How to care for acne and oil skin for pregnant women in summer day?

Description: Pregnant women also need to beautify.

Pregnant women also need to beautify.

Here are some tips for taking care of pregnant women’s skin in the summer:

Massage with brown sugar

Obviously, you really want to cool your body during hot summer days. However, that is difficult to implement because “air conditioner” of the body is temporarily broken. So, why don’t you try using brown sugar to strengthen your body?


1 ½ bowl of brown sugar

1 spoon honey

½ bowl of jojoba oil

¼ bowl of body shower

Description: Massage with sugar to have more vitality.

Massage with sugar to have more vitality.


Put sugar into a middle bowl, plus honey, jojoba oil, and body shower, then mix them together.

After that, dry the bath, spread bath towel on it, lie down and relax. Massage gently your body from neck to feet with this mixture. You should not put this mixture on your face because it can abrade your thin face skin. When finishing rubbing, take towel out of bath and clean your body with water.

This method brings vitality for your skin. Remember to use moisturizer after that and sunscreen before going outside.


It is a wonderful summer day! And you intend to wear a sexy pregnant dress. The problem is you have not waxed yet. So is waxing in pregnancy safe? The answer is “Yes”.

You should not underestimate the intervention of specialists in this section. Come to beauty salon and ask for supports from them.

If your endurance is not good, waxing will make you hurt with a vengeance. That depends on the content of hair you want to wax, and waxing method: hot waxing or cold waxing.

Waxing armpits, legs, and bikini area will help you look much sexier and smoother in many cases when you want to wear bikini.

Manicure toenails

After a few months of chilly winter and spring, you probably want your feet to get out of shoes and enjoy summer with bear feet.

Nothing is more wonderful than showing feet which are manicured carefully under sunshine. Because of big belly, you cannot do it by yourself, so have manicurist beautify your toenails.

One thing pregnant women should pay attention is chemical smell; nail polish will make you feel nauseous. So, you should make a reservation early or when store has the least customers so as not to smell lots of chemicals. Also sit in airy place for weaken chemical smell.

Description: Pregnant women should manicure in airy place to avoid breathe much chemicals.

Pregnant women should manicure in airy place to avoid breathing much chemicals.

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