Tea, the most widely consumed hot and cold beverage in the world, is second only to water. Every minute people drink about a million cups of tea, with black tea making up 80 per cent. Although green tea makes up just 20 per cent, Dr. Igor Borisov outlines the many benefits.

Description: Description: Green tea lifts athletic performance

Green tea lifts athletic performance

With the global population at seven billion, green tea drinkers around the world number hundreds of millions, largely due to athletes and non-athletes recognizing the benefits. The powerful antioxidant activity in green tea is six times greater than in black tea and comes from the so-called polyphenols. In green tea the main polyphenols are catechins, which are present in high concentrations. They are 25 to 100 times more effective than vitamin C and E, which are also present in green tea. In addition green tea contains large amounts of vitamins K, D, B1, B2, PP, carotene, some organic acids, iodine, fluorine and minerals. For example, on averade 100 grams of dry green tea contains 2300mg of postassium, 500mg of calcium, 440mg of magnesium, 82mg of iron.

Green tea benefits

·         Green tea reduces blood pressure, lowers cholesterol and detoxifies the body. Other benefits include:

·         Helps with weight loss

·         Prevents and fights diabetes

·         Prevents and fights cancer

·         Prevents and fights allergy

·         Protects the kidney, liver and heart

·         Protect the skin

·         Calms your digestion

·         Boosts the immune system

·         Relieves stress, headache, migraine

·         Slows down the ageing process

·         Prevents cavities as well as strengthens tooth enamel

·         Reduces plaque formation and bacterial infections in the mouth

·         Boosts energy and enhances physical activity

Description: Description: Boosts energy and enhances physical activity

Boosts energy and enhances physical activity

Some of these benefits are very important, especially if you play sport and participate in various fitness programmes.

Benefits for athletes

Description: Description: Enjoy the benefits of green tea and try to avoid its traps by brewing it fresh for the desired effect.

Enjoy the benefits of green tea and try to avoid its traps

by brewing it fresh for the desired effect.

It is essential to drink green tea to neutralize and reduce the body’s oxidative stress (free radical damages) arising during physical training. Thanks to the antioxidants in green tea, less damage is caused to your body by exercises and rehabilitation in faster.

Benefits of green tea have been known for more than 4,000 years. In Asia they say:”First sip of green tea is joy, the second is gladness, the third is serenity, the fourth is madness and the fifth is ecstasy.”

Advice to follow is – enjoy the benefits of green tea and try to avoid its traps by brewing it fresh for the desired effect.

Furthermore, daily intake of green tea or associated supplements can extract more energy from fat burning during endurance training and use muscle carbohydrate (glycogen) more effectively, which will prolong your endurance. For example, the length of swimming time increased up to 24 per cent n one of ten-month-long Japanese research tests.

Green tea with B-Complex, and dihydrolipoic acid (DHLA) can enhance your connective tissue and body flexibility.

Caffeine in green tea is a stimulant that increases body activity. As we know, green tea has less caffeine than black tea, but it can be altered by the length of brewing time: the longer you brew, the higher caffeine level produced. The type of green tea also makes a difference to the caffeine content.

Green tea has a calming effect and improves the process of concentration. Thanks to a high level of amino acid L-theanine in the green tea your anxiety during competition can be decreased. This substance promotes relaxation and alleviates the stimulating effects of the caffeine green tea.

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