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Snooze Or Sweat

Should you stay in bed or go to the gym?

Description: Snooze Or Sweat

Snooze Or Sweat

Stay IF: You're sleep deprived. Getting less than six hours most nights over the past three weeks can affect insulin levels and metabolism, making a workout "counterproductive," says Cleveland Clinic expert Dr. Charles Bae.

Stay IF: You work out often. Daily is great, but if you manage five days a week, you're still good, says James 0. Hill, Ph.D., executive director of the Anshutz Health and Wellness Center in Colorado.

Go IF: You're tossing. The gym is more energizing than restless sleep, says Dr. Frank Lipman.

Go IF: You can turn in early. Skimping on sleep an hour or two once in a while isn't that damaging if you can make up for it later.

Fitness Files … Call to Arms

The shortcut to chiseled arms? Work out triceps every other day, add 40 minutes of cardio five days a week, eat right, and you'll be ultra-toned in four to six weeks, says Sports Club/LA trainer Kira Stokes.

Description: Fitness Files … Call to Arms

Fitness Files … Call to Arms


Sit on a chair 1 to 2 feet off the floor, hands hip-width apart, fingers facing forward, shoulder blades pressed down for a long neck. Scoot off and dip-placing weight on hands and keeping spine close to chair so you can almost scratch your back on it. Go low enough to make biceps and forearms perpendicular. Hold for two seconds. Push back up. Do three sets of 15 reps.


Lie on floor, arms straight up to the ceiling, with 5-pound weights in each hand (knuckles pointing out). Now bend your elbows, keeping them aligned with your shoulders so the weights come down on either side of your head. Hold for two seconds. Extend arms back to starting stance. Do three sets of 15 reps.


With 5-pound weights in hands, hinge forward at hips, flatten back, and stick out butt and chest, upper arms and elbows locked to side of body, elbows bent so bicep and forearm are perpendicular. Knuckles facing out, straighten and extend arms back. Hold for two seconds. Return to starting position. Do three sets of 15 reps.

Chill factor

Lunchbox Swell Bottle (9 ounces), $25 (swellbottle.com)

Description: Lunchbox Swell Bottle

Lunchbox Swell Bottle (9 ounces), $25 (swellbottle.com)

Sip on this: Not your dad's water bottle-this one's stylish and slender and keeps your drink icy-cold for 24 hours. Hot colors such as flamingo and blackboard perk you up during marathon hot yoga sessions.

So cool: A double-layer BPA-free stainless-steel insulation system works like a thermos.

Love: Ten percent of proceeds go to WaterAid charities in Africa and India.

Metal Getaway

Ramekins Culinary School and Inn Living Well Retreat, Sonoma, California (ramekins.com)

Description: Metal Getaway

Metal Getaway

The escape: A three-night wine-country retreat that raises a glass (or two) to your health.

The agenda: Tour a sustainable farm; study wine making; perfect yoga moves and enjoy gorgeous views; then visit the spa for reflexology.

Bonus: The wisteria-graced courtyard with a wood-burning pizza oven, bar, and fireplace. (September 16-19; $2,400 to $2,700 per person with lodging, $2,200 without)

Head Notes

New guidelines in the journal Neurology state that those with fewer than four migraines a month may suppress them with supplements instead of drugs. Dr. William Young, neurology professor at Thomas Jefferson University, shares his top picks.

Description: Head Notes

Head Notes

Most effective: Butterbur (shown), a plant in the daisy family that may decrease frequency and severity, says a four-week study.

PMS relief: Magnesium oxide may work for those with low-blood-level magnesium or migraines associated with periods.

Or try: Coenzyme Q10, which cut frequency in 47.6 percent of subjects, according to a small fine-month study.

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