You are 29 Weeks Exactly 77 days to go…

Pregnancy can be a time of information overload, and sometimes it’s difficult to know which sources are reliable.

Your baby today

This is a close-up of how your baby’s foot is looking now. Your baby will easily put his feet on top of his head one minute only to bring them down the next, so just because your baby is kicking you at one end it doesn’t mean the head is at the other.

In today’s society women are simply overloaded with information about pregnancy, from newspapers, magazines, books, and the internet. Photographs of glamorous pregnant celebrities, who look as if they don’t have a care in the world, abound in the media. Two sources on the same topic can offer conflicting opinions. Although the internet can be a wonderful source of useful information, it has drawbacks: you don’t know who has written an article on a website, it may not have been written by a health professional, and some recommendations may even contradict standard medical advice. This means that constantly scouring the internet and reading everything you find can be confusing and scary.

Articles telling you that you risk the health and well-being of your baby by doing something can make you feel inadequate. Keep telling yourself that women have been having children for centuries without the aid of the internet! If reading lots of information makes you feel empowered and better able to make informed choices, then read away, but if it makes you feel confused then don’t. A sensible course might be to pick just one reliable book or information source to read instead.

Use the internet to gather information about your pregnancy, using reputable health sites. However, if too much information makes you anxious or stressed, get your doctor’s advice.

… Doctor
Q: I plan to bottle-feed. What do I need to buy in advance?
A: You’ll need plastic bottles (nipples are included), a sterilizing unit or kit , which often has everything you need, and your preferred formula. Each comes in a range of options, so you need to decide what works best for you.

As you get to know your newborn baby, you may have to change the type of nipple and/or formula, so it’s not advisable to buy too many before the birth.

… Nutrition
Immunity-boosting blueberries

According to a US study, blueberries topped a list of more than 40 fruits in terms of antioxidant activity. They are also a source of fiber, which is great during pregnancy, especially if—like many women—you suffer from constipation. Blueberries also contain nutrients that can prevent or repair damage to the body’s cells. This may strengthen the body’s immune system and your ability to fight infections.

Your 30th Week

The nest-building instinct often kicks in as a woman approaches her due date. You may be overwhelmed with the urge to clean and decorate, but although it’s natural to want a perfect home for your baby don’t wear yourself out. Work, traveling, and a constant round of prenatal appointments are probably all much more of an effort these days. If you need to keep stopping to rest, listen to your body and do just that.


You’re getting tired more easily but that probably won’t stop your nesting plans

You are 29 Weeks and 1 Day 76 days to go…

Be prepared to spend more time in waiting rooms from now on, as your care providers ask to see you more often.

Your baby today

The image shows the eyes are open once more for a brief look around. It’s not completely dark within the uterus and the more advanced your pregnancy, the more light can penetrate inside. Your baby will gradually be assimilating this information.

It’s important to remember that your pregnancy is a natural, healthy process, but with more regular prenatal appointments, and a lot of time spent sitting in a waiting room at the doctor’s office, sometimes surrounded by people with various medical conditions, you may start to feel that you have a medical problem. Even though you’re visiting the hospital so often, you are fit and well; you just also happen to be pregnant.

At every prenatal appointment you will be asked for a urine sample, which is checked for protein. If you find it’s getting increasingly difficult to catch your sample in the tiny, difficult to hold bottle you’re given, don’t worry. Only a small amount of urine is needed, so if you can’t see anything just start to urinate and then move the bottle underneath the flow to catch some. Urine is sterile (unless you have a urinary tract infection) so don’t worry about getting some on your hands—just wash them thoroughly afterward.

Regular appointments with your doctor take time out of your day, but they offer reassurance that all is well with your baby.

… Doctor
Q: We know our baby has Down syndrome. How can we prepare ourselves?
A: Knowing now will give you time to come to terms with the fact that your baby will have Down syndrome. You won’t need any special equipment or toys when your baby is born, but you will need emotional support, so turn to the people now who you think will best give you this.

Contact the Down Syndrome Association  for information and support, including getting in touch with parents of children with Down syndrome through your local support group.


Giving birth without any medical assistance from a midwife or doctor might seem a little crazy, but a small minority of women believe that so-called freebirthing is the ultimate way to welcome their baby into the world. Some moms-to-be plan an unassisted home birth after having a negative experience during a previous labor; others want their birth to be “natural,” “private,” and devoid of medical intervention.

  • Freebirthing is not against the law, but it is radical. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the American Medical Association oppose home births because of the potential for complications, even in low-risk pregnancies. Complications such as the baby needing oxygen can and do happen.

  • Some women have an unplanned DIY delivery—usually because of a short labor—and in these instances the mothers and babies are usually fine. But actually choosing to go it alone is definitely not something that should be considered lightly.

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