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Barcelona’s Top 10 : Cafés & Light Bites - Top 10 Café Drinks
Stylish evidence of Gràcia’s intellectual and literary character, this airy, lofty café draws arty locals. While away the afternoon over a steaming cafè amb llet or munching on fresh salads and entrepans (sandwiches).
Toronto's Top 10 : Entertainment Venues - Top 10 Performing Arts Groups
These two theaters have been restored to their original splendor. Opened in 1913 as a double-decker venue – the Winter Garden seven stories above the Elgin – they host concerts, operas, and hit Broadway musicals .
Toronto's Top 10 : Outdoor Activities - Top 10 Spectator Sports
You can take windsurfing lessons or rent a board by joining the Toronto Windsurfing Club at Cherry Beach, the city’s best surfing spot. Sailors can choose from four public marinas – the largest at Bluffer’s Park – or a number of private ones .
Boston's Top 10 : Bars - Top 10 Locally-Brewed Beers
The dinner crowd at Les Zygomates (the French term for the facial muscles that make you smile) is lured by reasonably priced French bistro fare.
Boston's Top 10 : Cafés - Top 10 Spots to Break your Diet
Bibliophiles make pilgrimages to this fine bookstore. The in-store café and bar serves light and casual meals ranging from breakfast eggs to lunch wraps as well as excellent dinner dishes like lasagna.
Magical Madeira
The hotel’s Vine Spa was tiny but elegant with a small wet spa area and good massage therapists. The hotel’s USP as its achingly cool L-shaped rooftop infinity pool, 360º Sky bar and Uva restaurant at the foot of the majestic Funchal Castle.
New York's Top 10 : Performing Arts Venues
Lincoln Center’s most elegant performance venue shows off glorious oversize murals by Marc Chagall inside great arched windows. The interior boasts exquisite starburst chandeliers that are raised to the ceiling before each performance.
New York's Top 10 : Figures in New York History - Top 10 Dates in New York History
The largess of John D. Rockefeller, Jr. (1874–1960) helped support housing in Harlem, the Bronx, and Queens, created Fort Tryon Park and the Cloisters, and provided land for the United Nations.
Paris Top 10 : Historical Events in Paris - Top 10 Events in the French Revolution
As Paris rose from the ashes of the Revolution, a young general from Corsica, Napoleon Bonaparte, saved the city from a royalist revolt, then led military victories in Italy and Egypt. He crowned himself Emperor of France in Notre-Dame in 1804 .
Paris Top 10 : Historic Buildings
Louis XIV turned his father’s old hunting lodge into the largest palace in Europe and moved his court here in 1678. It was the royal residence for more than a century until Louis XVI and his queen Marie-Antoinette fled during the Revolution .
London's Top 10 : Churches
Known for its royal connections, St Martin’s is the only church to have a royal box. There has been a church on the site since the 13th century, but the handsome present building was designed by James Gibbs in 1726. Coffee shop in the crypt.
London's Top 10 : Moments in London's History - Top 10 Cultural Highlights
Between September 1940 and May 1941, German air raids left 30,000 Londoners dead. The bombers destroyed much of the Docks, the East End and the City. The House of Commons, Westminster Abbey and the Tower of London were all hit. Many Londoners sought shelter in Underground stations at night.
Berlin's Top 10 : Kneipen (Pubs & Bars)
The “Lützow-Bar”, as this sleek and impressive location is simply called, is a veritable Berlin classic and boasts the city’s longest bar counter. The interior is truly astounding and the well-dressed bar staff with their white dinner jackets, as well as the outstanding cocktails they mix, make this a must for any visitor.
Berlin's Top 10 : Famous Berliners
In 1914, the physicist Albert Einstein (1879–1955) became the director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Physics. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1921 for his Theory of Relativity, first developed in 1905.
San Francisco's Top 10 : Stores and Shopping Centers - Top 10 Shopping Areas
Founded in 1861 by German immigrants, this homegrown department store is an institution. It has the largest collection in the US of fine china and crystal, selling famous names such as Baccarat and Lalique. The store is also celebrated for its Oriental treasures, rare works of art, and its window displays.
San Francisco's Top 10 : Parks and Gardens
One of the largest city parks in the US is also one of the most diverse, and all of it brought forth from what was once scrub and dunes. The park also features first-rate cultural attractions such as the de Young Museum.
Washington, D.C.'s Top 10 : Places of African-American History
This memorial touches the hearts of all African-Americans because of Lincoln’s steadfastness in ending slavery in the US. It was here that Martin Luther King, Jr. made his “I Have a Dream” speech .
Washington, D.C.'s Top 10 : Historic Homes and Buildings - Top 10 Architectural Sights
The 28th president was exhausted and demoralized when he left office in 1921, but this Georgian Revival house must have done much to restore his spirits. It now gives a delightful insight into 1920s American life.
