Description: Wedding Don’t Have To Cost a Fortune


Brides, you don’t have to see your inheritance or your own hard earned savings account disappear on your wedding day.

With a little foresight, patience and creative thinking, considerable costs can be saved without compromising.

When looking for your perfect wedding dress, consider choosing a simple style with less beading, lace and intricate detail. If you really want the fancy beads and sequins, ask your trusted family seamstress or friend to add them, later.

Description: Wedding cost breakdown

·         After deciding upon the dress you want, order it is our current dress size. Resist ordering a smaller size in hopes of losing weight. It is always easier and less expensive to have a dress taken in that to have it “let out.”

·         Purchase your dress and those of your attendants from the same bridal shop. Don’t be afraid to ask for a discount and free alterations with the group purchase.

·         If your attendants’ dresses a are no purchased at the same place as your gown, shop department stores where they are typically less expensive and have a better chance of being worn again. The same goes for mothers dresses.

·         If you find a specific style for your attendants that you can’t live without, show it to a reputable seamstress. Many times the same style can be made for half price or less.

·         You may also find good deals in the classifieds or online for used wedding apparel. Most will be like new, in good shape and affordable. After a trip to the cleaners, it will look good as new.

·         Renting is also cost-effective for wedding attire, especially if you’re not big on sentiment, and can’t see storing your gown in the back of your closet, never to be seen or worn again.

·         Forget spending money on a new going away outfit.

·         Put your wedding dollars where they will receive the most attention, using the most expensive floral arrangements to decorate the altar, or wherever the bridal party will be standing. Large ferns are inexpensive and have a lovely affect when grouped together.

·         Forget decorating every church pew, but alternate every other one. Use ribbon and bows mixed with inexpensive greenery or skip all but the first few pews for family members.

·         Use tall candelabras, which the venue may own and allow you to us. Decorate with simple elegance greenery and ribbon.

·         Consider smaller bouquets, especially for the attendants. A few white roses tied with colored ribbon are lovely.

·         Visit local craft stores in search of silk and dried flowers that can be easily transformed into keepsake bouquets.

·         Save money on your reception. Ask the caterer about specific package deals to fit your budget.

·         Consider, also, having caterer to provide the main dishes for a dinner type reception and have family and friends contribute the salads, sides and beverages.

·         Forget the shrimp and lobster if your budget really is tight. A selection of hors d’oeuvres can appear elegant with a few garnishes. It’s the presentation that usually makes the biggest impression.

·         Make sure you and your caterer understand each other and agree on a menu and price long before your wedding.

·         Seek experienced photographers from within the family/ friend circle for your pictures, as well as a videographer. Professional photos can run into big bucks, but keep in mind, you usually get what you pay for.

·         Don’t skimp, just for the sake of saving. Make sure you are comfortable cutting corners so you will have no regrets later. Don’t overspend, either, if you can’t afford to do it. Being I serious debt for a wedding is not a good way to begin a marriage.

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