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Travel - Hot List 2012 (Part 1)
First things first: discard any thoughts of yet another hotel stuffed into a skyscraper in the vaguely louche environs of Tsim Sha Tsui East. Rather, ICON’s architecture suggests a high- rise greenhouse or aquarium, with light flooding a lobby that stretches across the entire ground floor.
Spain - History in the Making (Part 2)
Baroness Carmen Thyssen- bornemisza already had one museum to her name, the Museo Thyssen- Bornemisza in Madrid, but that was full up with her late husband’s collection and she needed somewhere to show her own.
Spain - History in the Making (Part 1)
For lovers of museums, Spain is surely one of the world’s happiest hunting- grounds. The range is enormous: the Ministry of Culture can only estimate that there are ‘more than a thousand’ museums nationwide.
Chic Beside The Seaside (Part 3)
Not many places combine coast and culture with the aplomb of St Ives. The best thing about staying here is that, after ticking off sights such as the Tate, you have time to enjoy the town’s other charms- eating freshly caught crab, exploring artists’ studios among the cobbled streets- when the day- tripper have gone.
Chic Beside The Seaside (Part 2)
Watergate Bay is justly renowned for its beachside hotel and Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen restaurant, both of which are packed for much of the year. Until recently, there has been a lack of decent seft- catering accommodation in the immediate vicinity, but a couple of smart new developments are putting that right.
Chic Beside The Seaside (Part 1)
The Muscat Opera House demands attention with its beauty. The palm trees swaying around and the hills enhance its charm. This attractive white complex witnesses many concerts and ballet shows and is one of the favourite tourist hang-outs.
Oman : An Oasia Of Beauty (Part 2)
The Muscat Opera House demands attention with its beauty. The palm trees swaying around and the hills enhance its charm. This attractive white complex witnesses many concerts and ballet shows and is one of the favourite tourist hang-outs.
Oman : An Oasia Of Beauty (Part 1)
Muscat is the starting point of any tour in Oman. It is a city of hills, forts, sands and beaches. Unlike in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the skyline here is not cluttered with skyscrapers competing with each other to touch the sky, but it is a beautiful picture of hills gently rising and falling.
Ethiopia : Eat, Pray, Love (Part 3)
There is a lot to love about Ethiopia but do not expect it to be love at first sight. It is not a country for the faint-hearted, although I’d most certainly be able to escape to the fabulous Kuriftu Resort & Spa for a week or so.
Ethiopia : Eat, Pray, Love (Part 2)
Religion is part and parcel of daily life here. To really feel part of it, you need to get up early. In Bahir Dar I was up and out by 5am, in time to hear the call to prayer from the mosque and to see the Orthodox Christians appear, wrapped in white muslin, in the dusk as they made their way to church to say their morning prayers.
Ethiopia : Eat, Pray, Love (Part 1)
Elizabeth Gilbert could have saved herself a lot of Travelling if she’s gone to Ethiopia. In fact, it is a country with its own calendar (it’s 2004 there) and clock, which means she could have added time travel to her list of Experiences
Paris- Around Town : Ile de la Cité and Ile St-Louis (part 3) - Places to Eat
Excellent bistro in a 17th-century building. Expect dishes such as scallops with shallots, or veal and baked apples. Bustling at lunchtime, candlelit and quieter in the evening.
Paris- Around Town : Ile de la Cité and Ile St-Louis (part 2) - Shopping
Arrive at Notre-Dame by 8am to beat the crowds and appreciate its magnificence, then head for the fragrant Marché aux Fleurs. As well as flowers, you can buy all kinds of garden accessories and seeds.
Paris- Around Town : Ile de la Cité and Ile St-Louis (part 1)
Paris was born on the Ile de la Cité. The first settlers came to this island on the Seine in 300 BC and it has remained a focus of church and state power through the centuries, with the great cathedral of Notre-Dame and the law courts of the Palais de Justice commanding the island.
London's Top 10 : River Sights
The Archbishop of Canterbury’s official London residence is a famous riverside landmark. It dates from the 13th century, but it is the red-brick Tudor Gatehouse, dating from 1490, that gives the palace a distinctive appearance.
London's Top 10 : Children's London
One of London’s most popular attractions, this is where you can see everyone from Arnold Schwarzenegger to the Queen. A Spirit of London ride takes you on a whistle-stop tour of the city’s history.
Berlin - Around Town : Charlottenburg & Spandau (part 2) - Best of the Rest
Sophisticated Charlottenburg is a haute bourgeoisie enclave and was the only district of Berlin that did not rub shoulders with the Wall. The historical streets off Ku’damm feature small cafés, restaurants, art galleries and boutiques, based in stout residential houses from the beginning of the 20th century.
