Diet tendency can rise and then cool down, such as the need of detoxication (also called cleansing) which is always maintained as a necessary need.

Description: Detoxication process

Detoxication process

The reason is that ‘spices and manual colors, pesticide and herbicide are just a part of many toxics aborbed every day of a normal person,’ according to expert Kathy Freston – Los Angeles author of the The Lean (Weinstein Books). Besides, expert Beth Reardon, R.D, L.D.N, the manager of Duke Integrate Medicine’s Integrate Nutrition dept. at Durham, N.C, also warns: ‘These substances are often storred in adipose tissue and other tissues in the body, and increase in time. Actually, our bodies can discard substances that we do not need; however, most toxics we need to discard often force internal organs to work continuously through day ang night, which increases the threats of contracting chronic diseases.’

Dexton method is the most effective method to clean the body. Currently, there are short-term methods such as eating and living behaviors that can support detoxication; however, since there are too many different methods, my advice is that you should do as one method to get the best result. Act on our following advice, together with some verified secrets, and enjoy benefits brought by the detoxication method such as energy gain, pain relief, and healthy and balanced physical strength.

The book named The Quantum Wellness Cleanse: The 21-day Essential Guide to Healing Your Body, Mind and Spirit (Weinstein Books) belongs to Freston. She advises that we should execute detoxication in at least 3 weeks or the longer, the better, providing that you still have ability and interest in the benefits of this theraphy. She says ‘start your habit in every day and do not plan so far. Who knows? You will be surprised at the benefits of this.’

The followings are basic steps you that can carry out.

Description: relax

Reduce in absorbing unhealthful things

Limit eating these things: indigestible or harmful foods since they are difficult to be disposed and digested (animal foods including meat, poultry meat, fish, eggs, and dairy foods); foods supplying imbalanced energy (such as sugar, wine, and caffeine); or foods causing swell (gluten).

Increase in absorbing nutritional things that help your body be cleaned

Drink at least 2 quarts (64 ounces) of thoroughly filtered pure water (including herbal tea). Make your daily meal become healthier with a gluten-free menu that contains fruits or vegetables and vegan protein. ‘Eating in this way will support so much for your digestive system, help dicard residual substances, indigestible foods, and slimy substance,’ noted Freston. ‘Water will discard waste in the cell and support fat metabolism, which helps the brain work in a sounder way, lubricates and cleans body’s systems. Combine the following menus as well as noshes to plan your ’twenty-one healthy days’ project.


A bowl of instant oat gruel with peanut, apple, and fat-free milk (alternative by rice, hemp, soybean, and almond)

Gluten-free round bread or unpolished rice with peanut butter and cheese cream for vegetarians

Yogurt for vegetarians dissolved with two spoons of linum oil, almond, covered with apple, peach, and cranberry


A big bowl of mixed salad: fresh vegitables covered with seeds (sweet basil seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, and linseeds), avocados, dried cranberries, vegan breads with pea, fermented or cooked soya curds

Mixed vitamin made from vagan protein flour, coconut milk or drinking water, two spoons of liseed, two spoons of linum oil, a bare amount of almond seeds, Juglans rejias or hemp seeds, a few cranberries, 1 ½ glass of calabrese, spinach, or cauliflower

Any vegan soup (like lentils, blackbeans, squash seeds, Spanish cold soup)


Sweet potatos grilled with vegetables or soya curds

Unpolished rice and peas with vegetables

Mediterranean menu with hummus appetizer, cucumber, rum pie, gluten-free bread and biscuit


Some juicy fruit goji and peanut

Hummus and crudités

Prepared-flour drink dissolved with water or 3 ounces of water dissolved with 3 ounces of apple juice fruit

Impulse benefits

Besides instructions about health regime, Freston suggests some supporting strategies to clean both your body and mind.

Sleep soundly: taking rest helps your body recover quickly, so spend 7 to 8 hours per night sleeping.

Exercise: sweat will take body’s toxic out. Exercise 4 to 6 days per week, coordinate with heartbeat, strenghth, taichi, yoga and qigong.

Take leisure and relax: use the massage therapy, play yoga, or wallow in hot tank with the more mineral salt, the better so as to detoxic body. ‘These three kinds of exercise has surprising effect, can discard toxic substances at everywhere in the body – organs, mulscle, and fat – and support their transformation to get out of the body,’ shares Freston.

Live green: detoxic your body at anywhere you live. You can use cleaning cosmetics or chemicals at home with extract from nature, and avoid plastic articles. 

Think creatively, leisurely: pessimistic or negative thoughts can also make your mentality poisoned, so spend some time in a day to think obtimisticly and thankfully, imagine, write diary or do anything that can make your mind become clearer and get concentration. Freston alnalyzes, ‘our brains can bring disorder and anxiety for the body. By clearing up mess in your body, we can hear things really important for life and drive yourself to the right way.’

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