You are 22 Weeks and 5 Days 121 days to go…

The occasional dizzy spell is common in pregnancy and not a sign that anything is wrong.

Your baby today

Extremely fine hairs called lanugo hairs cover your baby’s entire skin surface. These are constantly shed and replaced but, during the final few weeks of pregnancy, will be replaced by thicker, permanent hairs. Lanugo cells help insulate the skin.

As your body works hard to nourish your baby, you may find yourself feeling dizzy from time to time. It’s common to feel dizzy when you stand up suddenly; this is because, although your blood supply has increased during pregnancy, getting up quickly causes the blood to rush into your legs. This reduces the supply of blood to your brain, making you feel light-headed.

Dizziness can also be a symptom of anemia. Although you produce more red blood cells in pregnancy than before, your volume of blood also increases. This means that proportionally there are fewer red blood cells and your blood count will drop. You may also become short of iron and, if this is the case, you will be prescribed iron supplements. In addition to dizziness, symptoms of anemia include fatigue and shortness of breath. Low blood-sugar levels can also cause dizziness and can be prevented by eating snacks regularly.

If you’re feeling dizzy, although it’s likely to be due to the physiological changes in pregnancy, inform your doctor so you can be examined and any relevant blood tests taken. If you feel dizzy when you’re out and about, or if you need a seat on a bus or train, always tell someone—the majority of people will be understanding.

… Mom
Q: I don’t feel up to socializing but should I force myself to go out?
A: I remember that feeling well! When you’re pregnant, it’s normal to feel like battening down the hatches sometimes because you’re too tired to socialize. It’s worth, however, trying to make the most of your leisure time before the baby arrives. You may not feel like getting out and about, but once you do you’ll probably be glad you made the effort and it will help you maintain friendships.

I chose my activities carefully, opting for early evening or weekend get togethers, and went to cafés rather than bars. I also had friends over for lunch and dinner but asked everyone to bring a dish. I realized I might not get to the movies or theater for a while once the baby was born, so planned lots of great trips. You can always go to weekend matinées if you’re too tired in the evening. When I was really too tired to go out, I’d catch up with a friend on the phone.

If you can’t face crowds, see one friend at a time in a home environment. Be selective and prioritize those people who really matter to you, rather than trying to fit everyone in.

Not all pregnant women toe the good health line.

Healthy-eating messages abound so pregnant women are well informed, especially about calcium-rich foods needed for strong bones among other things. A recent study found that pregnant women who rarely drank milk gave birth to smaller babies than those who drank the recommended three 8-oz glasses per day.

You are 22 Weeks and 6 Days 120 days to go…

When clumsiness strikes, something as simple as walking in a straight line may prove difficult!

Your baby today

Your baby’s nervous system and muscular coordination are now much more developed. He has a grasping reflex—when his palm is touched his fingers will close—and he is able to suck his thumb purposefully, rather than through random movements.

If you find that you’re often bumping into things and tripping over, it sounds as though you’ve been hit by clumsiness, a common side effect of being pregnant.

Clumsiness in pregnancy has physical causes: the hormone relaxin causes your joints to loosen, your center of gravity changes as your abdomen expands, and your extra weight shifts you off balance. There are, however, also emotional reasons: if you’re preoccupied by being pregnant, your concentration is bound to slip now and then, making you less likely to notice potential hazards in your path.

The good news is that your usual grace will return once you’re no longer pregnant, but until that time it’s important to avoid situations that might put you at risk of injury. So wear flat shoes rather than heels, avoid wet or slippery surfaces, and be careful on steep staircases. Tape down the edges of loose rugs, and keep the stairs and hallways clear of things that might trip you up. Be particularly careful when you’re lifting something because it’s very easy to lose your balance if you’re leaning forward. Be careful also, getting into and out of the bath or shower, since these are notorious hotspots for pregnancy-related injuries.

It’s worth noting that normal clumsiness in pregnancy is not accompanied by visual disturbances, headaches, or dizziness, so if you have any of these symptoms, you should see your doctor.

Preparing your home

If your partner’s nesting instinct has kicked in, make the most of it by figuring out what needs to be done around your home.

Let your partner do the majority of the decorating and don’t attempt to climb a step ladder yourself. Be aware of which paints are safe to use during pregnancy.

  • Decorate the room your baby will eventually sleep in once you move him out of your bedroom.

  • Take the opportunity to have a look around and take any unwanted clutter to the dump or charity shop.

  • Make storage space by putting up some extra shelves and cupboards where you can. Figure out where you’ll store large items, such as the carriage.

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