The Pet Prescription : Avoid high blood pressure & Encourage Alzheimer patients and their family

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“Having a pet at home would be a very good medicine for the heart, waist, immune system and blood vessels…”

When I come home after a tiring day working in a hospital or clinic, no matter how I’m exhausted, when I see my black-furred Rossie wriggle her tail happily, my heart suddenly comes to happiness. In my house, the number of animals even more than members of family: we have a rabbit, 5 hamsters, 3 cats (it takes them awhile to get used to live with 4 hamsters) and 2 tropical fishes. I admit that sometimes I feel like being a guard at the zoo. But even when I have to clean their cage or entice Oliver, my son to take Rosie go for a walk before sleeping, I still honestly admit that I’m happy to live with 12 lovely entities.

Description: Pets not only bring joy to life but also help to improve owners’ health

Pets not only bring joy to life but also help to improve owners’ health.

If you used to love an animal, you will realize the joy they bring to you. However, I’m especially excited when I find evidences to prove that they can help to improve health of human. (Former president of Mayo Clinic, Edward Creagan, MD was used to be convinced by the possibility of healing from pets, and he once filled a prescription of this unique method for 1/3 of his cancer patients). There are benefits you get when you have a pet to be your friends below.

Reduce the risk of allergy, asthma and eczema

Those who get allergy will create antibodies which can cause respiratory system to be swelled (reason for asthma) as well skin to be inflamed (reason for eczema), then there are stimuli which cause them get angry and secrete saliva. However, getting in touch with pet since being a child can reduce the risk of developing these reaction when becoming an adult – it can happen based on calculation of scientists, because the immune system will be more sensitive to allergen. It is interesting that the stability of the immune system has appeared very early before people were born. A study in 2008 indicates that several animals produce allergic antibodies in the umbilical cord before being born..

Avoid high blood pressure

Description: Avoid high blood pressure

Small actions such as stroking animals or even watching fish swimming also make blood pressure decrease significantly. Pets have long-term effects for the cardiovascular system, as a research shows that when they examined 24 patients with hypertension who have a dog or cat, pet owners get an average reduction and less stress, while traditional drugs lowering blood pressure don’t have those positive impacts.

Have a strong heart

Researchers investigated 369 cases of survival with heart disease and concluded that those who kept dogs had 1% chance of death within 1 year, compared with those who didn’t have pets, this possibility rose to 7%. A later study in 2009 pointed that those who had cats in some stage of life will have a higher possibility of death due to heart disease lower than those who didn’t.

Improve healthy body

A study in 2011 in Journal of Physical Activity & Health revealed that those who had dogs would be able to complete the minimum 150 minutes of physical education every week more than 34% compared with normal people. Another study shows that those keeping dogs walk more than 19 minutes each week in middle age. In addition, having a dog at home will support the youth to focus on physical activities (especially in case obesity in children is spreading rapidly now).

Encourage Alzheimer patients and their family

Description: Encourage Alzheimer patients and their family

The burden of Alzheimer (every 8 people over 65 years old will have a patient) weighs heavily on the shoulders of their relatives and discourages any of their family members no matter how they love and take care of the patient. However, there are some studies showing that Alzheimer patients are often less worried when they have pets beside, and even their family who take care them can be more relaxed. Another research in The Western Journal of Nursing Research also points out that fishes help Alzheimer patients to gain weight though they are often in trouble eating nutritiously. With a fish tank, they will sit still and be quiet to become more concentrated. These activities help them eat better in meals.

Of course, in fact, there is not everyone who can bring home a pet. Nevertheless, in some situation (such as the pet owner doesn’t allow pets or have time) which make you can’t have a pet, you still have a chance to enjoy interesting moments with them through being a volunteer rescuing pitiful abandoned animals. Visit the website petfinder.com to find the nearest pet branch.

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