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Beach Life (Part 3) - Marbella beach, Puerto Banús Beach, Laguna Beach
For those who simply cannot stay away from its particular brand of glamour and excitement, Puerto Banús is like a crater to a meteorite. Before you impact though, it is important to pick the right beach, as the areas extending on either side of the marina have their own character and following.
Beach Life (Part 2) - Playa De Zaragoza, Funny Beach
This peaceful little beach is classic example of the kind of secluded area you’ll chance upon by not taking one of the main exits but looking for something a little more discreet.
Beach Life (Part 1) - Cabopino
In itself quite famous, it is one of those beaches you need to know how to find. Just exit the coastal CN340 at the Cabopino turn off, follow the roundabout in the direction of the Puerto Cabopino marina and then turn right onto a sand track that soon re-emerges as an asphalt drive leading directly to a car park on the edge of the dunes.
A Suitcase Full Of Memories (Part 3) - Cycling in Jordan
It’s the final day of my amazing journey, cycling 280 miles across Jordan from Madaba near the Dead Sea in the north to Aqaba at the Red Sea in the south. It’s been a physically challenging trip, but one where every single detail is indelibly imprinted on my memory.
A Suitcase Full Of Memories (Part 2) - A walking safari in South Africa
Trekking happily but cautiously through the shimmering grasslands of the African bush, suddenly my armed guard whispers there’s a rhino ahead. ‘Hide behind a tree if he makes a rush at us.’ I look at the rhino. It resembles a small, grey mountain.
A Suitcase Full Of Memories (Part 1) - Inside the Arctic Circle
From the romance of the African veld, to the awe-inspiring ice-scapes of the Arctic and the red sands of Jordan, three writers go in search of the holiday of a lifetime.
Lower Zambezi National Park Zambia
The mother plunged straight into the water, searching with its trunk for the culprit. Fortunately enough she caught the crocodile by its tail and immediately lifted it up out of the water and into the air. Incredibly, she then started hitting it against a large tree! She left the croc lying flat in a pool of blood, before searching for her badly injured infant.
6 Ways To Stay At Coorg
If you want to be friend with nature but still stay in luxury, this is one of the first-ranked resorts of this area with Kodava style architecture. Besides English-style breakfasts and BBQs, chefs can offer you the curry, or local pork. This is the ideal of sustainable travel: wind energy, fair events, and pollution and noise control.
London - Around Town : Westminster, the South Bank and Southwark (part 4) - Pubs and Cafés, Restaurants
London’s only surviving galleried coaching inn is a maze of plain, wood-panelled rooms and upstairs bars. Bar meals are served at lunchtime and there is an à la carte menu in the evenings. Courtyard tables are pleasant for dining in the summer months.
London - Around Town : Westminster, the South Bank and Southwark (part 3) - Shopping
Two floors are given over to designers of fashion, jewellery and interiors and “ oxo” showcases cutting-edge photography, art, design and architecture.
Berlin - Around Town : Tiergarten & Federal District (part 3) - Restaurants & Cafés
This tiny outlet of the Lutter & Wegner restaurant offers great Berlin and Austrian-French dishes in the historic setting of the 1920s Grand Hotel Esplanade.
Berlin - Around Town : Tiergarten & Federal District (part 2) - Hidden Treasures
The Lion Bridge, which leads across a small stream near Neuer See, is “suspended” from the sculptures of four lions. This idyllic spot is a favourite meeting point for gays in Berlin.
Berlin - Around Town : Tiergarten & Federal District (part 1)
In 1999, Berlin’s green centre became the government district. Around Tiergarten, Berlin’s largest and most popular park, stand the Reichstag, the Bundeskanzleramt and Schloss Bellevue, seat of the President of the Federal Republic of Germany.
San Francisco - Around Town : The North Shoreline (part 2) - Wharf Area Shops, Places to Eat
Beginning at the Visitor Information Center, where you can pick up an excellent map, first explore the Main Post. Here you can ride around the Parade Ground, see the Presidio’s earliest surviving buildings, dating from the 1860s, as well as 18th-century Spanish adobe wall fragments in the former Officers’ Club.
San Francisco - Around Town : The North Shoreline (part 1)
As its name suggests, the Bayshore area spreads out along the Bay at the northern edge of the city, faces the islands, and enjoys unforgettable views of both the Bay and Golden Gate Bridges.
Washington, D.C - Around Town : Penn Quarter (part 2) - Places to Eat
A fine tapas restaurant, Jaleo draws raves for its eggplant flan and sautéed shrimp. The atmosphere is lively, with great music and plenty of sangria.
Washington, D.C - Around Town : Penn Quarter (part 1)
Like other urban downtown areas, Washington’s city center is filled with shops, hotels, restaurants, and theaters for every taste. Yet downtown Washington borders Pennsylvania Avenue – often called “America’s main street.”
