Transform your body in 4 minutes a day (yes, really)

Don’t want to spend the whole summer in the gym? Train smarter, not longer. The latest research shows high intensity interval training (HIIT) is the way forward for blasting calories, revving your metabolism and getting super fit, fast.

“All you need to do is really go for it for four minutes that’s your workout done,” says personal trainer Lucy Wyndham-Read. “Do it five days a week and you’ll see and feel results within a fortnight. It’s a revolutionary way to get fit, look great and feel ridiculously energized.

Description: “All you need to do is really go for it for four minutes that’s your workout done,”

“All you need to do is really go for it for four minutes that’s your workout done,”

“It’s so simple,” she continues. “Your four minutes needs to be made up of 20 seconds of very intense work, followed immediately by 10 seconds of marching on the spot, which is your active recovery. Repeat this eight times. You could do 20 seconds of running on the spot as fast as you can, deep squats or star jumps any exercise that works the big muscles group and gets your heart rate up.”

Although it sounds easy, it’s actually a killer. The main thing is, it’s over in less time than it takes to make your morning cuppa, and you can do it anywhere. Those ‘no time to exercise’ excuses just aren’t going to wash any more.

Need inspiration? Download Lucy’s guided HIIT sessions, which target different areas of your body over the week: The LWR Fast Fat Burning Method Album $9.31 and LWR 4 Minute Workout app 69p both iTunes.

Lose 7lb instantly!

“Forget losing half a stone in a week, all you need to do is correct your posture and it’ll vanush,” says Pilates instructor Caron Bosler. But it’s not just a case of ‘stand up straight’ that can make people stick out their chest and behind. Instead;

·         Stand with feet hip-width apart and form a vertical line from the highest points of your ears through your shoulders, hips and knees down to the front of your ankles. Check your reflection side-on so you know how this feels.

·         Lift your head, feel your shoulder blades pulling down, your tummy pulling in and your buttocks gently squeezing. Think of elongating the front of your body without sticking your boobs out keep your ribcage in.

·         Now, with arms by your side, rotate your hands so your palms are open and your thumbs are out. Notice how this opens your shoulders. “This is perfect posture. When you’re about to walk into a party or down the beach, pause, correct and you’ll instantly look slimmer and more confident,’ says Bosler. Easy!

The exercises for fast results

1.    For lovely legs


‘Squats use your body weight and recruit all the big muscles groups,” says sports scientist lan Mellis. “They sculpt your calves, quads, hamstrings and bum.” Stand with feet facing forward, slightly wider than hip width apart. With your back straight and arms in front for balance, lower your bottom as if you were sitting in a chair. Go as far as you can without curving your back or allowing your knees to extend over your feet. Push to standing. Repeat for a minute.

Description: Squats


2.    For a perky bottom

Walking lunges

‘Lunges work your legs, but because you’re destabilized, you have to use your glutes more to stop yourself falling over says Mellis. Hands by your side, stride forward with one leg, blending the knee to a right angle. Push off from your back leg and lunge on the other side. Keep going for ten on each leg. ‘Or do alternate lunges on the spot,” he says. “Add reverse lunges (stepping back instead of forwards) to hit glutes harder.”

Description: Walking lunges

Walking lunges

3.    For a flat tummy

The plank

Lie face down on the floor with your legs straight out behind you and together. Raise yourself onto your forearms, tense your core and make sure your body is in a straight line from heels to shoulders. Work up to holding this for 90 seconds (don’t forget to breathe!). “This targets your abs, obliques, back and glutes for all round core strength and shaping; by not moving, you’re actually forcing your body to work harder,” explains trainer Nick Mitchell.

Description: The plank

The plank

4.    For no-jiggle arms, flab free back and toned chest


‘The Daddy of all upper body blitzers,” says Mellis. Assume the press-up position: hadns on the floor just wider than shoulder-width apart, arms straight, body straight. Bend the albows and lower until your chest touches the floor, keeping abs and glutes tight. Push up and repeat as many times as you can, working up to sets of 12. Too hard? Drop knees to the floor but keep your hips low. Still too hard? Do ‘box press-ups’, from an all fours position.

Description: Press-ups


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