To children, travelling isn’t inconvenient, it will be very happy if you prepare the things that babies need carefully, especially in long journey.

The following notes used for the case that you travel with your children:

Things that you need to pay attention when you have a long journey

When you let your children travel with you, making plan clearly is the first thing that you should pay attention. If you travel by car, the journey will have a lot of stops, you can take your children out of car to walk and discover. You should set stops in the places that children like such as park, amusement park. You should have lunch earlier a little to be served better and you don’t have to wait in a long time.

When you go to the toilet, you should go with your children and remind them to wash their hands. You can take solution to wash your hands without water with you if water and soap aren’t available.

If you have to take a rest in the evening in some place on the road, you should go to that place early. This thing will help you know whether that place is good or not.

Vacation with your children will be better if it is simple. For example, the place that has a lot of activities for children will be easier and happier for the whole family than going to many sights.

Vacation with your children will be better if it is simple.

Vacation with your children will be better if it is simple.

What should you take with you?

Besides tools that are popular in a journey, it will be more useful for you to take some following things with you when you travel with your children:

You should take enough necessary things with you for your journey.

You should take enough necessary things with you for your journey.

·         Tissue, multipurpose wet towel

·         Nylon bag to contain garbage, dirty clothes and diapers.

·         Clothes to change for children. Depending on the seasons, you can take hat or warm clothes for your children to wear.

·         Some families take box to contain cream with them (by plastic) to use in some necessary cases. Sometimes, it can be used as potty for children in the case that babies want to go to the toilet and there isn’t any toilet around.

·         Some familiar and good foods for children such as fruits, snacks to eat on the road.

·         Drink; and try to avoid drinking a lot of soft drinks. Small bottle of water will be necessary for children.

Tips when you travel with children by car

·         Never let children stay alone at the parking.

·         Keep a spare key in wallet or bag, if car cannot control remote, it can be easily locked in car.

·         Travel by car in the evening so that your children can sleep in the car; however, it isn’t always good idea because maybe that place isn’t safe for children to lie without seat belt.

·         You need to ensure that sunlight won’t light children directly (especially little children) in car. You can hang a piece of cloth or buy a guard that fits with car windows.

·         Try not let children take too many things with them because this thing will be difficult when children feel tired or at some moment.

·         You should sit on the back position with your children if there are many seats. This thing will make children feel that the trip is more interesting.

·         You should be ready to stop the car when your children feel tired or need to go to the toilet. Normally, children cannot wait when they arrive at destination although that stretch of road is very short.

·         You can begin to drive car when all members in car tied seatbelt. You must stop to drive when a child unties seatbelt or children make you not concentrate.

Secrets that can help babies agree to sit in car

You can have secrets to help babies agree to sit in car.

You can have secrets to help babies agree to sit in car.

To children under 1 year old

·         Give babies dice or toys that have sound so that babies can play

·         Hang a cellphone on the front part of place that babies sit

·         You should also bring some soft toys and let babies see in the car.

·         Tie some favorite toys to babies’ seat with a ribbon so that babies can take if they make toys fall. You need to ensure that the ribbon isn’t too long to tie around babies’ neck.

·         Sing when you drive a car or sit next your children

To little children

·         There are some toys or books in children’s range.

·         You should spend some things for children to eat and drink on the road.

·         Open some children songs and sing, listen to a CD player

·         Show your children see the interesting things in the places that you go, for example “Look! Do you see the train? Do you know where it will go?”

·         If your journey is long, you should stop to take a rest in some places and you can let your children play and run around a little.

Preschool children and older children

·         You can your children can watch a map before beginning the journey or in the car, follow the road of the whole family with pencil or your fingers. You can also use internet to find out information about the places that you have just passed by and the places that children take care.

·         Count cars, horses, bridges or other things on the road. Guess how many similar things that children can see they go to the next city.

·         Sing some favorite songs. You can even create the new text for these songs.

·         Play the game “Ask someone a riddle – guess”, for example “I am thinking about a big animal and it is grey, can you guess that animal?

·         If your family travels with car in a long time, you need to prepare to stop at amusement parks or parks on the road?

·         There are some toys, books, and CD for telling story in children’s range.

·         It’s difficult for siblings in house not to argue if they sit in the car together in a long time. Therefore, you can take a pillow or soft blanket to make wall to separate children in necessary case.


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