You should have caesarean when you get nomination of doctors.

The rate of caesarean is higher and higher. But this method is only necessary if mothers and fetuses have problem before and in time of giving birth.

Caesarean is a surgery that is assigned when the process of beginning labor cannot progress or there is problem threatening life of mother and fetuses.

You should have caesarean when you get nomination of doctors.

You should have caesarean when you get nomination of doctors.

Only have caesarean when you get nomination of doctors

According to recommendation of medical experts, caesarean is carried out for compulsory cases that cannot give birth normally.

In general, caesarean is assigned in the following cases:

Pregnant women

·         Hipbone is narrow, fetus is deformed or too big (over 400grams) while hipbone is too small and inappropriate between fetus and pelvis of mothers.

·         Having a lot of fetuses at the same time

·         Womb has sign of breaking, spasm of womb is weak and this thing makes process of giving birth last. It isn’t effective to any method.

·         Bleeding a lot before giving birth

·         Pregnant women give the first birth when they are over 35 years old.

·         Pregnant women catch serious and medium high blood pressure, they used to cure, but it isn’t well again.

·         Pregnant women have heart disease when they are pregnant.

·         Having history of giving birth difficultly

·         Having antecedence of surgery: used to operate womb, stitches in surgery aren’t good, after surgery, you have inflammation…

Pregnant women that are over 35 years old and give the first birth will be assigned to have caesarean.

Pregnant women that are over 35 years old and give the first birth will be assigned to have caesarean.


·         Choked in womb, distressed; curing isn’t effective.

·         Fetus in mother’s womb lacks oxygen.

·         Navel cord is broken early.

·         Fetus’s heart isn’t good.

·         Function of placenta reduces. As a result, fetus develops slowly in womb. Being pregnant in a long time, but mothers don’t have any sign of giving birth (over 42 weeks).

·         Position of fetus isn’t correct. Presentation is unusual such as horizontal presentation, contrary presentation. Unusual presentation is such as horizontal, chin is behind the first presentation; mother cannot give birth through vagina in the first time of giving birth…

·         Taking surgery to take fetus out without assigning before

·         Beginning labor is slow and difficult or it can be stopped completely.

·         Baby has sign of distressed fetus such as fetus’s heart rate is fast or slow.

·         Baby’s size is too big and mother cannot give birth normally.

·         Problems relate to placenta, forward placenta and some reasons that cause hemorrhage to give birth normally.

·         Other reasons: Mothers have serious history of obstetrics: fetus died in the womb many times, fetus died in the womb before taking labor.

Complications that can take place

To mothers

·         Complications are caused by surgery such as damaging contiguous organs (bladder, bowel), leakage of bladder-womb, leakage of bladder-vagina, bleeding because of touching artery of womb and bleeding because of ragging in a part below.

·         Infection: It can be inflammation of incision, urinary, lung inflammation. The popular cases are infection of incision, amnion that can cause peritonitis – this thing can lead to cutting womb in postoperative time.

·         Intestinal adhesion, ileus, obstructed oviduct can lead to childlessness.

·         Endothelia of womb

·         Scar on the body of womb can be cracked after times of being pregnant (crack in and after taking labor).

To babies

·         Fetus can be affected by anesthetic, have injury in making surgery.

·         Breath amniotic fluid; newborn pernicious respiratory failure without element of taking labor

·         Not secrete producing hormones, release surfactant that can cause disease in endothelium.

·         Not reabsorb lung fluid through lung lymph, so the amount of fluid in lung is high.

·         If babies are born through caesarean, they can easily be resulted from choking syndrome more than those that are born normally. The reason is that giving birth normally will improve alveolus and give good condition for automatic respiration of fetus after being born.

Fetus can be affected by anesthetic, have injury in surgery.

Fetus can be affected by anesthetic, have injury in surgery.

Giving birth normally can make vagina open. In addition, it is useful for discharging reproductive fluid and it is also useful for restoring womb after giving birth.

In the previous time, there isn’t any document that admits the difference between babies that are born normally and through caesarean. However, a recent research in Finland shows that reactions to protect immune of babies that are born through caesarean aren’t as sensitive as those that are born normally.

Pregnant women that are going to be mothers need to understand this thing to have scientific and appropriate decisions. In addition, you must have responsibility with giving or accepting request of making surgery to take fetus due to hour. You shouldn’t let outside ideas affect giving birth of yourselves and this thing is because of safeness of the child that you are going to give birth.




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