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Energy healing can help bring the body back into balance. Here, three women tell how they’ve changed their lives for the better by literally re-energizing.

Using energy in our bodies to kickstart healing is an ancient practice that’s evolved over thousands of years into many forms including reiki, kinesiology, pranic healing and Tibetan bowl therapy. According to Kevin Farrow, founder of AcuEnergetics, modern energy medicine is an effective way of treating physical and mental illnesses. “Our bodies have a core energy system that keeps us vital,” says Farrow. “It’s made up of energy centres called chakras, pathways and fields of energy, which help the body function. “This energy responds instantly to our thoughts. “Stress stops the energy flowing and parts of our body become compromised,” explains Farrow.

Energy medicine aims to heal the body by opening up the relevant pathways. “It’s important to note we don’t actually fix the physical body – we open channels so the body can heal itself.”

Nicola Rosenberg, 31

Human resources manager, Sydney

Nicola thought she would suffer tonsillitis forever until she experienced energy healing.

“My health suffered for many years with regular bouts of tonsillitis, irritable bowel syndrome and severe period pain. I decided to try an AcuEnergetics session after I read a book by founder Kevin Farrow and became curious about the body’s energy systems. I was skeptical but thought I would give it a try, as conventional medicine hadn’t helped me and I had nothing to lose. I was also fascinated that there was a health clinic which focused on a mind and body connection.

Description: After a few AcuEnergetics sessions I stopped getting tonsillitis and haven’t had it since

After a few AcuEnergetics sessions I stopped getting tonsillitis and haven’t had it since

AcuEnergetics essentially opens up your energy centres and clears energy channels. These are sometimes blocked because of long-held stress and by releasing this, the energy flows again and the body starts to heal itself.

In my consultations with Kevin, I explained particular health or emotional issue I wanted to focus on. He began opening up chakras and meridians, which he sensed were blocked, by using his hands. Sometimes his hands were on my body or they hovered slightly above.

In my first treatment, I remember feeling shocked by the strange sensation of energy moving through my body. After another session, where I learned to “open” my heart centre, I had a life-changing moment and walked around smiling for a week.

After a few AcuEnergetics sessions I stopped getting tonsillitis and haven’t had it since. My period pain lessened so much I stopped taking my medication and my digestive issues disappeared completely. I started sending friends along and, whether they were suffering from an injury or chronic fatigue syndrome, they had impressive results, too. I’m glad I stumbled across energy healing because I thought I would never be well – now I feel fantastic.”

Gemma OConnell, 32

Medical physicist, Sydney

Gemma was suffering anxiety and pain from injuries until a visit to an energy practitioner put her health back on track

 “After I visited what seemed like every physiotherapist, chiropractor and massage therapist cross New South Wales for my neck and back pain, someone mentioned an energy practitioner called Marissa Nolan. I was comforted to hear she was well qualified in many forms of energy work. I went along, curious to see if she could give me physical and emotional relief.

During the consultation, Marissa reviewed how I’d been feeling and what I wanted to achieve. I explained that I felt anxious and wanted to ease the pain of a shoulder injury from sport and whiplash form a car accident. She took me through a meditation then laid me down for my treatment, which included Tibetan Bowl Therapy, Reiki and energy releasing techniques.

During the session, I actually felt my muscles letting go of tension and the energy flowing. Marissa explained that while massage works on superficial tensions, energy medicine works from the inside out.

During my treatments, I became deeply relax – a state that was out of reach prior to energy therapy. Afterwards, the pain and stress had been lifted. When I first began, the relaxed state stayed with me for a week, then over time it lasted longer. In the past, my stress would trigger pain and this cycle was beginning to cripple my life. I now felt calmer, lighter and more like myself again.

Description: Energy healing gave me the skills to manage stress and switch off

Energy healing gave me the skills to manage stress and switch off

Sometimes, when I felt the anxiety and pain pattern return, I would practice the stress management skills Marissa had taught me. She taught me how to sense the energy pattern of my body and a full body breathing technique that helped release parts of my body that were clenching. Marissa gets many referrals from doctors whose patients are suffering from grief, anxiety and depression, so they can learn her relaxation techniques and resolve unprocessed experiences.

Energy healing was the only treatment that worked on my multiple issues simultaneously: anxiety, emotional discomfort and pain. Having it helped me with acute pain management for areas too inflamed to treat by regular methods such as physiotherapy. Energy healing gave me the skills to manage stress and switch off, and it gave me valuable “me” time. Its benefits are obvious to me now that I’m pain-free.”

Dawn Claydon, 52

Stay-at-home mum, Dubai

Dawn changed her life from the inside out by tackling negative thinking patterns with regular mace energy method sessions.

“For years I tried to manage my negative feelings. I tried counseling and alternative therapies in a bid to feel good about myself. What do I means by “good”? to be a healthy, functioning person who is positive, confident and less affected by others. I wanted to stop self-sabotaging behavior, rid myself of the “disease to please” and be happy in my skin.

A good friend told me the Mace energy method (MEM), developed by Perth-based John Mace, could rid me of negative patterns without self-disclosure. He encouraged me to talk to MEM counselor Sherrie Hatfield, I was curious, open and sceptical.

My first appointment was over Skype. MEM sessions are just as effective over the phone as your practitioner is just a guide. Sherrie did a quick MEM introduction then she asked a series of questions to get me to reach an “upset”, which is anything that has happened in your life that doesn’t feel good.

We did a “relationship repair” and one question was. “Who or what has adversely affected you?” You don’t have to answer; you can keep the feeling to yourself. Rather than rehashing the past or finding new ways to manage old feelings, like in conventional counseling, Sherrie guided me through mental exercises to banish the negative feeling.

She got me to focus on the upset that came up until a mental image formed. Looking at the image made me feel separated from the feeling. Sherrie guided me to focus on that image until it got bigger and bigger. Then it started shrinking and going away. The image is usually totally irrelevant to the feeling – your mind just throws up an image.

Five years ago, I could only have imagined the freedom I feel today. The change has been subtle, like a gentle letting go – but the effects have been dramatic. I wasn’t initially aware of how much I had changed until I found myself in familiar situations responding differently. Today I respond from a place of wisdom rather than reaction. With the negative patterns gone, I am able to feel finally comfortable in my skin. Life has changed from the inside out. I didn’t have to go anywhere but within to find my peace,”

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