101 things about men - why he loves when you bite your lip

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You want to completely charm him? Master this subtle irresistible signal that body specialists show.

Biting your lip makes his inner rude self appear. Why? It makes blood gather to your lip, which makes it chubbier and redder. Both are signals of reproduction ability, and when a man sees them, it stimulates his primitive instinct because he is finding a lover having this ability. However, besides that rude self, that gesture also implies you are trying to look for something, which arouses his curiousness. He sees that your wheel is rotating and wants to know what is happening there.

What does his type of person say about him?

Notice when your guy (or a stranger man) looks at you next time. The fact that where he first keeps eyes on will reveal the main information about his character, according to the latest scientific research.

Bust. He is a kind of person loving sexual adventure. A new research finds that the men who are most attracted by bust are also the ones most open-hearted to sex. However, specialists say this does not mean he is a contemptible man – it just proves that he does not judge when talking about sex.

Face. He is a man with full of emotions. Since face is one of the main ways to convey thoughts and feelings, once he looks at it, he may be a kind of person loving communication and trying to read your character quickly

Leg. He likes strong woman. Leg’s muscles are strong, so when he is attracted, this is a signal showing that he especially respects determined and independent woman.

Buttocks. He has character of a leader. Buttocks are one of the most important parts of body. Therefore, when a man looks at woman’s buttocks, he is waking the primitive instincts of sub-consciousness.

When do you make friend with him on Facebook?

We are really surprised when there are 87% of men saying they would be stimulated if a girl they have just met first gives them a friend request on Facebook. This is time they want you to pull a trigger.

48%: the next day

31%: 3 days after

12%: after the first date

6%: after you have been dating for several weeks

3%: after you have been dating for at least one month

It ends…Let drink beer

Bummer Baskets company is producing Break-Up Baskets for you to give your friends gifts such as almond chocolate and biscuit when they are trying to get over the misery of breaking up with lover. This makes us wonder what men need when they are depressed. Therefore, we asked, and it is so shocking when sex is not included in the answers.

29%: beer

20%: taking exercise

20%: list of anti-love songs on iPod

17%: look for a new girl’s phone number

14%: video game

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