Science said that looking at colors can make you feel relax, prepare for your P.E. class, or convince George Clooney to married (hey, it can happen)…


According to psychologists and color experts, those colors that you meet every day – from the red nails painting colors to the dirt colors at Starbucks – are all effecting your emotions. Not only have the links with the connections from your childhood, they also link with wavelengths, Dewey Sadka, the founder of the deweycolorsystem.com, explained. Each color has a unique modifier and can be processed differently in your brain. These following colors were proved that it will have affects as soon as you look at them.


If you want to be paid attention throughout the big show, try the red painting nails.


Reason: this strong color makes you focus in detail, according to research from the British Columbia University, therefore, look at your fingers before you talk. Besides, it has the longest length in the spectrum, everybody will need more time to process it, therefore, every eye will target on you.


If you want to start your day with a strong energy, try to paint your kitchen color yellow.


Reason: There’s something about this color that make you feel more energetic. A recent research about space found out that people in the yellow room they will be more active and conscious then people in other room and that’s a reason it should be there in every morning.


If you want to feel relax, happy and wasting time, try to place a violet flowers in a visual place in the living room.


Reason: A Georgia University research shows that almost everybody relates colors with children and laughter’s, so if you feel stressful, spend a second to look at those flowers. It will help you relax.


If you want to stretch out, try a green yoga mat.


Reason: Most of us relate the green with the nature vibrations – one of Georgia University researchers found out if people think about trees when they see it and the result is they feel more relax. Let’s look at this color while you are stretching yourself in the prone position and make your daily yoga practice become more unbelievable.


If you want to be completely wanted, try wearing a Little Black Dress (LBD)


Reason: You know that you have the sexiness in something short and black, but this color can also make you feel more powerful and delicate, stated by researches about matching colors by Pantone Color Institute. And that vibration is really tempted, help you drag more and more admirers attentions to you.


If you want to force yourself to work out more, try to use an orange shoe laces.


Reason: Orange is now on the fashion line, and it also makes you feel more excited, according to a Pantone research. Tie them on your shoes, and look at your feet while you work out.


If you want to have a good idea, try write your thought down by a blue pen.


Reason: Researchers at British Columbia University found out that people who has blue eye balls usually has a better imagination. Before you brainstorm, let’s look at the sky in one minute – your imagination power will start to flow.


If you want to feel completely at ease in a boring day, try to sit at a local coffee shop.


Reason: Even if it was decorations or the coffee, brown will always shows up at coffee shop, turn them into perfect places to gain your spirits. Researches about colors combination from Pantone Institute show that everybody feels completely at ease when they see this color.


If you want to overcome break up, try to cover your duck feather blanket with a white wrap.


Reason: Georgia University research also found out that the white color makes us have hopes about future. Where did you remember your ex? Of course about embracing each other on the bed, therefore, switch your blanket can have a big affection on turning over a new page in your love life.

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