Liven up your workouts with new kit that will help you get stronger, fitter and faster

Spring has finally sprung, and to help you to break free from the gym and take your training outside, we’ve picked the best fitness kit to help you burn calories and have fun. “Changing and mixing up your kit and training is guaranteed to get results as you challenge your body differently, working your muscles harder,” says mind and body confidence coach Kim Ingleby (energisedperformance.com) “Plus, studies show outdoor workouts strengthen your muscles and ligaments, and improve your balance as your body, responds to its environment.” The spring sunshine will also work wonders for your skin and mood.

Resistance parachute

Great for: livening up your cardio

Description: Burn more outdoors

Parachute training is great fun. To work with a ‘chute, strap the belt to your waist or chest and let the parachute billow out behind you when you run. The higher wind-resistance will slow you down and increase stress on your leg muscles. The faster you run, the more drag you’ll feel, and this will build your explosive power and acceleration, making you faster and burning more calories per session.

“To use” chutes effectively you need to activate your core muscles, keep a strong posture and make efficient use of your arms when running,” says Ingleby. “A base level of fitness is advisable if you’re going to enjoy this piece of kit. It will definitely give you a challenging, varied workout, and you’ll end up faster and stronger than before.”

Try this: The “chute will create around 25lbs of drag, and comes in a handy bag so you can carry it conveniently to the park. From $44; escapefitness.com

Alpha bag

Great for: all-over toning

Description: Alpha bag

Alpha bags are the latest sandbags to hit the fitness world, and a brilliant piece of kit designed for functional outdoor training. Six handles are placed around the bag for easy handling, which makes them perfect for running, throwing and lifting. Because the sand shifts inside with each movement, your body is constantly off-balance, increasing the number of muscles used. This versatile piece of kit can replace barbells and dumbbells. And it’s fun – you couldn’t throw a barbell, could you?

“Training regularly with a weighted bag such as the Alpha bag, will help increase your muscle tone, strength and power, while working all your muscles together,” says Ingleby. “It’s also perfect for boosting running speed and efficiency, because it improves your power output and overall body strength.”

Try this: Alpha bags come in different weight to suit all levels, and start at $124, from jordanfreeweights.com. Powerbags are similar pieces of kit and are great for lifting and throwing around when training outdoors. From $93: heatwavefitness.co.uk.

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