The Great Places To Embrace Nature : Montage Deer Valley, Mohonk Mountain House
In 1869, an enterprising man by the name of Albert Smiley purchased a lake, a tavern, and 300 acres of untouched terrain. Smiley’s mission was to create a resort that provided “opportunities for recreation and renewal of body, mind, and spirit in a beautiful and natural setting.”
East Coast Travel Gets Greener
In 1991, a group of civic planners from New York City, Boston, and Washington DC came together with a concept for a hard-surface trail system connecting their three cities.
Rome's Top 10 : Museums and Galleries
Occupying papal palaces dating from the 13th century onwards, these galleries include the Graeco-Roman antiquities, the Etruscan Museum, four Raphael Rooms, the Collection of Modern Religious Art, the Sistine Chapel and the Picture Gallery .
Rome's Top 10 : Ancient Sights - Top 10 Roman Emperors
Originally worshippers approached this temple to all the gods by a steep staircase, but the street level has risen since the 2nd century. The present temple was built by Hadrian, after the 1st-century BC temple burned down .
Hong Kong's Top 10 : Transports of Delight - Top 10 Sights from the Escalator
The series of escalators in the steep Mid-Levels district of northwest Hong Kong Island is designed for commuters, but most appreciated by sightseers who can rest their legs and enjoy the fascinating sights. Take a stately (and free) ascent past busy street scenes, traditional shops and apartment windows. .
Hong Kong's Top 10 : Markets
The Western Market (in the northwest of Hong Kong Island) is situated in a gorgeous old Edwardian building, but the pickings are slim. Best bet is the excellent selection of antique and second-hand watches on the ground floor. Also a good range of fabric shops, although bargains are scarce. In a former life it housed a meat and vegetable market.
Madrid’s Top 10 : Top 10 Spanish Theme Shops - Top 10 Markets
The Royal Palace marks a decisive break with the austere tastes of Spain’s Habsburg rulers. Felipe V had been brought up at Versailles where the International Baroque style was in vogue. Architect Filippo Juvara died two years into the project, but his successor, Gian Battista Sacchetti retained the Baroque spirit .
Madrid’s Top 10 : Architectural Sights - Top 10 Places to See Azulejos Tiles
The Royal Palace marks a decisive break with the austere tastes of Spain’s Habsburg rulers. Felipe V had been brought up at Versailles where the International Baroque style was in vogue. Architect Filippo Juvara died two years into the project, but his successor, Gian Battista Sacchetti retained the Baroque spirit .
Beijing's Top 10 : The Olympics Legacy - Top 10 Socialist Monuments
Inspired by the formation of bubbles and molecules, the Water Cube is a complex of five pools. Now that the Games are over, it will lose two-thirds of its seats to make room for a multipurpose leisure center that will include an artificial beach and water slides.
Beijing's Top 10 : Beijing Opera - Top 10 Beijing Opera Venues
Beijing Opera is a form of “total theater” with singing, speech, mime, and acrobatics that combine graceful gymnastics and movements from the martial arts. Training is notoriously hard. Costumes are designed to make the jumps seem more spectacular by billowing out as they spin.
Chicago's Top 10 : Bars & Clubs
In the beautiful Sofitel Hotel, a fashionable, over-30, mixed crowd fills this lobby lounge after work, lingering until the wee hours. Black-clad servers dispense martinis with scrumptious flavors such as chocolate and raspberry.
Chicago's Top 10 : Ethnic Eats
Superior Chinese dim sum, served with a panoramic view of downtown Chicago, garner out-the-door lines for this Chinatown gem. Dishes emerging from the kitchen are quickly snatched by waiting diners, leading many to ask for a table near it.
Munich's Top 10 : Small Theatres & Cabarets - Top 10 Stars of Music & Theatre
Theatre Much Noise About Nothing is the name of the largest stage of this alternative cultural centre, located next to the U-Bahn station in Pasing. The centre includes a space for children’s and youth theatre, a venue for musical performances, and a cafeteria, which serves delicious food.
Munich's Top 10 : Opera, Concerts & Theatre
In 1951, the Neues Residenztheater opened its doors next to the Opera House. Stark on the outside, the interior is lavish and monumental thanks to refurbishment in 1988–91. Artistic director Dieter Dorn presents a wide range of dramatic works. The Theater im Haus der Kunst is also part of the Bayerische Schauspielhaus.
Seattle's Top 10 : Children's Attractions - Top 10 Hotels with Swimming Pools
In the heart of Seattle Center, this museum contains imaginative galleries and hands-on studio spaces that endlessly stimulate children’s imaginations. The walk-through Global Village reveals lifestyles of Japan and Ghana, and a wonderful stage invites young performers to dress up and act out scripts pro­vided by the museum.
