The birthday is coming, what should pregnant women do before getting through labor?

Make a plan to prepare for the birthday coming.

1.      Sleep, lie, have sex, do all these things which make you feel comfortable and free in your lovely bed. In nearly future, you have to face with difficult things.  

2.      Come and play with your friend’s child, you’ll realize that babies do cry and sulk. You need to prepare for the “torture”.

3.      Find someone to help you with your baby; otherwise, you have to be sure that your family will help you in that day.

4.      Make a list of essential effects for you and your child while laboring. Just buy things that you really need to avoid buying too much and buying unnecessary things.

You shouldn’t buy too much at a time because it’s wasting.

You shouldn’t buy too much at a time because it’s wasting.

5.      Relax. Do anything that could make your spiritual life and body relaxed, such as going massage, reading, listening to music or doing the waxing. In the future, you’ll be really busy and won’t have time to do any of those.

6.      Unburden yourself to your husband about your desire, thoughts and anxiety about the future. And you should listen to him, too. Your husband can’t know all your thoughts, so if you want him to know, speak out.

The pregnant should have a suitable training program.

The pregnant should have a suitable training program.

7.      Enjoy the feeling that you can answer all questions. This will be the last time for a long time you doing it.

8.      Have a sensible and science diet. Do not eat for two, but you should have yourself a healthy ration. You can eat snack when hungry, but you have to avoid choosing food that contains lots of sugar. The sudden increase of blood sugar will affect the baby. The mother-to-be can have cherries or bananas.

9.      Doing exercising in pregnancy will help pregnant women to improve health in order to make it easier when you’re through labor:

·         The appropriate: Do exercise that sticks to your health state, in maximum 30 minutes.

·         The purpose: to maintain your health, not to improve it and physical strength.

·         Timing: In some first sessions, you should start with quick exercise for 15 minutes each session.

·         Activities: Go jogging, swimming at medium level.

You should take a look at your health condition to make sure that it’s suitable to the practicing. If something unusual happens, stop the exercise immediately. Before you decide to practice, you need you ask for expert’s advice.

Plan a relaxing hangout with your husband.

Plan a relaxing hangout with your husband.

10.   Put your sadness down. During pregnancy, as hormone’s changing, the pregnant could find it hard to control their feelings. You can suddenly feel happy then sad immediately, feel optimistic then quickly turn to desperate and scared. You should take a rest or pour out your feeling to everyone about your recent mental state.

11.   The pregnant can reward yourself a shopping session. You can buy yourself or your baby clothes, shoes. Besides, you can buy some decorations to decor your house and your baby’s room. Don’t forget frames.

12.   You can watch your favorite movies, read your favorite books without concerning its content. Let you have a lazy day and forget about the work chaos ahead. All you have to do is to sip a cup of warm tea. And you‘ll know what it’s like.

13.   Make a plan to go away with you girlfriends at weekends. Do some conversations and sharing before receiving the sacred moment.

14.   You can go anywhere without purpose; relax and enjoy the fresh atmosphere with the enthusiasm.

15.   Sleep because you will have little time to sleep when the baby is born.

16.   Face negative feelings; sometimes you just have feelings about your parents that are hidden inside unconsciously and forgetfully.

17.   You can take picture during the pregnancy, maybe once every 3 months.

Storing pictures during pregnancy is a precious memory and a perfect gift for your child.

Storing pictures during pregnancy is a precious memory and a perfect gift for your child.

18.   See the dentist to check you dental state. Dental issues, gingivitis can affect the baby.

19.   Rearranging your furniture. When you’re pregnant, your housewifely skill will be woken up. You can rearrange baby’s wardrobe, check the food in the refrigerator and clean the house…

20.   Make a plan to have a mid-pregnancy vacation. After giving birth, you’ll be busy taking care of you child. It would take a long time for your child to be old enough to go on vacation.

21.   Have a body massage. You should take care of your abdominal skin, prevent it from stretch marks.

Have a body massage.

Have a body massage.

22.   Bring out a plan for the upcoming labor.

23.   When the baby is born, everything will become a mess. Tidy it up and write down things that you’ve already had because you may forget what you had bought and buy again.

24.   Plan a relaxing hangout with your husband. Dress the sexiest and bring your husband to a romantic restaurant.



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