Did you know what should be drunk during pregnancy?

The pregnant should choose drinks that are good for health.

Drinks are good, but not every drink is good for pregnant women. The following drinks are tasty, nutritious and suitable for the pregnant.

1.     Water

In pregnancy, it’s important that pregnant women do not lack water, which leads to dizziness. Water helps pregnant women’s body and fetus to absorb nutrients better, and reduce edema.

If you’re pregnant and you feel that water is tasteless and uninterested in it, you should add a couple of lemon slices in order to create the flavor. Or, if you want to add other flavors, just do the similar.

Besides, you should drink 4 liters of water a day, and 4.8 liters max. You shouldn’t drink too much water; otherwise, you will put yourself in danger of causing bad influence on your health.

In pregnancy, it’s important that pregnant women do not lack water.

In pregnancy, it’s important that pregnant women do not lack water.

2.     Green tea

Tea has components that support human body, such as polyphenol, attar, minerals, protein, vitamins and other nutrients.

Pregnant women can drink 3-5 grams of tea each day, especially green tea which supports heart’s and kidney’s functions, stimulates circulation, brings easier digestion and helps getting rid of pregnant inflammation. Green tea has plenty of zinc that is supportive for fetus’s development.

However, if pregnant women drink too much tea, which can lead to anemia; the fetus will be lacking in iron and has possibilities to have congenital anemia after birth. Tea also contains tannic acid which affects the ability of iron and calcium absorption of fetus.

Additionally, pregnant women should best avoid red and black tea because every 500g of those kinds of tea contains 2-5% caffeine, a stimulant that badly affects the fetus’s development.

3.     Orange juice

Fresh orange has plenty of calcium, folic acid and potassium, which are all good for regulating and stabilizing blood pressure, so it’s safe for pregnant women who have high pressure.

In orange juice, folic acid has great effects on pregnant women and prevents some genital defects as well as helps produce healthy blood cells.

Moreover, calcium contained in orange juice helps strengthening teeth and bones. Specially, for the pregnant who can’t drink milk, orange juice is a wonderful replacement.

Pregnant women should drink fresh, non-sugary orange juice.

Pregnant women should drink fresh, non-sugary orange juice.

4.     Coconut water

Young coconut water has plenty of chloride, potassium, magnesium and a bit sugar, salt and protein. Potassium helps controlling blood pressure and quickly eases your thirst which is caused by salt loss. It can replace efficiently electrolyte water when pregnant women have diarrhea. Coconut water is not only non-fat and non-cholesterol but also helps translate good cholesterol.

When you’re pregnant or have diarrhea, flatulence is a normal problem; a glass of coconut water a day can help you to improve the situation. Apart from that, coconut water has plenty of lauric acid which is, after that, transformed into Monolaurin. Monolaurin is able to fight against viruses and bacteria surrounded by lipid membrane; remove fungus that helps preventing inflammations and improve immune system.

The pregnant should drink coconut water in day time, drink slowly, shouldn’t drink the whole glass at once.

5.     Blue dragon and pear juice

Blue dragon contains lots of vitamin C and fibrous matter that help eliminating contaminants in the body.

Juicy pear is a good refresher with only 9.3% of sugar and 0.16% acid.

Drinking blue dragon and pear juice every day helps regulate gastric and reduce nausea in pregnancy.

6.     Sugarcane juice

Sugarcane helps the pregnant to reduce nausea.

Sugarcane helps the pregnant to reduce nausea.

Sugarcane juice is not only sweet and easy tasty but also provide human body with energy and essential nutrient. In sugarcane, apart from 70% of different sugars, basic component, there are protein, fat, powder, a variety of minerals, vitamins and nearly 30 organic acids.

Besides, for pregnant women that often feel nauseous, you can use sugarcane juice as a remedy to reduce that symptom. First of all, you need 150ml of sugarcane juice, then add little ginger juice (about 5ml). Drink it 2-3 times a day to reduce nausea and improve appetite.

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