In the womb, fetuses are able to remember things, breath and even, feel pains.

At the first moment of the formation, fetuses are human. After 22 days of pregnancy, fetuses have heartbeat and in a few weeks later, they have tiny human-like shapes.

During pregnancy, there’re many specular changes of fetuses. There’re surprising truths about fetuses that many pregnant women may not know.

In 12th week, fetuses can feel pain

In the 12th week of pregnancy, fetuses can feel pain like newborns. They can feel the pain from nerves to the spinal cord or thalamus. At this time, fetuses start forming organs like the belly cord and face. They are even able to put their finger on the mouth. In the period of time, fetal body is as big as a peach.

In the 12th week, fetuses can feel pains as much as newborns.

In the 12th week, fetuses can feel pains as much as newborns.

In 20th week, fetuses can recognize their mother’s voice

At this time, fetuses can distinguish the voice of their mothers from other sounds nearby, which is why when born, they naturally know their mothers. Meanwhile, pregnant women can also know the sex of fetuses by looking at ultrasound images. Moreover, from this week goes, pregnant women can feel fetal movements.

Fetuses can breathe in the womb.

Though the uterus is full of amniotic fluid, it doesn’t stop fetuses from practice breathing. From the 5th month of pregnancy, fetal lungs start developing completely and fetuses start breathing. At this stage, if we place the ear on the womb, we can hear fetal heartbeat as well as the rhythm of breath.

Fetuses have taste

Scientists conducted a research by adding different things in the amniotic fluid to see fetal reactions. When adding spices in the fluid, fetuses feel excited and swallow the fluid more enthusiastically than usual. When adding sour or bitter spices, fetuses show their unwilling by taking mouths. Therefrom, scientists concluded that since people were in the womb, they’ve already had taste. 

Fetuses can feel songs, lullabies that their mothers give to them.

Fetuses can feel songs, lullabies that their mothers give to them.

Fetuses can remember

Don’t take it wrong that fetuses can’t learn. They not only learn the mother tongue, but also recognize songs, lullabies that are given by their mothers. A research was carried out on 10 pregnant women who were in the 5th month of pregnancy. They let fetuses listen to lullabies. After birth, whenever they hear the lullabies, they stop crying right away.

Fetuses also recognize foods that their mothers often eat and they tend to like those foods after birth.

Pregnant women’s heartbeat can affect fetuses

In the last months of pregnancy, things that pregnant women do, especially their heart can affects fetal heartbeat. If pregnant women’s heartbeats increase, the fetal ones increase, too.  That’s why pregnant women need to stay calm and avoid overwhelm feeling during pregnancy. According to psychologists, pregnant women had better stay in comfortable zones, think positively and avoid stress.

Fetuses have dreams

Fetuses have more dreams than they can have after birth.

Fetuses have more dreams than they can have after birth.

From the 17th week, fetuses have dreams. According to researches, in the womb, fetuses have more dreams than they can have after birth. The number of fetus’s dream also bigger than adult’s. For the phenomenon’s explanation, some suppositions were raised up. One said it could be in the womb, fetuses can’t see the outside world, so they have more dreams about the future life. There’s been no precise evidence, though; it’s clearly seen that fetuses regularly have dreams, especially in last months of pregnancy.

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