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Organic means produce, or products, grown or made entirely without the use of synthetic chemicals; including herbicides, fungicides, artificial fertilisers or hormones.

Keep it ‘clean': unleash your ‘natural' beauty

Description: unleash your ‘natural' beauty

For some, it's only natural to munch on a bag of chips packed with preservatives, or cake on cosmetics mixed with harsh chemicals; but `living clean and looking lean' doesn't need to be difficult; particularly in South Australia. We uncovered just `how good' going organic and supporting local produce and products can be...

Organic truth or tale ?

Organic food tastes better ... While it comes down to individual taste, the majority of experts claim organic food does in fact make our Tastebuds dance more than conventional foods as it has more antioxidants; apparently triggering flavonoids.

Description: Organic food

Organic food

Organic food is better for the environment ... Mother Nature will thank you later as organic food production does not disrupt eco-systems; eliminating potentially harmful synthetic pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers.

Stop `whining'; have a bottle of organic... Few too many reds last night ? As your head pounds like a jackhammer and you wince at the sight of sunlight, cracking open a bottle of organic wine may have saved you the pain. Rumour has it; organic red wine hangovers are less intense due to lower levels of sulphur dioxide. Any truth to the theory ? Only one way to find out! Go organic with McLaren Vale's Gemtree Wines.

Show off your green thumb!

South Australia's organic gardening guru and award-winning author, Lolo Houbein, says all she needs to do is visit her garden if she wants fresh fruit and veggies daily.

Lolo believes we need to be "self-sufficient" in Australia, and encourages anyone with a backyard to grow at least some of their own vegetables.

Reminiscing of her early days growing up in Holland, she insists all vegetables used to be organically grown before World War 11 when chemicals started to trickle in.

"I then moved to Australia and began growing some of my own food and started to apply fertilisers. I had no idea what it was," she admits.

The organic movement was already underway, according to Lolo, who says she soon realised she needed to return to her roots, and again began doing what she does best - growing her own produce.

"The freshest food is always what you grow yourself. It's the most local and it has no carbon footprint," she says.

And as for any health benefits from decades of organic living, Lolo laughs, telling us: "Well, I'm 78 years old and still working full-time!"

Lolo's organic magic gardening tips:

* Amateur organic gardeners should start by growing a variety of produce on a small patch of soil, rather than plant only one type of veggie on a large area. By doing so, you will have choice and will be able to cook up a variety of yummy, organic meals.

Description: Lolo's organic magic gardening

Lolo's organic magic gardening

* Plant a short row of whole onions (which you can buy from the shops), about six or seven centimetres apart. Doing this will produce onion greens for months on end; becoming a "wonderful standby" when cooking omelette, stir-fry or making a fresh, crisp salad.

* There's more to organic gardening than not spraying. Lolo says taking care of your soil is important; meaning you need to feed it organic matter, such as compressed straw.

TIP: Best foods to grow in winter include beans, beetroot, broccoli, carrot, lettuce, cabbage and celery; just to name a few...

Keeping it natural... or unnatural?

Those embracing an organic lifestyle generally lead holistic and clean'lives ... but exactly bow clean'are we talking?

The ‘breast' flavour is... Forget classic chocolate, creamy vanilla and even neapolitan, a London ice-cream parlour last year introduced a new - slightly ‘unique' flavour to its dessert menu - organic breast milk ice-cream! Named `Baby Gaga',the breast milk is blended with Madagascan vanilla pods and lemon zest, before being churned into ice-cream. Whether ‘yum' or ‘yuck', this `different' treat is supposedly as natural, fresh and free-range as it gets!

Celebs living the 'organic' life...

The lives of the rich and famous can be indulgent and luxurious, but these celebs prefer to keep it simple and natural...

Miranda Kerr is an organic-beauty buff. From organic greens to her very own organic beauty line, this Victoria's Secret angel uses only the highest-quality, plant-derived, organic ingredients.

Angelina Jolie credits her post-twins figure to eating organic food. The sexy mother of six reportedly once had a diet of organic salmon and veggies.

Description: Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie, The sexy mother of six reportedly once had a diet of organic salmon and veggies

Stella McCartney, fashion designer and daughter of Beatles Paul McCartney, grew up on an organic farm; so, unsurprisingly she launched Care; described as the first 100 per cent organic luxury skincare range.

Buying organic on a budget

Next time you think you can't afford that luxury chemical-free cleanser or basket of locally-grown veggies, keep these tips in mind...

Try shopping online for organic produce and products. It's generally cheaper, and some retailers even offer free shipping if you buy in bulk.

Pure organic products are best, but there are some non-organic produce, such as bananas and avocados which are lower in pesticides.

Grow your own produce. Slip on the gardening gloves, pick up the watering-can and get planting!

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