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Keep Yourself Fit and Healthy While You Travel
Many people are afraid of traveling regardless of the exciting and exotic nature of their destinations, because they have to endure long flights or road trips.
New York - Around Town : The Outer Boroughs (part 5) - Restaurants
The original of this Chinese café chain is popular for its pork or crab soup dumplings, or “steamed buns.” There’s also a menu of Shanghai specialties.
New York - Around Town : The Outer Boroughs (part 4) - Ethnic Shopping
Though the old-world Italian community is slowly giving way to other nationalities, the street still offers generous samplings of authentic Italian foods and coffee shops.
New York - Around Town : The Outer Boroughs (part 3) - Family Adventures
The African Savannah at Twilight is a highlight. Other top sights include the Tropical Forest and Serpentarium.
New York - Around Town : The Outer Boroughs (part 2) - Museums
Take the No. 2 or 3 subway train to Eastern Parkway – Brooklyn Museum, for the world-class Brooklyn Museum . The museum is part of a civic complex that includes the stately Grand Army Plaza, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden , with its well-known Japanese garden, and neighboring Prospect Park.
New York - Around Town : The Outer Boroughs (part 1)
Manhattan is just one of New York’s five boroughs, each of which has its own unique attractions. Brooklyn alone, with its fine brownstone neighborhoods and numerous top-class sights, would be one of the largest cities in the U.S.
New York - Around Town : Morningside Heights and Harlem (part 3) - Restaurants
The generous portions live up to the name of this roadhouse- style BBQ joint. A wide selection of microbrews along with pit-smoked meats.
New York - Around Town : Morningside Heights and Harlem (part 2) - Places for Music
Retrace your steps to Lenox Avenue and head downtown to 125th Street to peruse the shops. Turn west for the famous Apollo Theater and excellent displays of African-American art at the Studio Museum in Harlem. Afterwards, stop for coffee at the Starbucks on Lenox Avenue at 125th Street.
New York - Around Town : Morningside Heights and Harlem (part 1)
The area between Morningside Park and the Hudson River, from 110th–125th streets, is dominated by Columbia University and two important churches. Further west and extending north is Harlem, America’s best-known African-American community.
London - Around Town : Heading East (part 3) - Eating and Drinking
Imaginatively set in three railway arches, this large space is devoted to music, drink and food until 1am. There is live music every night in the back-room club.
London - Around Town : Heading East (part 2) - Best of the Rest
Start at Old Spitalfields Market, close to Liverpool Street station, where a mixture of stalls hold sway during the week, and many more, selling clothes, food and collectibles, fill the floor on Sundays. Have a delicious English breakfast at St John Bread & Wine opposite the market at 96 Commercial Street .
London - Around Town : Heading East (part 1)
The East End is booming. Always a vibrant, working-class area and home to London’s dockworkers, the area has also prided itself on providing a refuge for successive generations of immigrants, from French silk weavers to Jews and Bangladeshi garment workers.
Paris - Around Town : Greater Paris (part 3) - Graves, Places to Eat
The American lead singer of The Doors rock band spent the last few months of his life in Paris and died here in 1971. Fans still hold vigils at his grave, which is covered with scrawled messages from all over the world.
Paris - Around Town : Greater Paris (part 2) - Versailles Sights, Bois de Boulogne Features
The spectacular 70-m (233-ft) long Galerie des Glaces (Hall of Mirrors) has been magnificently restored. It was in this room that the Treaty of Versailles was signed in 1919, to formally end World War I.
Paris - Around Town : Greater Paris (part 1)
Central Paris has more than enough on offer to keep any visitor occupied, but if time permits you should make at least one foray out of the centre, whether your interest is in the sumptuous Palace of Versailles, former home of the “Sun King” Louis XIV, or in the Magic Kingdom of Disneyland Paris.
London - Around Town : South and West (part 2) - Best of the Rest, Eating and Drinking
The “best Italian restaurant outside Italy” is the long-standing reputation of this imaginative Hammersmith restaurant, housed in a converted warehouse with a river terrace.
London - Around Town : South and West (part 1)
The palaces that once graced London’s river to the south and west of the city centre were built in places that remain popular today, from Hampton Court and Richmond in the west, downriver to Greenwich.
New York - Around Town : Upper West Side (part 2) - Apartment Buildings, Restaurants
Begin at Lincoln Center and admire the plaza, the Chagall windows at the Metropolitan Opera, and the Henry Moore statue in front of Lincoln Center Theater. The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts on Amsterdam Avenue, behind the theater, is notable for its enormous collection of books on the performing arts.
