Bearing a smart and talented baby is a common wish of all parents and grandparents. So, take notice of the following things when pregnant.

Eat plenty of leguminous foods

Studies show that leguminous fruits and vegetables increase the ability to stimulate the development of embryo’s intelligence. Leguminous fruits and seeds containing unsaturated aliphatic acid, calcium and vitamin B help brain’s development to be balanced and stable.

Therefore, experts advice pregnant women to add more leguminous foods like soybean or soybean oil.

Read book frequently and let your baby listen to music

To some extent, pregnant women should have habit of reading books, newspaper, and listen to music. This does not only bring moms comfortable and relaxed feeling, but also helps their babies’ brains develop in a positive tendency.

However, take note that abusing listening to music and reading newspaper so much will go against expected effect. If over-abusing, you will even have to face tired and stressful feeling.

Do not forget to swim

Swimming is considered as an extremely useful method of practice in pregnant time due to a simple reason – swimming helps stimulate the running process of heart and lung, thus helping increase the oxygen content to brain.

Moreover, in the lasts stage of pregnant time, you will have to put up with oedema, and swimming is a very effective method to remedy the situation. However, pregnant women should not swim at too cold water since this badly affects their babies.

Moms should move and exercise frequently

Scientists suppose that when a mom often lets her hands move flexibly, it means helping nerves in her baby’s mantle run more positively, which increase its intelligence.

Description: Pregnant women should keen on exercising so that their babies can develop better.

Pregnant women should keen on exercising so that their babies can develop better.

Say no to medicine

Taking medicines rashly in pregnant time is very dangerous for embryo since this affects directly baby’s development. Pregnant women should try to avoid being ill or cured by fold medicine when sick. Avoid taking occidental medicine or ask for doctor’s idea before taking it.

Description: Pregnant women should not take antibiotic.

Pregnant women should not take antibiotic.

Do not give birth at the ages of 35+

Women at 35 years old have a risk to bear a child contracting the Down syndrome than women at 20 from 3 to 5 times. This risk has been proven on clinical experiment. However, if a woman has good health, she can totally have a chance to bear a healthy child.

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