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With the first signs of spring just around the corner, now’s the perfect time to move your training up a gear. If you put in some extra work now, when the milder weather arrives and you feel like doing a 10K trail run or signing up for an outdoor bootcamp, you’ll be able to just head straight out and enjoy yourself, rather than having to build up your fitness from scratch. Here are a few ideas to get help motivate you and get you started.

What makes you tick?

The great thing with fitness is the results are endless. But you do need a goal that will really drive you. Dig deep and ask yourself what you want out of reach session. For example, do you want to lose weight and look great in a bikini? Or do you want to increase your fitness and increase your running distance? If it’s weight loss you’re after, measure yourself at the beginning of the month and then re-measure four weeks later. Promise yourself a new dress in a smaller size as you see your body get toned up. If you’re more driven by increasing your fitness and entering a race, time yourself over a given distance, then repeat this at the end of the month and aim to run it faster.

Get motivated with Facebook

Description: Get motivated with Facebook

Get motivated with Facebook

Use Facebook to create your own fitness challenge. This is a great way of getting you and your friends motivated and it’s totally free. Simply set up a group and set a challenge for you and your girlfriends, such as completing four workouts a week. When you’ve done a workout, let everyone know and ask them to record theirs, too. The more people in your group, the more creative you can get. Why not set a challenge to walk the distance from London to Paris? It’s 351km (218 miles), so ask each member to run or walk as many miles as they can each week. See how quickly as a group you can get to Paris by accumulating your weekly mileage. The miles will soon and up.

Make a date

If you think you need an extra push, why not book a one-off personal training session? Ask for a fitness test, then agree to book another session at the end of the month to re-do the results, which will give you enough motivation to do your weekly sessions. Ask for a programme too, so that you can make the most of your time in between.

Description: Fitness test

Fitness test

Sign up

Enter a race or a challenge with a great cause. Try Race for Life (raceforlife.cancerresearchuk.org ), or a local 5K or 10K. Then keep a training journal and write about how you felt during each training session. You’ll pick up some great tips along the way, which you can share with your friends or use to build on for races later in the year.

Description: Race for Life

Race for Life

Lucy Wyndham-Read is the author of The No Gym Workout designed to motivate busy women and get results fast. Lucy produces women’s fitness albums and apps from running workouts to postnatal plans. Visit lwrfitness.com.

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