Rome - Around Town : Around Piazza Navona (part 3) - Antiques Shops,Chic Cafés and Bars
Perhaps Rome’s most unique and kitsch nightspot, which should be seen to be believed. Run by a former circus acrobat, it is eccentrically decorated, with a piano bar, tables out on the narrow alley strung with fairy lights, and the occasional impromptu floor show.
Rome - Around Town : Around Piazza Navona (part 2) - Best of the Rest
This church was built in honour of a 13-year-old girl who was stripped in a brothel but whose hair miraculously grew to cover her nakedness. Borromini’s façade is a wonderful play of concave and convex shapes.
Rome - Around Town : Around Piazza Navona (part 1)
This is Baroque Rome in all its Theatrical Glory, a collection of curvaceous architecture and elaborate fountains by the era’s two greatest architects, Bernini and Borromini, and churches filled with paintings by the likes of Caravaggio and Rubens.
Hong Kong - Around Kowloon : Kowloon – Tsim Sha Tsui (part 4) - Places to Eat
The food is fantastic, the view better and the bar crammed with the rich and famous. The highlight, for men at least, are the cheeky Philippe Starck-designed urinals, where you relieve yourself against a glass wall and feel like you’re showering Hong Kong.
Hong Kong - Around Kowloon : Kowloon – Tsim Sha Tsui (part 3) - Places to Shop,Places to Drink
Founder Joyce Ma is a Hong Kong icon. Her flagship store is in Central, but the Nathan Road outlet is also impressive, particularly if you have a penchant for Prada.
Madrid - Around Town : Downtown Madrid (part 3) - Places to Eat and Drink
This Andalusian tavern was built in 1920 and still has its original wall tiles. There is an excellent range of tapas on offer, including hearty raciones, Iberian ham, seafood and fresh, fried fish. The atmosphere is always lively, especially at night .
Madrid - Around Town : Downtown Madrid (part 2) - Cinemas and Entertainment,Downtown Shops
Located in the Art Deco Carrión building, this cinema’s greatest moment occurred early in the Civil War when Eisenstein’s stirring movie Kronstadt was shown to an audience including the President of the Republic and leading military figures. Films are screened in Spanish. There are two screens.
Madrid - Around Town : Downtown Madrid (part 1)
This busy intersection was the first to have electric street lighting, trams and, in 1919, Madrid’s first underground station. Meanwhile Calle de Alcalá was becoming the focal point of a new financial district as banks, insurance offices and other businesses set up their headquarters in showy new premises.
Beijing - Around Town : Greater Beijing
Way out in the northwest of the city is a cluster of sights that includes the unmissable Summer Palace, with the almost equally intoxicating hillside Xiang Shan Park and the haunting ruins of the Yuanming Yuan, or Old Summer Palace, close by. It might be a squeeze to get all three into one day’s sightseeing but it’s worth a try.
Beijing - Around Town : Western Beijing
Buddhism, which started in India, probably came to China along the Silk Route. The earliest sign of the religion is associated with the founding of the White Horse Temple near the old capital of Luoyang in AD 68.
Trekking Into The World Of God (Part 2) - 5 top new zeland walks
Sporting pink lipstick, pink T-shirt and a pink, skunk-like streak in her hair Nicky McArthur greets us on the steps of Shearwater Lodge with a basket of warm muffins and a cool drink. This is luxury hiking; not a wet tent or outdoor Dunny in sight.
Trekking Into The World Of God (Part 1) - Survival of the slowest
The three-day guided Kaikoura Wilderness Walk begins at the woolshed at the historic Puhi Peaks Station, a remnant from the early fanning days. It is a few hours drive north of Christchurch on the east coast and a 45 minute drive north of Kaikoura through the `Valley of the Feathers'.
Nights Under The Stars (Part 4) - UK, Morocco, Tenerife, France
Founded in 1988 to campaign against light pollution, the International Dark-Sky Association has given two areas in the UK an International Dark Sky (IDS) status as a park or reserve.
Nights Under The Stars (Part 3) - Chile
Negligible rainfall tends to correlate with the absence of cloud cover, and the desert’s generally inhospitable conditions mean it is scarcely populated, so there is scant light pollution. No wonder then that the European Southern Observatory (ESO), the world’s most advanced visible-light astronomical centre, is located here, at Cerro Paranal, 75 miles south of Antofagasta.
Nights Under The Stars (Part 2) - USA
Utah is the location of the world’s first official Gold Tier International Dark Sky Park, an honour bestowed on the Natural Bridges National Monument in 2007. It is also home to Amangiri, not merely one of the most beautifully designed hotels in the Amanresorts portfolio, but one with a resident astronomy guide and a 10in Dobsonian telescope.
