Au naturel – for now!

At 36 Kirsty has a healthy attitude to anti-ageing. “I’m not massively into the whole surgery thing” says Kirsty. “Botox scares me. It’s not advanced enough for my liking. I’m not a risk taker and perhaps I’m just not vain enough at the moment” Tending to her own nails and applying her own St Tropez fake-tanning mousse is as far as Kirsty’s cosmetic regime goes, on top of her day-to-day skincare regime. “I’d never say never to going under the knife, but I prefer the natural look. I respect myself and my body. But hey, if in the future Botox is the best cure for wrinkles, then I could be tempted!”

In the meantime, Kirsty sticks to her three workouts per week and a relatively controlled, but not military-strict, diet. And as we watch her smiling for the camera with her flat stomach on show for all to see, we think she’s pretty much got it sussed!

Kirsty loves…

1.      “My favourite piece of USA Pro clothing is the USA Pro 3/4 legging ($20; sportsdirect.com). They are so comfortable, slimming and supportive. The thick fabrics used in the collection are breathable, washable, and most important of all, they are flattering!”

2.      “At this time of year, when it is still a bit dark and there’s so little sunlight, I like to take a vitamin D supplement as well as a regular multivitamin. I know that you can get a small amount of vitamin D from eating dairy products but I don’t have dairy that often. I use the Vega Wellness Instant Vitamin D spray. It’s easy to take and has a minty taste.” $13; echemist.co.uk

3.      “I love Darrell Lea Original Liquorice at the moment,” says Kirsty. “I’m not much of a snacker, but there must be something in the liquorice that my body needs right now, because I can’t get enough! I pop it into my handbag and have a piece every now and then. There’s not much sugar in it, but it’s the really soft, stick-to-your-teeth type of stuff – yum!” $2 for 200g; waitrose.com

4.      “There’s no two ways about it, you’ve got to be very respectful of your skin. I always apply night cream and eye cream. Eve Taylor [eve-taylor.com] is my favourite brands. It’s very pure, they don’t test on animals and it’s based on aromatherapy. I’ve got normal to dry skin, and the range is great for hydration. You need to do more for your skin as you get older, definitely. I use Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair eye cream ($56 for 15ml; esteelauder.co.uk) on the sensitive eye area. It helped to combat my puffy eyes when I was working on the breakfast show.”

5.      “Sleep and rest is vital. I’m a massive sleeper, that’s why doing the breakfast show at Sky Sports was so horrendous. My alarm would go off at 3.30am! My body doesn’t like it, I need eight hours, I really do. It’s much easier doing the afternoon slot now, I get to spend much more time with my boys.”

Kirsty’s favourite circuit-training moves

“I love doing press-ups, lunges and sit-ups as part of my circuit. Doing the same old conventional exercise can get a bit tedious, however, so I like to spice each move up” Here’s Kirsty’s favourite three moves, each with a little twist on the conventional exercise. Enjoy!

1. Offset press-up

This move engages slightly different upper body muscles to those in regular press-ups. You’ll feel these screaming the next day!

Reps: 20

Description: Offset press-up

Offset press-up

  • Start in the plank position (you can be on your knees if you need). Keep your hands within the mat. Lower yourself down into a regular press-up and then back to the start.
  • Before doing the next press-up, move one of your hands wider, so it’s off the mat (a). Now perform your press-up (b).
  • You can alternate between moving your left and right hand to work both sides, or move your hand in front, rather than to the side, for a change.

2. Rotating Lunge

Simply lunging to the front can be repetitive and dull. Adding in a side lunge will engage your inner thigh muscles too!

Reps: 20 each side

Description: Rotating Lunge

Rotating Lunge

  • Stand with your feet together and your hands on your hips. Lunge forward on your right leg into your standard lunge (a), making sure your knee and your ankle form a right angle with the floor.
  • Return to the start, then take a wide step to the right and sink into the side lunge so your weight is on your right foot (b). Again your knee should not go further than your toes. Return to the start.
  • Take your right foot back and sink your knee down to perform a backwards lunge. Return to the start then repeat on your left side.

3. Side Crunches

Endless crunches can aggravate a bad back, but this move is ideal for blasting your muffin top and will give you a sexy silhouette.

Reps: 20 each side

Description: Side Crunches

Side Crunches

  • Lie on your back in the sit-up position. Rest your fingertips against your ears.
  • Curl up so that your shoulders are off the floor. Swivel at your waist so that your left elbow moves towards your left hip. Then return to the start and repeat on your right side.
  • You could also place your arms by your sides and crunch so that you reach down to touch your left heel with your left hand, then alternate sides.

The new range of USA Pro clothing, modeled here by Kirsty, will be available at Sportsdirect.com, online & in store.

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