New York - Around Town : Upper West Side (part 1)
This area did not begin to develop until the 1870s, when the 9th Avenue El went up, making it possible to commute to midtown. When the Dakota, New York’s first luxury apartment building, was completed in 1884, it was followed by others on Central Park West and Broadway, while side streets were filled with handsome brownstones.
Paris - Around Town : Montmartre and Pigalle (part 3) - Cabarets and Clubs, Places to Eat
As old as the Eiffel Tower (1889) and as much a part of the Parisian image, today’s troupe of 60 Doriss Girls are the modern versions of Jane Avril and La Goulue (see Moulin Rouge).
Paris - Around Town : Montmartre and Pigalle (part 2) - Places to Escape the Crowds
As with all the city’s busy attractions, the sooner you get to Sacré-Coeur the more you will have it to yourself – it opens at 8am. Later in the morning, enjoy the bustle of Montmartre with tourists having their portraits painted by the area’s street artists in the place du Tertre.
Paris - Around Town : Montmartre and Pigalle (part 1)
Painters and poets, from Picasso to Apollinaire, put the “art” in Montmartre, and it will forever be associated with their Bohemian lifestyles of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. There are plenty of artists around today too, painting quick-fire portraits of tourists in the place du Tertre.
London - Around Town : Heading North (part 2) - Best of the Rest, Eating and Drinking
Starting at Hampstead tube station, head left down pretty Flask Walk (The Flask pub once sold spa water) to the local museum in Burgh House for some background on the area. Then spend some time exploring the many attractive back streets, which are lined with expensive Georgian houses and mansions.
London - Around Town : Heading North (part 1)
Beyond Regent’s Park and the railway termini of Euston, King’s Cross and St Pancras, North London drifts up into areas that were once distant villages where the rich built their country mansions to escape the city.
New York - Around Town : Upper East Side (part 2) - Madison Avenue Boutiques, Restaurants
Start at the Guggenheim and admire Frank Lloyd Wright’s great architectural achievement before seeing the fine modern art collection. “Must sees” include Chagall’s Paris Through the Window, Modigliani’s Nude, and Picasso’s Woman Ironing. Stop for coffee at the café on the main floor of the museum before leaving.
New York - Around Town : Upper East Side (part 1)
When New York’s upper crust moved uptown a century ago, their destination was the Upper East Side, and it is still the address of choice for many wealthy families.
Paris - Around Town : Chaillot Quarter (part 2) - Graves in Cimetière de Passy, Places to Eat
It would be hard to imagine a better start to a day in Paris than going to the Palais de Chaillot and seeing the perfect view it has across the Seine to the Eiffel Tower . Then tour the fascinating collections of the Cité de l’Architecture and, if marine history is your thing, the Musée de la Marine , both in the palace.
Paris - Around Town : Chaillot Quarter (part 1)
Chaillot was a separate village until the 19th century, when it was swallowed up by the growing city and bestowed with wide avenues and lavish mansions during the Second Empire building spree.
London - Around Town : The City (part 2) - City Churches to Visit, Eating and Drinking
This warehouse restaurant serves meat market specials . A café on the ground floor turns into a bar in the evening and there is an informal restaurant on the second floor.
London - Around Town : The City (part 1)
The ancient square mile of London, defined roughly by the walls of the Roman city, is a curious mixture of streets and lanes with medieval names, state-of-the-art finance houses and no fewer than 38 churches, many of them, including St Paul’s Cathedral, designed by Sir Christopher Wren.
Berlin - Around Town : Potsdam & Sanssouci (part 2) - Best of the Rest, Restaurants & Cafés
A detour to the Russian colony in Potsdam feels like a journey to Russia itself. Decorated log cabins with picturesque gardens were built here in 1826 for a Russian military choir.
Berlin - Around Town : Potsdam & Sanssouci (part 1)
Potsdam is an important part of European cultural history – a splendid centre of European Enlightenment, which reached its climax in the 18th century in the architectural and artistic design of Frederick the Great’s palace.
Rome - Around Town : Beyond the City Walls (part 2) - Daytrips from Rome, Places to Eat
Start at the Porta San Sebastiano, the grandest city gate of them all, where you can visit the Museo delle Mura . Climb the stairs for great views. From here, continue straight on along the Via Appia Antica .
Rome - Around Town : Beyond the City Walls (part 1)
The 3rd-century Aurelian walls are still largely intact and served as the defence of the city for 1,600 years until Italian Unification was achieved in 1870. After that, the walls were pierced in several places so that traffic could bypass the old gates and the modern city quickly sprawled far and wide in every direction.
New York - Around Town : Midtown (part 3) - Midtown Museums & Art, Restaurants
Sultry decor straight out of 1930s Saigon sets the scene for a Vietnamese/French menu full of delicate contrasts and combinations. Relax with an after-dinner drink in the lounge upstairs.