Nights Under The Stars (Part 1)
The stellar mysteries of the skies have inspired earthbound fascination for millennia. As the rare sight of the transit of Venus approaches this summer, Claire Wrathall picks the best places to stay and gaze at the beauty of the heavens
Mythological Sorrento
One of the best-known walks is the Path of the Gods, which you can do at a brisk pace in about two hours, or three with a picnic break built in. The walk starts in the hilltop town of Agerola, and follows a mountain path - scarily narrow in places with an unfenced sheer drop.
I Fell In Love With A Shaman In The Peruvian Jungle
I am sitting in a small, filthy restaurant 24 hours into a two-week trek around the north of Peru. The trek marks the start of a three-month sabbatical from my glamorous, fast-paced job as a celebrity interviewer on a newspaper.
Burma Beckons (Part 6)
Many hotels in Burma are owned by the families of powerful members of the military. The options on our list are, to the best of our knowledge, unconnected with the regime.
Burma Beckons (Part 5)
Tourism in Bagan, however, is not without controversy. When I first visited the district in the 1970s there were villages in what is now the designated archaeological zone. In the 1990s the residents were relocated in the name of conservation, and indeed tourism.
Burma Beckons (Part 4)
Indeed, part of the charm of any trip to the country is the inclusiveness of the form of Buddhism practiced there and the fact that today you often join happy groups of Burmese travelling to these religious sites from far afield – such freedom of movement being a far cry from my previous experiences of Burma.
Burma Beckons (Part 3)
A number of ceasefires with rebel groups have been holding since about the end of the 1990s, but there is still conflict in some areas – which are out of bounds to tourists – and more recently there have been reports of truces being broken in several previously peaceful places
Burma Beckons (Part 2)
We spent a day re-exploring Rangoon, visiting the sublime Shwedagon Pagoda – its 99- metre main golden stupa presiding over the city – and the colonial downtown area where tenacious vegetation cocks a snook at the grandeur of the Victorian-era buildings.
Burma Beckons (Part 1)
Over the past 50 years Burma has, of course, become a byword for political prisoners and military oppression. Although it was renamed Myanmar in 1989, many Western states ignored the change and continue to refer to the country as Burma: it is, in effect, a mark of defiance against the brutal regime, most notably on the part of the UK and USA.
Chicago - Around Town - Northside (part 3) - Neighborhood Bars,Restaurants
Twenty-somethings dress down for beer, live music, and a great restaurant that packs in crowds, especially on the patio during warm-weather weekends.
Chicago - Around Town - Northside (part 2) - Shops
Internationally acclaimed clothing designer Cynthia Rowley grew up in Chicago, so it’s fitting that one of her upscale boutiques is here. Her collection of dresses, accessories, and separates is trendy and feminine.
Chicago - Around Town - Northside (part 1)
Encompassing parts of Old Town, Lincoln Park, Lakeview, and Wrigleyville, Chicago’s Northside boasts upscale restaurants and chi-chi boutiques galore, as well as some of the city’s best bars and one of its most progressive theater companies, the Steppenwolf.
Munich - Around Town : Schwabing & University District (part 3) - Cafés, Bistros & Bars, Restaurants
Located at the edge of the Englischer Garten, this traditional café boasts three patios, a beer garden, and a conservatory. From the inside, patrons have a view into the riding school. A great spot for a quick lunch.
Munich - Around Town : Schwabing & University District (part 2) - Best of the Rest, Boutiques & Shops
There’s nothing morbid about this park-like former cemetery that dates back to 1866 and has since been given over to the public for recreation and relaxation. Children play on the lawn among old tombstones while adults seek shade on the benches beneath the trees.
Munich - Around Town : Schwabing & University District (part 1)
Encompassing Schwabing, Maxvorstadt, and the fringes of Lehel, this district covers the entire area lying to the left and right of Ludwigstraße and Leopoldstraße. At the beginning of the 19th century, the expansion of the Old Town north and west of Odeonsplatz began with the development of Maxvorstadt, then a suburb.
Seattle : Around Town - Fremont (part 3) - Shops, Places to Eat
Chef-owner Brad Inserra enhances his Italian cuisine with flavors and approaches from regional US cuisine. A seafood special might include Dungeness crab, Alaskan halibut, locally made sausage, and dishes prepared with exotic African spices.
Seattle : Around Town - Fremont (part 2) - Burke-Gilman Trail Features, Fremont Culture
When an Army surplus store closed in Belltown, its outside adornment ended up in the hands of Fremont sculptors and painters who renovated the World War II-era missile and placed it atop this store.
Seattle : Around Town - Fremont (part 1)
Fremont declared itself an “artists’ republic” in the 1960s, when a community of students, artists, and bohemians moved in, attracted by low rents. The name crystallizes the unflagging spirit of independence, eccentricity, and most of all, nonconformity.
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