Berlin - Around Town : Charlottenburg & Spandau (part 1)
Sophisticated Charlottenburg is a haute bourgeoisie enclave and was the only district of Berlin that did not rub shoulders with the Wall. The historical streets off Ku’damm feature small cafés, restaurants, art galleries and boutiques, based in stout residential houses from the beginning of the 20th century.
10 Reasons To Visit Phuket, Thailand
Club Mcd Phuket lies right on the kilometer-long stretch that is the beautiful Kata Bay in the Andaman Sea. The balmy water of the bay is perfect — we floated on the gentle swells for hours, after which we headed up to the loungers.
San Francisco's Top 10 : Day Trips from the City
This town is renowned for its world-class aquarium, the Monterey Jazz and Blues Festivals, and Cannery Row, made famous by author John Steinbeck, who described it as a collection of sardine canneries and whorehouses. Established by the Spanish in 1770, Monterey was the first capital of California – some early buildings survive.
Washington, D.C.'s Top 10 : Excursions from Washington
Before the Civil War, John Brown carried out his famous raid against government troops here, protesting the legality of slavery in the United States. The picturesque little town around the old Potomac waterfront has been preserved and is filled with exhibits about the history of this important industrial, shipping, and military center.
Rome's Top 10 : Shopping Streets - Top 10 Markets
The chicest shops are here, where all the biggest names in haute couture have staked out their turf: Gucci, Bulgari, Prada, Hermès, Ferragamo, Armani, Trussardi, Valentino and more.
Rome's Top 10 : Cultural Festivals - Top 10 Religious Festivals
A fast-growing performing arts festival with a pronounced emphasis on the provocative, held every autumn in various superlative venues, including the French Academy, Palazzo Farnese and the Spanish Academy.
Hong Kong Island – Northeast (part 3) - Places to Eat and Drink
Opened in the 1950s and still going strong. The name was a trick to attract US servicemen on leave during the Korean War. Excellent Peking duck.
Hong Kong Island – Northeast (part 2) - Places to Shop
Start off with a brisk stroll through Hong Kong Park, a green haven surrounded on all sides by thrusting towers of glass and concrete. Chances are you’ll see several caparisoned couples awaiting their turn to be married at the Cotton Tree Drive Registry Office.
Hong Kong Island – Northeast (part 1)
The east of the island was the first to take up the population pressures of the nascent colonial capital of Victoria, and until the late 1970s had a low rent reputation. Some of that survives in the haggard pole-dancing clubs and tattoo parlours of Wan Chai, the quarter where Richard Mason wrote T
Madrid - Around Town : Around Paseo del Prado (part 3) - Places to Eat
This classic Madrid tavern serves great value wines and generous portions of splendid tapas. Reserve a table or you may have to stand at the bar.
Madrid - Around Town : Around Paseo del Prado (part 2) - A Day on the Paseo del Prado
Begin at Plaza de Cibeles and take a peek at the palatial central hall of the Town Hall . Plans to redirect traffic away from the Paseo del Prado have been frustrated, but the central boulevard still makes a pleasant walk, with plenty of shade in summer.
Madrid - Around Town : Around Paseo del Prado (part 1)
This imposing tree-lined avenue,adorned with fountains and sculptures, is home to no fewer than three worldclass art galleries: the Prado, the Reina Sofía and the Thyssen-Bornemisza. In the 18th century the prado was a meadow, crossed by a stream, but the bucolic surroundings were deceptive, as the area was acquiring an unsavoury reputation for muggings and amorous encounters.
Beijing - Around Town : South of Tian'an Men Square (part 3) - Restaurants and Teahouses
Peking duck at this chaotic, little courtyard restaurant is usually sublime, despite the rough-and-ready ambience.
Beijing - Around Town : South of Tian'an Men Square (part 2) - A Day South of Tian'an Men Square
Start on Tian’an Men Square, at the southeast corner beside the stripey brick Old Qian Men Railway Station, built by the British in 1901, partly to bring military forces straight to the assistance of foreigners in the event of a repeat of the siege of the Boxers.
Beijing - Around Town : South of Tian'an Men Square (part 1)
The Qian Men (front gate) at the southern end of Tian’an Men Square was once part of the inner city walls. These divided the imperial quarters of the Manchu emperors from the “Chinese city,” where the massed populace lived apart from their overlords.
Chicago - Around Town - The Loop (part 2) - Architectural Sites
Another Chicago School edifice with a steel structure, this 1896 neo-Gothic building is also by Daniel H. Burnham. Aquatic motifs on the façade honor the building’s first owner, L. G. Fisher.
Chicago - Around Town - The Loop (part 1)
Named after the ring of elevated train tracks that encircle it, this is downtown Chicago’s core, and the city’s financial and governmental hub. Abuzz with laptop-toting business folk during the week, the Loop is transformed on weekends when a veritable shopping frenzy erupts along its famous State Street.
