Whether you simply want to spark your baby into reassuring action, change her into a more comfortable position, or start encouraging her to respond to you, there is plenty that you can do to get your baby to move around and to keep her stimulated.
  • Stop and relax if you are up and busy all day, your baby will be lulled to sleep by the regular movement

  • Lie down on your side with your bump supported; this position seems to stimulate your baby to move to accommodate your new position

  • Drink a sweet, icy-cold drink—this should nudge her into action

  • Talk to your baby—by the fifth month her hearing is developed and she will hear and respond to your voice

  • Encourage dad to get up close and talk to your baby—getting to know the voices of mom and dad will come naturally, but she’ll be likely to hear much more of mom’s, and will be intrigued by dad’s voice up-close

  • Read stories or poems aloud—most children’s books have rhythmic and rhyming words, helping your baby understand the ebb and flow of language

  • Singing songs, such as lullabies, can soothe your baby

  • Music is proven to stimulate babies, and evidence suggests that a daily dose of Mozart may stimulate your baby’s brain and senses; play loud music—this not only wakens her but also stimulates her to move

  • Feel free to play games—push her little foot or elbow when she moves it outward, and watch her shift her position; do it over and over again

  • Watch the effect of a strong light held against your womb: your baby will respond to the light; this is a good trick to try if you need to keep baby awake during the day to prevent nightly gymnastics sessions

Simple stimulation

Your baby can be stimulated through all sorts of external experiences; in fact, studies have shown that by the 24th week her heart rate increases in response to stroking or patting your abdomen.

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