strength exercises, such as sit-ups for the abs or leg presses for your thighs, can help you define and firm up your shape. The best way to lose that flabby stomach or trim those thighs is to do both aerobics and strength training.

7. False. Cellulite and body fat are one and the same. Cellulite is just fat with a dimply appearance, which comes from the way it is deposited in the body. Again, weight loss through a plan of reduced calories and fat combined with an increase in exercise will help combat or at least reduce the appearance of cellulite.


  YOUR Life

Don’t be insecure about cellulite. I’ve known and worked with centerfold models who have it. It is often touched up for these ladies. If only we all could have that luxury!

2. Get Off the Couch!

Do you spend your life sitting around? Boring! Boring! Get out there and shake some booty. Do some form of exercise or physical activity that you truly enjoy. And if you think you just won’t like anything, try something new. Just move! For example, I am a kick boxer, but once when I broke my toe it was tough. I started swimming, which was new for me, and realized that although the chlorine was a little rough on my blonde hair, I had fun, got a great workout, and discovered a really good hair conditioner. Exercise or physical fitness and activities of all types contribute to an active lifestyle. The more you move, the healthier you are.

Isn’t It Worth the Effort?

There are tons of activities you can do to help change your sedentary lifestyle into an active one. Join an aerobics or step class; go biking, swimming, jogging, skiing, skating, or even dancing. If you are afraid of being a klutz there is always spinning. This is a fun class on a bike where you can adjust the resistance to simulate riding up and down hills without the worry of tripping on your feet. Try a team sport like tennis, softball, football, or basketball. They say if your dog is fat you’re not getting enough exercise. How about giving fat Fido a walk around the block? You both can benefit. Any and all activities add up. Determine what you like to do and build a daily program.

Weight Loss and Maintenance

Body weight is regulated by the number of calories consumed. By doing physical activity, you can lose those extra calories that would otherwise be stored as fat in your body. When more calories are consumed than are used for energy, weight gain occurs. When more calories are burned for energy than are consumed, weight loss occurs. Balancing consumed calories with burned ones results in weight maintenance. I can’t say enough about it! Burning up extra calories by being active leads to weight loss. Strenuous activities like running, dancing, and biking help burn more calories than more moderate activities like walking and gardening, but it all adds up. See how your favorite activity ranks in the chart below. To calculate the approximate number of calories burned from each activity, multiply the number listed by your weight and then by the number of minutes spent doing each activity.

Let’s say a 150-pound person wants to know how many calories were burned in a sixty-minute walk. Multiply 150 (for weight) by 0.036 (for activity) by 60 (for minutes spent exercising). The result tells us that 324 calories were burned.

There are many benefits to exercise, including:

Increase in Energy Levels.   Many people are afraid that exercise is going to make them too tired. However, exercise can increase your energy.

Psychological Improvements.   It is a fact that people who exercise regularly feel better about themselves, have greater self-confidence and energy, handle stress better, and are less likely to be depressed than those who don’t work out.

Cyndi’s Secrets

Drink several ounces of water every twenty minutes during exercise. If the weather conditions are warm, water should be consumed every ten to fifteen minutes.

Increased Social Opportunities.   Joining an exercise class, fitness club, golf foursome, tennis league, or sports team offers many opportunities to meet people, enjoy the company of others, and keep active. Be a team player and see how much you can gain. I have to admit I have met some cute guys with a zest for life at the gym. Although there were some dumbbells, too, and I don’t mean weights.

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