Munich's Top 10 : Traditions In & Around Munich - Top 10 Holidays & Celebrations
Most Bavarian towns and communities raise decorated Maypoles on 1 May, a custom dating back to the Middle Ages when the “tree of life” was thought to bring success. Overnight, the Maypole is guarded by local youths: If a Maypole is stolen, it has to be ransomed with many barrels of beer.
Munich's Top 10 : Sport & Wellness - Top 10 Sports Events
The Allianz Arena in Fröttmaning, in the north of Munich, was built for the city’s two football clubs. Designed by architects Herzog and de Meuron, the transparent façade can be illuminated in white, red, or blue (the colours of the clubs).
Seattle : Around Town - Downtown (part 2) - Downtown Shopping Spree
Inside, Made in Washington offers a large and creative inventory of regionally produced merchandise. Walk across Pine Street to find Nordstrom’s spacious flagship store, stocked with top designer brands and the absolute best of everything.
Seattle : Around Town - Downtown (part 1)
Bookended by Belltown to the north and Pioneer Square to the south, downtown can be seen on foot or by city bus at no cost – since all of it lies in the Ride Free Zone.
Barcelona's Top 10 : Performing Arts & Music Venues - Top 10 Versión Original Cinemas
Phoenix-like, the Liceu has risen from the ashes of two devastating fires since its inauguration in 1847. Now one of the greatest opera houses in Europe, it has an innovative programme and is famed for performances by home-grown talent, including one of the “three tenors” José Carreras, as well as Montserrat Caballé.
Barcelona's Top 10 : Catalan Folk Festivals & Traditions - Top 10 Music, Theatre & Art Festivals
Barcelona’s main festival is a riotous week-long celebration in honour of La Mercè . The night sky lights up with fireworks, outdoor concerts are held, and there’s barely a bottle of cava left in the city by the festival’s end.
Toronto - Around Town - Harbourfront & the Financial District (part 5) - Restaurants
Upscale Canadian dishes – think caribou and Arctic char – are the pièces de résistance from chef Anthony Walsh’s kitchen. Views from this 54th-floor room are stunning.
Toronto - Around Town - Harbourfront & the Financial District (part 4) - Theaters
This venue for hit musicals opened in 1993, the first privately developed large theater the city had seen since 1907. The interior by Toronto design team Yabu Pushelberg spares no expense. Wall and ceiling murals by American minimalist Frank Stella.
Toronto - Around Town - Harbourfront & the Financial District (part 3) - Bars & Clubs
Although red leather banquettes prompt a twinge of 1950s nostalgia, this bar is firmly rooted in the 21st century with an inventive cocktail menu and good selection of draft beers.
Boston's Top 10 : Day Trips - The Seaside
Ferries to the 100 sq mile- (160 sq km-) island stop at Vineyard Haven. From here it’s a short drive to old-fashioned Oak Bluffs with its gingerbread cottages and historic carousel.
Boston's Top 10 : Day Trips - Historic New England
Interpreters in period costume go about their daily lives in a typical 1830s New England village. This large living history museum has more than 40 buildings on 200 acres (83 ha). Get a sense of the era by visiting the village common, mill district, and the traditional family farm.
Cultural Capital: waiting to explored
Close to Chenai is the Unesco World Heritage Site of Mahabalipuram, which is one of eight such classified sites in Tamil Nadu. Originally a port city of the South Indian ruling Pallavas dunasty, Mahabalipuram is home to an as tonishing collection of historic monuments that were sculpted from rock between the 7th and the 9th enturies.
New York's Top 10 : Restaurants - Top 10 Cheap Eats
Danny Meyer’s first restaurant has been one of New York’s most popular since 1985, loved for delicious fare served by friendly staff in comfortable surroundings.
New York's Top 10 : Places for Children
Myriad activities for kids include storytelling, carousel rides, bike riding, boating, ice skating, nature workshops, and guided walks. The Central Park Zoo is excellent, not too large in size, and the Tisch Children’s Zoo allows petting and feeding of farm animals.
Paris Top 10 : Places to Eat
There is probably no table in Paris that is more coveted than one in this sober 25-seat dining room, with a single set menu for €120 (without wine) or €190 (with matching wines), orchestrated by young culinary genius Pascal Barbot. Lunch is more affordable, starting at €70 per person.
Paris Top 10 : Jazz Clubs - Top 10 Musical Artistes in Paris
A well-established favourite, in the heart of St-Germain, attracting a good mix of regular locals and curious tourists. Eat in the pleasant brasserie upstairs, then head to the basement for some old-fashioned Dixie-style jazz.
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