You should check again your habits that can affect babies badly or not.

When women aren’t pregnant, they can be prejudiced to eat raw food, exercise strongly, drink coffee and even drink wine. However, when you prepare to become future mother and have a young person, you should be very careful, control habits and avoid unfortunate consequences that can happen and the worst case is miscarriage. Mothers should refer and prevent.

1.     Eating raw foods

In the past, if women are followers of raw food such as noodle soup with rare beef, raw fish sushi, they should give up until babies are born healthily.

Foods that are undercooked contain many kinds of bacteria such as E. Coli, listeria, campylobacter, salmonella that can cause miscarriage, premature birth and still birth. You should remember that you only eat foods that are cooked well-done. Besides, if fresh milk isn’t unpasteurized, you shouldn’t use because milk contains listeria bacterium that can increase the risk of miscarriage.

2.     Rubbing womb in pregnancy

Many pregnant women think that rubbing womb means that they are fondling, comforting and coddling baby, so they often rub. Some other women are afraid of cracked skin, so they use kinds of skin cream to rub, massage carefully to make cream absorb deeper, protect skin more effective. However, they don’t know that this thing will affect abdominal wall and it can lead to fetal derangement because of shrink of womb.

However, this thing doesn’t mean that you cannot rub womb. You can rub smoothly without tightening strongly. In addition, you shouldn’t rub in a long time and many times in a day. In the past, if women that used to have fetal derangement, miscarriage…, you shouldn’t rub and flap womb.

In pregnancy, rubbing belly will affect fetus.

In pregnancy, rubbing belly will affect fetus.

3.     Walking

Many people believe that walking a lot will help birth become more easily. In reality, if you walk too much, you can create pressure for hipbone and belly. As a result, it can lead to premature birth, especially to women that have opened womb.

Therefore, pregnant women can begin to practice smoothly, walk slowly without making every effort.

You aren’t allowed to attend sports that have strong exercise. Using a lot of strength, carrying heavy things, a lot of physical activities can be harmful to health.

4.     Eating and drinking cold food

In reality, in pregnancy, temperature of pregnant women is higher than normal a little. If you are in hot summer, pregnant women will feel tired and uncomfortable. At that time, if they drink a cup of cold water or eat ice cream to be antifebrile, this is a wonderful thing. It is habit of many pregnant women. However, in pregnancy, this eating and drinking type isn’t good for babies.

With hot temperature, if you accidentally provide your body with cold foods and drinks, blood vessels in belly and womb will shrink and as a result, it will affect fetus badly. Consequently, experts advise pregnant women to limit to eat ice cream and drink cold water.

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