Tea is familiar drink to many people, especially men.

Many people know about benefits of drinking tea, especially green tea.

Recent researches prove that green tea brings many benefits for health. Therefore, drinking tea regularly will improve people’s health remarkably. However, you need to drink way with the correct way. When you drink tea, you should pay attention to avoiding its disadvantages for health.

Green tea has a lot of benefits.

Green tea has a lot of benefits.

Drinking tea with incorrect way, smoking cigarette, drinking wine and using computer a lot will affect people’s health seriously. However, many men have such unhealthy habits.

To reduce damages that are caused from bad habits, men should master some skills to maintain health about physicality.

Drinking too much can threaten health about physicality of people seriously. It can especially injure digestive system and liver. Hence, the risk of cirrhosis and fatty liver can increase a lot.

You shouldn’t drink tea with wine. This combination can be harmful to kidneys and excreting system. This is the reason of constipation and it can even cause harmfulness to sex organs.

To protect liver, men should give up wine. If men drink a big amount of wine, they can drink tea to get rid of effect of wine. If men want to improve function of liver in daily life they can drink white daisy tea Medlar tea that play an important role in protecting liver inside people’s body. Besides, they can make consumption of foods that contain vitamin C and vitamin B such as orang increase. The amount of meat and fish should be reduced suitably.

To protect liver, men should give up wine.

To protect liver, men should give up wine.

Smoking cigarette can destroy lungs seriously. Moreover, toxic substances in cigarettes can lead to coughing. To reduce symptoms, men should drink tea to protect throat effectively. In addition, men should increase the number of foods that contain vitamin A and vitamin C to adjust blood pressure and protect eyesight.

Smoking cigarette can destroy lungs seriously.

Smoking cigarette can destroy lungs seriously.

In different seasons, men should drink kinds of tea. In general, men can drink kinds of tea that have scent in spring, green tea for summer, black dragon brown tea for autumn and black tea for winter. Tea that has scent can improve development of vitality.

Green tea can get rid of toxic substances in body and intensify functions of stomach and bowel. Black dragon brown tea can help everyone refresh and black tea contains plentiful black tea that can nourish people’s body. Besides, men should remember the suitable time to drink tea. For example, green tea contains a large amount of tannic acid that can react with Fe in foods that cause anemia. Hence, it’s suitable for men to drink tea 1 hour after having dinner.

Tea should be made in a certain temperature. The ideal temperature is from 56 to 62oC. When you make it in high temperature, strong tea will affect tea’s taste. Moreover, drinking too hot tea can affect your digestive system badly. When you drink too cold tea, tea is considered to attract sputum.

If you are ill or have temperature, you should avoid drinking tea with medicine. Tea can interact with components in kinds of medicine and it reduces the effect of medicine. If you drink tea when you are ill, you should only drink after 2 hours taking medicine.

You shouldn’t drink tea when your stomach is empty because it has bad effects on stomach. Besides, drinking tea in dark can make you catch clod. This thing can affect respiratory system, especially lungs.


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