Switching to a Med diet is just half the story when it comes to shaping up and staying you want to be. Just as important are Dr Oz’s simple rules that will help you identify key risk factors for weight gain, and help you conquer them once and for all. By Denise Foley.

Rule 1: One day at a time

Description: Remind yourself everyday

Remind yourself everyday

Each morning, re-commit to sticking to eating more healthily. This will help you maintain the energy and motivation that you first brought to the diet… and which can so easily fizzle out. As you get out of bed, repeat this mantra: “I am going to eat healthily for the next 24 hours” – and also remind yourself why you want to lose weight.

Rule 2: Do things differently

Description: Try a new hobby or activity to divert yourself when stress, habit or boredom sends you to fridge or biscuit tin.

Try a new hobby or activity to divert yourself when stress, habit or boredom sends you to fridge or biscuit tin.

Shaking up your routine can help you challenge set patterns and old excuses, such as: “I’m tired, I need a biscuit”. Being more mindful about how and when you eat, how you think when you are under stress – and what you could be doing instead – helps put you back in control of your diet. Try a new hobby or activity to divert yourself when stress, habit or boredom sends you to fridge or biscuit tin.

Rule 3: Re-arrange your kitchen

Description: Re-arrange your kitchen

Re-arrange your kitchen

Organise your fridge, cupboards and your life so that your only choices can be good ones. Don’t worry – there will still be a lot enjoy. You’re eating a Mediterranean diet, so you’ll get healthy fast in the form of olive oil, as well as olives themselves, avocados, sunflower seeds, nuts and other foods that are satisfying in small quantities. You’ll have fish, poultry and lean meat, too, but the bulk of your diet will be plant foods and the fibre in these will – by slowing your digestion – help stave off hunger without adding too many calories.

Rule 4: Stay full

Hard to believe, but you can help keep your metabolism high by eating. This avoids the inevitable carb binge that sends blood sugar soaring and causes insulin levels to rise, which in turn causes blood sugar to plunge and leads you to eat more. So, as well as your three main meals, Dr Oz recommends adding two protein-based snacks, such as a handful of almonds or six kalamata olives and a Mini Babybel Light.

Rule 5: Extend the burn

There are two easy things you can do to boost your metabolism:

1.    Drink water with every meal

Description: Drink water with every meal

Drink water with every meal

A German study found that drinking around two cups of water can increase calorie bruning by 24%.

2.    Take a 20-minute walk

Do it before every meal and you’re making a good start on the 60 to 90 minutes of daily exercise recommended for weight loss. ‘Walk at a brisk pace, with good posture and your belly tucked in to exercise your core muscles’, says Dr Oz.

Rule 6: Check portions

Description: Size does matter in choosing foods

Size does matter in choosing foods

Size does matter. One small potato is about 13/4 – 21/2 inches in diameter and contain 135 calories, but a large potato – 3-41/4 inches in diameter – adds 293 calories to your meal (and that’s without slathering on butter!). Also, use your hand as a guide: a serving of cereal is roughly the size of your fist; a 50g/2oz serving of cooked pasta or rice fits in your cupped hand; a tablespoon of dressing is thumb size; and a teaspoon of olive oil is the size of the top half of your thumb.

Rule 7: Chill out

Stress can undo your best intentions to be healthy, particularly if your usual response to tension is to keep your mouth busy and your body horizontal. Even worse, stress produces chemicals that can add inches to your waist. So instead of eating to soothe anxiety:

1.    Use yoga

The following pose activates your parasympathetic nervous system – the part that helps to relax and counter the stress response. Lie on the rug or mat, arms by your sides, and let your muscles melt into the floor. Take regular breaths and pay attention to the way the air enters your body and leaves it. Let thoughts come and go, but don’t pay much attention to them. Try this for 5 to 10 minutes a day.

2.    Do something nice for yourself

Buy flowers on the way home. You’ll love looking at them – and how they smell!

3.    Do something nice for someone else

Studies have found that doing things for others is one of the best stress-busters around.

4.    Take a laughter break

Description: Take a laughter break

Take a laughter break

Do you know what makes you laugh – physiologically speaking? Your epiglottis half closing your larynx – and there’s copious research suggesting that if this happens regularly, it reduces stress, makes you feel more kindly toward others and is good for your blood vessels.

5.    Get up and dance

Description: Get up and dance

Get up and dance

Dancing can raise your feel-good chemicals (such as endorphins), which also gives you better sense of control (over your life and food choices).

Rule 8: Get enough sleep

Description: Get enough sleep

Get enough sleep

Put in fewer than seven hours a night and you may see the scales moving up, Dr Oz warns. Fatigue makes you more likely to eat to keep your energy up and makes a short walk seem like a cross-country hike. A lack of sleep also drives down your levels of ghrelin, which tells your brain you’re hungry.

Rule 9: Don’t give up

Description: Don’t give up

Don’t give up

Here’s how to make a comeback when you’re been waylaid by a chocolate bar or a bad of crisps.

1.    Forget tomorrow

‘If you make a mistake, get back on track immediately,’ advises Dr Oz. That means you need to put down what remains of that chocolate cake and walk away – not finish it and binge for the rest of the day.

2.    Take baby steps

If you’re skipped exercise for a day or two, get going again with a five-minute walk. If that feels good, add another five minutes – and keep it up.

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