You are 27 Weeks and 6 Days 85 days to go…

While women who are pregnant in the summer may find it hard to stay cool, being pregnant in the winter is also challenging.

Your baby today

Although ultrasound cannot show it, there is now some hair on your baby’s head and her eyelashes and eyebrows have grown. The pattern and color of hair growth has a significant impact on the overall look of your baby but this is not apparent on a scan.

Most women are understandably reluctant to buy a winter coat that will see them all the way through pregnancy and may well never be worn again. The good news is that you probably won’t need one at all! You are likely to feel very warm toward the end of your pregnancy, and may find it more comfortable to wear plenty of layered knits rather than one warm coat or jacket. Layers can also be easily discarded if you become overheated while you’re traveling.

You can also probably hijack some of your partner’s wardrobe, and borrow a coat or jacket that will fasten over your belly if you’re planning to be outside for extended periods. Alternatively, go to a local second-hand shop—you may well find a larger coat or jacket for a bargain price that will last the few weeks of your pregnancy.

Another thing to consider is wearing your own coat unfastened, with a long scarf hanging down to fill the gap.

Think about purchasing a large shawl or wrap, which will see you through the winter months, and keep you and your baby warm after the birth. Shawls and wraps are ideal for keeping you warm when your baby is in a sling, and also for unexpected breast-feeding sessions outdoors.

You’ll need to be extra careful in the winter, when you’re in icy conditions. Make sure you wear sensible flat shoes when you’re out and about to reduce the risk of slipping and falling.

… Nutritionist
Q: My doctor has told me I’m anemic. Can I improve my iron levels through my diet?
A: All pregnant women should be offered screening for anemia, which is done early in pregnancy (at the first appointment), and again between 26–30 weeks . Generally, an iron-rich diet is advised in pregnancy and this is enough to prevent or improve anemia. Eat plenty of lean red meat, beans, dried fruits, dark green vegetables, fortified cereals, and bread. Try including a vitamin C-enriched food or drink in your diet, since vitamin C helps the body absorb iron more efficiently. Vegetarians need to eat plenty of eggs, legumes, beans, and nuts to boost iron supplies.

Taking iron supplements may be recommended depending on how low your iron levels have become.

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Practical adjustments

If you’re having two or more babies, you’ll need to consider making some adjustments to your living space. To reduce the risk of crib death, it’s best for babies to sleep in the same room as their parents but you don’t need two cribs. You can put both your newborn babies to sleep in one crib (see … Doctor), but this isn’t recommended after they’re three months old.

It’s a legal requirement for each baby to have an individual car seat if you plan to drive them anywhere, including home from the hospital.

You are 28 Weeks Exactly 84 days to go…

If you’re the first among your friends to have a baby, be prepared for friendships to evolve and change.

Your baby today

The amniotic fluid is approaching its maximum amount at this time and your baby will have plenty of space in which to move. Here the baby is down toward the level of the umbilical cord. Your baby is still likely to change position several times a day.

Some friendships change as you go through different life stages. You’ll probably have had different groups of friends through school, college, and different jobs, with one or two close friends throughout. Friendships often develop with people when you’re at a similar stage in your lives. This means that during your pregnancy and when you have young children you may feel most comfortable with other women in similar situations. You’ll meet new friends at postpartum classes or post-partum groups, or in situations such as toddler swimming or music classes.

As you make new friends, you may find your old relationships begin to change. Friends without children may find it difficult to understand your new role as a mother, and the intense love that you have for your child, and you may start to drift apart. Of course this is not always the case; some friendships are unchanging, irrespective of whether your lives go along different paths.

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Q: I’ve seen a second-hand car seat advertised. Is there any reason why I shouldn’t buy it?
A: Don’t use a second-hand car seat unless you can be absolutely certain of its history because it may have been in an accident or damaged.

if you must use a second-hand seat, only accept one if you are absolutely certain that you know its history and that it hasn’t been in a bad accident. Don’t use a seat that cracked, that doesn’t come with the original instructions, is missing parts, was recalled, or is too old. Don’t purchase a car seat for your baby at a second-hand store or through classified ads, or on the internet.

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Choosing organic

Eating organic food is one way to eat more healthily during pregnancy. Organic fruit and vegetables are grown without any chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Organic meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy products come from animals that are not given growth hormones or antibiotics. For these reasons, organic foods are free from pesticide residues, additives, and preservatives. They are also usually higher in nutrients. Organic farming also promotes the use of environmentally friendly practices. Most additives are safe during pregnancy, but eating organic is a second step that can add to a healthy foundation of food choices.

The downside of eating organic food is that it tends to cost more than regular groceries. Given the price of food, many families cannot afford the extra that goes with eating organic. If you can’t afford organic foods, eating whole foods in their least processed, most natural form, and plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables is the next best thing, and is still a very healthy diet.

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