Some morning habits can affect your mood and health for the whole day.

Therefore, get away from these 3 morning habits to keep you awake and full of energy all the time!


1. Drink coffee right after you get up

This is not the right time for having a cup of coffee. “Right after you get up, your energy now increases naturally compared to the energy during you sleep. Thus, if you drink coffee in this time, it will add to your already-excessive energy and make you feel anxious and restless”, Steven Miller, a neuroscientist and a Ph.D. candidate at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Bethesda, Maryland. It would be better if you drink coffee at least 1 hour after you get up. It is when your energy starts to decrease dramatically. Drinking coffee around this time will keep you awake and full of energy for a long time during the day.


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2. Have a light breakfast

Some people only eat a carton of yogurt or a small bowl of fruit salad for breakfast because of many different reasons. However, have you ever known that breakfast is the most important meal in the day? If you have a too light breakfast, your body will lack adequate nutrients to keep you feel full until the next meal. This threatens your concentration, your work, and causes disorder in metabolic process.

According to the U.S nutrition specialist, Dr. Michelle Davenport, an ideal breakfast should contain 15 gram protein, 2.5 gram fiber, complex starch and some healthy fat. A healthful breakfast should have enough nutrients, but should not exceed 450 calories.


3. Checking emails

When mentioning about this, almost everyone believe that checking email right after you sleep do not affect your health. However, in fact, this is a bad habit and you should change as soon as possible.

“Checking your inbox right after you open your eyes in the morning can put great stress on your day.” Dr. Melissa McCreery said. Instead of worrying about work first, you should start your morning with some gentle exercises and activities to calm you down and bring back your clear mind to solve problems more easily. After warming up yourself, you can spend time on having breakfast, or drinking tea and coffee before working. This will keep you awake and motivate you to work better the whole day.


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