Description: To A Huge Problem


Problems can easily overwhelm each of us.

 “We are bombarded by news from every direction, but it’s a great feeling to learn that some solutions are often simple and easy to achieve.

Such is the case with the overpopulating of animals and the desire of the Watauga County Humane Society to discontinue euthanizing its adoptable animals.

The number one factor to prevent euthanasia is spaying and neutering within the local cat and dog populations, says Lynn Northup, director of the humane society. “Pet overpopulation is one of the world’s major problems that has o proven, easy solution. There is no need to euthanize if everyone who owns pets will have them spayed and neutered,” she said.

Euthanasia has been used for centuries and does not prevent overpopulation, Noryjup says. “It’s a crime that every animal born is not born with the guarantee of a home. Our goal in Watauga County is to insure that all animals have homes.”

This year-round spay and neuter clinic offered through the organization makes it easier, Northup says, and is highly recommended especially now, as animals are particularly vulnerable to overpopulating this time of year.

As owners, we owe it to our pets to provide optimal care and attention, which includes preventing the delivery of unwanted litters.

Benefits of sterilizing your pet

In addition to reducing the number of unwanted animals, spaying and neutering can improve your pet’s health, increase its life expectancy and improve its behavior. Sterilizing reduced your pet’s urge to roam, which decreases the risk of it running away, getting injured in fights and contracting diseases from bite wounds, or getting hit by a car. It can also eliminate or reduce the incidence of several serious health problems like cancer, which can be difficult or expensive to treat.

Neutered pets tend to be more gentle and affectionate, less interested in other animals and more focused on their family.

A One-Time Investment

Spay/ neuter is a common surgery from which your pet will usually resume normal activity with just a day or two of home care. Your vet can explain the risks and describe the after care.

The procedure is a one time. Lifetime investment, in your pet that can solve a number of problems for you, your pet, and a society already burdened with too many homeless dogs and cats.

The surgery isn’t highly risky and it isn’t too expensive. Cost doesn’t have to be a deciding factor, Northup says, as families with specific income criteria might qualify for a reduced rate.

When and where

Each Thursday, local animals are transported to Asheville’s Humane Alliance Spay/Neuter Clinic, where the procedures are performed. They travel comfortably in a customized, climate controlled van, equipped with individual crates and music.

Within the last six of the clinic’s 11 years of operation, a direct correlation has been noted, Northup says, with increased spay and neutering cases resulting in a significant decrease in euthanasia.

In 2010, that cat and dog population flowing through the Humane Society decreased approximately 18 percent.

The problems has been identified and so has the solution.

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