Eat When You're Pregnant : Supplements – Who Needs What and Why - Folic acid supplements, Vitamin D supplements, Iron supplements

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Folic acid supplements

There is irrefutable proof that the supplements of folic acid reduce the risk to have a baby with an anomaly of the tube neural (NTD) like spina bifida or anencephaly. In fact, the lawsuits with folic acid supplement had to be stopped early because the advantages were so clear that he was non conformist to continue to give to some women a placebo.

In the best of the cases should start to you to take supplements of folic acid before you became pregnant, but start differently as soon as possible and continue until week 12 of the pregnancy. It is sure to continue to take the folic acid beyond 12 weeks, but there is not generally no need if you eat well.
The supplements are provided by chemists and most supermarkets completely at a cheap rate, or you can be entitled with the free supplements .

Supplements containing 400 µg (sometimes written as 0.4 mg, 400 mcg or 400 micrograms) of the folic acid are recommended for most women. However, some women can still benefit from the higher Mg amounts up to 5 mg (5,000 µg). If you made affect a previous pregnancy by a NTD, or if you or your associate has family antecedents of NTDs, or if you have the diabetes, then question your doctor about taking a higher amount of folic acid. Unless you were advised to take to more than the recommended 400 µg per day, it is best not to take more than 1,000 µg (1 mg) per day.

Vitamin D supplements

The government advises women to take supplements containing  10 µg (10 mcg) of the vitamin D in all the pregnancy and while nursing. It is necessary for the absorption of calcium and to build the strong bones. The bottom grades of the vitamin D during the pregnancy can carry damage to the mother and the baby and can have like consequence the weak bones and the infantile seizures .

About a third of the young women have the bottom grades of the vitamin D in their blood. These more in danger are women who do not obtain much sunlight, women of descent Asian, African, of the Caribbean or the Middle East of the south, the women who are obese, and the women who recently were pregnant. The women with the bottom grades of the vitamin D do not have with suitable stores to draw on when they become pregnant and, because you are not very likely to know if you are among that in three with the bottom grades, of the supplements are a good idea.

Iron supplements

You must take iron supplements during the pregnancy only if the blood tests prove that you have the bottom grades of iron, in this case your midwife or doctor will prescribe them. If your iron levels are normal, then it can really be harmful to take the high amounts of iron (i.e. more than is found in pregnancy multivitamin and mineral preparations).

Some women note that the iron supplements they are prescribed unpleasant side-effects of cause (usually ferrous sulphate), including nausea and the constipation. If so, it can help to take the supplement with food. If this does not function, you could try to commutate with a supplement different of iron, such as Spatone. All the iron supplements which you are prescribed while pregnant will be free, but you will have to probably pay alternatives however if it encourages you to better feel you, it is generally in value him. Some iron supplements added the vitamin C to the absorption of increase. If yours does not make, you could just take it with orange juice glass. You should also avoid taking the tea or the coffee during one hour after the catch of the iron supplements while this reduces absorption.

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