Seattle's Top 10 : Performing Arts Venues - Top 10 Best Cinemas
The largest indoor venue in Seattle Center is home to the city’s professional men’s and women’s basketball teams, Seattle Supersonics and Seattle Storm, and the Thunderbirds hockey team.
Barcelona's Top 10 : Museums
Discover Catalonia’s rich Romanesque and Gothic heritage at this impressive museum, housed in the 1929 Palau Nacional. Striking medieval frescoes – many culled from ancient Pyrenean churches – are the highlight.
Barcelona’s Top 10 : Charming Churches & Chapels - Top 10 Catalan Saints & Virgins
Inside the Monestir de Pedralbes is a Gothic cloister and the Capella de Sant Miquel, decorated with murals by Catalan artist Ferrer Bassa in 1346. The adjoining Gothic church contains the alabaster tomb of Queen Elisenda, the monastery’s founder.
Toronto's Top 10 : Greenspaces
Also known as Tommy Thompson Park – after Toronto’s first commissioner of parks and the official who peppered them with welcoming “Please Walk on the Grass” signs – this secluded nature reserve is a man-made peninsula extending 3 miles (5 km) into Lake Ontario.
Toronto's Top 10 : Neighborhoods
A charming enclave east of Woodbine Ave full of fun for the outdoor enthusiast, including those who consider shopping a sport. Browse the eclectic shops or relax in one of the many cozy restaurants or pubs . Just south of the Queen Street East strip, a popular boardwalk stretches alongside a sandy beach to Ashbridges Bay.
Boston's Top 10 : Spots for Seafood
Boston celebrity chef Jasper White literally wrote the book on lobster, but he’s just as adept with wood-grilled fresh fish and delicate fried shellfish. Fabulous raw bar and colorful summer fish-shack atmosphere match well with the extensive beer list.
Boston's Top 10 : Restaurants
One of the country’s most lauded young chefs, award-winning Ken Oringer is dedicated to innovation and experimentation. With an ever-changing menu he always looks for new flavor sensations.
New York's Top 10 : Historic Buildings - Top 10 Churches and Temples
Built in 1803–12, this Georgian building with French Renaissance influences is one of New York’s finest. The interior features a rotunda circled by 10 Corinthian columns, opening to twin spiral marble staircases .
New York's Top 10 : New York Skyscrapers
Cesar Pelli’s Postmodern complex, comprising four tall towers around a glorious palm-filled Winter Garden, gave the city an elegant business center when it was completed in 1985. In addition, there are public spaces for concerts and special events and an outdoor plaza on the water complete with boat marina and Statue of Liberty views .
Paris Top 10 : Places of Worship
The city’s Grand Mosque was built during the 1920s as a tribute to North African Muslims who gave military support to France during World War I. It features beautiful Moorish architecture, executed by craftsmen brought over from North Africa, and a peaceful interior courtyard .
Paris Top 10 : Parks and Gardens - Top 10 Fountains
Parisians love this centrally located park, set around the Palais du Luxembourg. The sweeping terrace is a great place for people-watching, while locals sunbathe around the Octagonal Lake or sail toy boats in the water.
London's Top 10 : St Paul's Cathedral (part 2) - St Paul's Monuments & St Paul's Role in History
St Paul’s belongs to the nation and to London. It is run by a Dean and Chapter of five priests, including the Archdeacon, who is responsible for the City of London’s 30 parishes.
London's Top 10 : St Paul's Cathedral (part 1)
This is the great masterpiece of Sir Christopher Wren, who rebuilt the City’s churches after the Great Fire of 1666. Completed in 1708, it was England’s first purpose-built Protestant cathedral, and has many similarities with St Peter’s in Rome, notably in its enormous ornate dome.
Berlin's Top 10 : Art Galleries
Few schools have exercised as much influence on 20th-century architecture and design as the Bauhaus, founded in 1919 by Walter Gropius. On show in the museum are furniture, sketches, everyday objects and paintings.
Berlin's Top 10 : Museums
The Jewish Museum, housed in a spectacular building designed by Daniel Libeskind, documents the German–Jewish relationship through the centuries. There are special exhibitions on the influence of Berlin Jews on the town’s cultural life, and on the life of the Enlightenment philosopher Moses Mendelssohn.
San Francisco's Top 10 : Architectural Highlights - Top 10 Public Art Sites
Hated by many at first, the Pyramid is now loved as an icon of the city. Recalling pyramids of ancient cultures, to some it is a symbol of the mysticism that has always played a part in the San Francisco mentality.
San Francisco's Top 10 : Churches
North Beach’s landmark “Italian Church” was once dubbed the “Marzipan Church” for the frothy stucco decoration on its soaring pinnacles. Inside, there is a sculpted reproduction of Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper .
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