Vitamin and health improvement are both important to your future children.

After getting married, women’s most expectation is to become a mom. They exercise to improve health and do anything to have a healthy pregnancy. However, even to the strong ones, we can’t predict what would happen during gestation period. It’s important that you know we can’t control everything in that period of time; it’s like weather: it was raining; the moment after, it shone brightly. For that reason, you’d better “let it be” and try to get used to the unexpected.

Be relaxing while waiting for your baby.

Be relaxing while waiting for your baby.

Make a plan

The first thing should you do to have a healthy pregnancy is making a plan. You should improve your health, manage your weight, quit smoking and provide you with folic acid. Besides, you need to do the periodic check-up to ensure that your blood pressure, blood flow and thyroid gland function are still fine and uninfected with rubella. If you had been using drugs before getting pregnant, you should ask for the obstetrician’s advice to know whether it would cause bad influence on your baby and which medicine is most safe for the pregnant.

Care before childbirth

You should find a trustful address to take you pregnancy tests and be looked after carefully in the whole gestation period, which is the best way to make sure that you’ll be healthy; you’ll have weekly check-ups to be sure that you and your child are fine and to be educated about taking care of your health and labor preparation.

Some usual problems:

Bleeding in early pregnancy

25% of women experience bleeding in the first 12 weeks. Usually, that will automatically disappear and cause no harm to the fetus. In fact, it is a good sign showing that the embryo was successfully implanted in the uterus. You possibly have some mild cramps and the blood can be red, pink or brown, or even have some small clots of blood. If you suffer from severe cramps, bleeding heavily or blood dropping for more than 2 days, you should ask an obstetrician for advice.   

Early miscarriage

20% of ova won’t develop normally, especially the natural fertilized ova; you even don’t know that you’re pregnant. One of the cases has to use transplantation method to soon cause pregnancy loss. In other situations, the transplantation is successful and the embryo develops from 9 to 11 weeks after it stop doing so. Miscarriage or spontaneous abortion (medicine) could be complete or incomplete. The complete miscarriage is that the fetus is expelled from the body, making the mother experience terribly pain. The incomplete miscarriage needs doctor’s interventions which are operations or medical treatment.

A few embryos aren’t in the fallopian tube. This situation is called ectopic pregnancy which is dangerous to the mother’s life. If you are diagnosed with ectopic pregnancy, you need to follow specialist’s advice carefully till it’s over and have suffered from abortions twice, you should ask for professional advice. The important thing is that you are not guilty of having abortions, and it’s a part of human development, that rarely repeats. 

If you haven’t had any child before and have suffered 2 miscarriages, you should take some specialist’s advice. The important thing is that you have no guilt of having miscarriage; it’s a part of life, and rarely repeats.

Gestational diabetes

Have a healthy diet to prevent diabetes

Have a healthy diet to prevent diabetes.

Pregnancy changes the glucose/insulin regulating system in women’s body, causing low insulin resistance. It’s naturally keeps the glucose in blood longer so it’s able to go to placenta parts. 3-5% of pregnant women experienced this situation: gestational diabetes happens when the glucose in blood is too high for too long. Without examinations, babies will receive so much glucose, leads to high insulin issue, which makes them be at risk of overweight development and glucose regulation difficulty after birth. You need to take examinations at the 24th- 28th weeks when the insulin resistance is higher than ever. There is no sign in gestation diabetes, so examining blood sugar is the only way to detect the disease.

Most of women can control their insulin resistance by having a sensible diet and daily exercise. If you can keep the blood sugar at normal till the end of the pregnancy, it won’t harm the baby. Otherwise, you need medicine support and follow the development of the embryo recurrently.  


The sensible diet will help you no longer concern with diabetes.

The sensible diet will help you no longer concern with diabetes.

High pressure

One wonderful thing is that women can carry 2.26-4.08kg of the embryo and 0.91kg of the placenta in their body, the amount of blood and water of the body increase 5 liter but still remain the heart beat and normal blood pressure. Think about the changing of the body to fix in the situation! Sometimes, the body can’t adjust and it leads to the blood pressure increase at the end of the pregnancy. It even can cause pre-eclampsia – a medical condition characterized by high blood pressure and significant amounts of protein in the urine of pregnant women.

Monthly blood pressure following helps you soon diagnose those conditions. Precautionary measures (a diet, exercise, change lifestyle habits) can prevent or reduce high blood pressure in gestation period. Hypertension during pregnancy is random and hard to predict. If you have high blood pressure, you possibly have premature birth in order to protect you and your child. 

Some helpful advice

Some pregnant women have insomnia, and they are worried about everything that could happen. Most women who used to be pregnant believe that maintaining health is important, so if you’re worried, see a midwife or a doctor for an embryo check-up. If you feel pessimistic, ask the obstetrician or the therapist for the pregnancy experience like how to breathe and relax.

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