Tips to keep your gams glam.

Sure, we can put up with some pesky pregnancy problems: water even morning sickness. But varicose study estimates up to 73 percent of women develop varicose disease during pregnancy.

What are they?

Description: The Lowdown On Legs

Your growing uterus puts pressure on large nearby veins, slowing the blood flow to your heart. Blood then pools in your legs (thanks, gravity), causing veins to swell and become “varicose.” “Increase in both blood volume, estrogen and progesterone during pregnancy are also factors,” says phlebologist Luis Navarro M.D., director of the Vein Treatment Center in New York City. “In most cases, varicose veins disappear on their own after delivery.” If not, a vein specialist will discuss a range of remedies, from 10-minute outpatient procedures to surgery. If you’re predisposed by heredity, obesity or if you had them in a previous pregnancy, prevention isn’t likely.

What can I do?

Ease the discomfort with these tips from Dr. Navarro:

We know you know

“Regular exercise strengthens veins, keeps blood flowing and helps manage your weight, which is a big factor in developing varicose veins,” says Dr. Navarro.

Be choosy with your shoes

Description: Be choosy with your shoes

Flat, comfy shoes stretch your calves and improve circulation

Think before you eat

Salty foods can exacerbate swelling. Constipation contributes to varicose veins, so load up on whole grains, berries and beans to avoid this problem.

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