New York - Around Town : Midtown (part 2) - Places to Shop, Midtown Architecture
Start at the Morgan Library & Museum , and see Morgan’s opulent study, then proceed to 42nd Street and turn east for a tour through Grand Central Terminal . Continue east on 42nd Street, stopping to look at the outstanding lobbies of the Chrysler Building , the Daily News Building, and the Ford Foundation, and climbing the stairs to see the Tudor City complex.
New York - Around Town : Midtown (part 1)
The lights of Times Square, The Spires of the Empire State and Chrysler buildings, Rockefeller Center, the United Nations Headquarters, stores on 5th Avenue, museums, theaters, and grand buildings galore – all are found in the midtown area between 34th and 59th streets, extending from the East River as far as Broadway.
Paris - Around Town : Jardin des Plantes Quarter (part 2) - Jardin des Plantes Sights, Places to Eat
This magnificent tree was planted in 1734, and came from London’s Botanic Gardens in Kew, although a story grew up that its seed was brought here all the way from Syria in the hat of a scientist.
Paris - Around Town : Jardin des Plantes Quarter (part 1)
Traditionally one of the most peaceful areas of Paris, the medicinal herb gardens which give the quarter its name were established here in 1626. It retained a rural atmosphere until the 19th century, when the city’s population expanded and the surrounding streets were built up.
London - Around Town : Regent’s Park and Marylebone (part 2) - Shopping, Eating and Drinking
Before setting out for the day, reserve a ticket for Madame Tussaud’s for the afternoon. Start at Bond Street Underground, exiting on Oxford Street. Opposite is St Christopher Place, a narrow lane with charming shops, which opens into an attractive pedestrian square. Stop for a coffee break at one of Sofra’s pavement tables.
London - Around Town : Regent’s Park and Marylebone (part 1)
North of Oxford Street and south of the park are the grand mansion blocks of Marylebone. Once a medieval village surrounded by fields and a pleasure garden, now it is a fashionable and elegant inner city area. In the 19th century, doctors started using these spacious houses to see wealthy clients.
Berlin - Around Town : Berlin's Southeast (part 2) - Cafés & Snack Bars, Restaurants
Begin your tour of Berlin’s Southeast at Alexanderplatz. Sights in this area are not always near each other, so taking the S-Bahn from here is recommended.
Berlin - Around Town : Berlin's Southeast (part 1)
Berlin’s East and South are remarkably different in character. Friedrichshain, Lichtenberg and Hohenschönhausen in the east are densely built-up, former working-class areas, while green Treptow and idyllic Köpenick in the far southeast seem like independent villages.
Rome - Around Town : Trastevere and Prati (part 4) - Live Music Venues, Cheap Eats, Fine Dining
Businessmen and Cinecittà film directors patronize this Prati restaurant named after the spicy bacon-and-tomato pasta sauce. Try to sit outside in summer.
Rome - Around Town : Trastevere and Prati (part 3) - Locals’ Favourite Shops, Pubs, Cafés and Bars
A new and positively thriving wine bar, with pleasingly dark wood interior and plenty of seating out front on the cobblestones. Light snacks and cocktails are served too.
Rome - Around Town : Trastevere and Prati (part 2) - Best of the Rest
Rome’s first stone bridge, (181–142 BC) was ruined in 1598. It retained three arches until 1886, when two were destroyed to make room for Ponte Palatino (Rotto means broken in Italian).
Rome - Around Town : Trastevere and Prati (part 1)
Trastevere, which literally means “across the Tiber”, is Rome’s left bank and Bohemian neighbourhood. The former working-class ghetto has retained its medieval character better than any other part of Rome, despite having become one of the most restaurant- and nightlife-packed zones of the city.
Mad About India
India is on the boil. There is no other country that offers the diversity, the complexity, the weirdness and human drama as India. Not least among its virtues is the balm of spirituality, not always evident on the surface of daily life, but real just the same.
New York - Around Town : Chelsea and Herald Square (part 2) - Chelsea Galleries, Places to Eat
Wind your way through Chelsea, starting with the megastores now occupying former “Fashion Row,” on 6th Avenue Shopping between 18th and 23rd streets. Walk west on 16th Street to 9th Avenue and Chelsea Market, a one-time Nabisco factory where the first Oreo cookies were made, now a block-long line of stalls offering all manner of food.
New York - Around Town : Chelsea and Herald Square (part 1)
A neighborhood that has seen a great deal of recent change, Chelsea was a quiet enclave of 19th-century brownstones that never made it as a fashionable address.
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