You’re at the beginning of an incredible stage of life that will see your body undergo dramatic changes.


Pre-conception care

A daily prenatal vitamin supplement before and during early pregnancy helps protect your baby from spinal cord defects.

Avoid alcohol

Drinking soft drinks rather than alcohol may help you to conceive; add fruit to drinks for extra benefit.

The path to conception

Sexual intercourse timed to coincide with ovulation is most likely to lead to a successful pregnancy.

The release of an egg

At ovulation, an enlarged follicle in the ovary ruptures to release the mature egg, ready to be fertilized in a fallopian tube by your partner’s sperm.

Facts and figures

You have a 3.5 in 1000 chance of having identical twins.

It’s official!

By the time you discover you’re pregnant, your baby has reached the embryonic period and the brain, heart, and other organs are starting to form.

Early growth

In the crucial first weeks, the baby’s vital organs begin to develop and the neural tube, which becomes the brain and spinal cord, is forming.

At 6 weeks

Budlike structures can be seen on the embryo that will develop into your baby’s limbs.


As the realization sinks in that you’re facing parenthood, you may discover a new dimension to your relationship and an enhanced sense of togetherness.

Facts and figures

At 7 weeks, your baby measures just 1/3 in (8 mm) crown to rump.

By 8 weeks

The head has grown rapidly, giving an unbalanced appearance, and the limbs are lengthening.

Soothing foods

Early pregnancy can often be marred by nausea and vomiting, especially in the mornings; eating crackers or sipping a decaf tea can help quell the symptoms.

At 9 weeks

The fetus is starting to have a recognizable form, with facial features beginning to develop.

Feeling exhausted

A classic symptom of early pregnancy is a feeling of complete exhaustion, thought to be due to rising hormone levels and the dramatic physiological changes your body undergoes as your baby grows rapidly.

Dating the pregnancy

Between 10 and 14 weeks, your first ultrasound will confirm the gestational age of your baby. Your original due date may be revised as a result of this scan and the timing of future tests will be based on its findings.

At first, only you are aware of subtle body changes. By three months, changes may be visible.

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