If you want to look after your heart while having fun, get out your dancing shoes and take up the flora pro.activ challenge

The best exercise is the kind you’re enjoying so much you don’t even notice your heart rate increasing, which is why the Flora pro.activ Swing Into Action campaign makes getting active fun. Taking regular exercise and eating healthily is an important combination when it comes to a healthy cholesterol level, as high cholesterol is a major risk factor in the development of heart disease*.

Description: Dancing is for anyone – of any age, shape or size

“Dancing is for anyone – of any age, shape or size” - Linda Southgate

Small changes can make a difference – choosing leaner cuts of meat, for example, eating more wholegrains and switching to Flora pro.activ products, which contain plant sterols, an ingredient that has been scientifically proven to lower cholesterol**. Joining in a family game of rounders in the park or cycling to the shops are easy ways to get more active, but why not take it up a notch by learning to dance or playing a round of golf? As well as being sociable, fun and good for your heart, you’ll improve your posture and increase muscle tone – and it’s never too late to start. So whether you’re inspired by the elegant waltz or hyper-energetic jive, taking up the Swing Into Action challenge could be just what your heart needs.

Ask NetDoctor

NetDoctor is the first online stop for expert medical advice, and NetDoctor’s own Dr Henderson is on hand to answer all your questions on cholesterol or heart health. Go to floraproactiv.netdoctor.co.uk

“We get as much exercise from laughing as dancing!”

Linda Southgate, 60

“I try to do 150 minutes of exercise a week,” says Linda, from Norwich. “The gym sometimes slips if I’m busy, but I wouldn’t miss dancing. It’s very sociable – we get as much exercise from laughing as dancing! I mainly do disco and theatre craft (dance troupes do this on stage), but I love any type as long as it’s energetic. I generally eat a healthy diet, with lots of stir-fries and fish, and I use Flora pro.activ spread on toast and in sandwiches every day. With all the dancing, too, my cholesterol is at a fairly healthy level. Dance is for anyone of any age, shape or side who wants to get some exercise and have fun – and you don’t need to be particularly fit because you can work at your own level.”

Description: Linda enjoys many different styles of dance

Linda enjoys many different styles of dance, which encourages her to be more active

It’s easy to be pro.activ!

Eating Flora pro.activ products every day is one simple way to help lowe blood cholesterol*. The plant sterols in Flora pro.activ have been clinically proven to lower cholesterol by 10% - and a further 5% reduction can be achieved when you combine them with the move to a healthy diet and lifestyle. Plant sterols work by helping to actively filter cholesterol from the gut. Three portions of Flora pro.activ spread or milk, or one Flora pro.activ mini health drink every day, is all you need to feel the benefits.

Choose from…

  • One Flora pro.activ mini health drink. There are three flavors: Pomegranate & Raspberry, Strawberry and Original.
  • Flora pro.activ spread cpmes in three varieties: Light, Buttery and Olive. A 10g portion is enough to spread on two slices of bread, and counts as one of your three portions a day.
  • Flora pro.activ milk is an easy swap with your usual milk – a 250ml glass counts as one of your three portions.
  • Visit floraproactiv.co.uk for more information

Swing into action with Flora pro.activ

If you’d like to help lower your cholesterol while having a good time, then join in the Flora pro.activ challenge, with workouts created by celebrity dance and golf experts. Designed to help lower your cholesterol alongside eating Flora pro.activ, they’re a great way to improve your dancefloor moves or golf swing. Go to floraproactiv.co.uk to find out how to take part.

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