Five steps to success

These tips from readers and pros will get you ready for race day in no time

Description: Five steps to success

1.    Invest in the right kit.

You’re going to need some good running shoes and a sports bra.They'II make the runs much more comfortable, so make sure you get these at the beginning of your training,' recommends Face book fan Amy Strachan.

2.    Start slow.

‘Don't push yourself too hard at first. When I began running I’d use lampposts as markers, jogging intervals between them. As I built up I’d add more lampposts to the intervals,' saỵs reader Keely Allen.

3.    Keep it varied.

‘Make sure you have some different routes so you don't get bored. I sometimes run my regular route in the opposite direction to vary itand keep my brain engaged,’ says Facebook fan Carol Watton,

4.    Believe in yourself.

'No matter what your running level, I think you should always begin every run by saying to yourself, "I'm a runner. I can run".'Recommends trainer Matt Roberts. 'Everyone has an internal voice going round their head when they run, Make sure yours is positive.’

5.    Enjoy it!

‘I was nervous on the day of my race, but I made sure I soaked up the incredible atmosphere around me which spurred me on as I ran.' says Verity from Edinburgh, who ran the Adidas Women's 5K Challenge last year.

Ready to get started?

Sign up for one of these challenges and get movivated

Race For Life

A perfect 5K challenge for beginners,

Description: Race For Life

Race For Life

Race For Life is not only for a good cause but it's a great day out too.This women-only racc wclcomcs runners of all ages, abilities and sizes, and takes place up and down the country, from May until August. See raceforlife, cancerresearchuk.org.

Edinburgh Marathon Festival

Description: Edinburgh Marathon Festival

If you think you’re ready to run now, there's a 5K race in Edinburgh's scenic city centre on 26 May. The event welcomes beginners and children. and also includes a handbike and wheelchair section. Visit edinburgh-marathon.conn for details.

The Big Fun Runs

Weight Watchers’ charity partner.,Tommy's, is holding 5K fun runs across the country from July to October this year. The runs aren't timed and are held in a famify-friendly,exciting atmosphere.  Visit tommys.org for more info.

Park Run

If you don't fancy running a big, organised race. Park Run arranges timed 5K runs in parks across the UK. It's a great way 10 meet fellow runners and motivate yourself by trying to beat your time each week See parkrun.com for details of a run near you.

Why we running

Going for a run can be more than just a tool to help you reach goal. Our dedicated Facebook fans tell us why they love running... and why they want you to as well.

'For the freedom! Knowing my kids are safe at home with my husband I blast out my music and have some much-necdcd me-time,' says Becca.

Description: Going for a run can be more than just a tool to help you reach goal

Going for a run can be more than just a tool to help you reach goal

'It keeps me at goal. I’ve managed to maintain for the past three years. Running weekly allows me to have more treats without tipping the scales.’ Says Sarab.

‘My favourite things about a long run are the fresh air and the changing seasons -plus it’s free!' says Maxine.

'It’s made me healthier! when I started running I had terrible asthma, but since taking it up I rarely have to use my inhaler. It’s also lovely getting out and exploring my neighbourhood.’ says Michelle.

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